Good software with nice details, average hardware!

Good software with nice details, average hardware!

LG L70 Smartphone (11.4 cm (4.5 inch) touchscreen, 1GB RAM, 4GB flash memory, 5 megapixel camera, Android 4.4) White (Electronics)

Customer Review

Got today supplied by Otto the device. Motivation was a smartphone under 200, - Euro to get with current software and hardware equipment. This satisfies the L70 unfortunately only partially!

The positives: The smartphone acts, despite continuous verbautem plastic, processed fairly decent and my model not not creaks, at least so far. It has some nice software features from the LG G2 (knock-on). You can bring the device without pressing the On / Off buttons from hibernation. I find personally very convenient because I like to do it on the table in front of me and therefore it does not have to take every time in the hand to see if a message has been received. This must be done, unfortunately, because the L70, contrary to the description here on Amazon, has NO Notification LED. The size of the case, in relation to the display is also well done, as the smartphone acts not too big. It is, moreover, a total well in hand, because the back is not smooth but slightly rough. It also has a micro SD card slot, which is also urgently needed because the internal memory, by today's standards, but is rather low. The software is really commendable currently running Android 4.4.2. So it should actually make all manufacturers in your smartphone, even in the low to mid-priced!

The negatives: The L70 has NO Notification LED, as described here. Had to rely on the statements made by Amazon and was taught a lesson now. Have even extra phoned LG, because I first thought that I would have overlooked a setting option. However, the lady on the phone told me once that the L70 not illuminated Home button (like the L5 II and the L7 II). In addition, the soft keys below the display are not illuminated. I find personally also very annoying, as this will result in the dark to occasional typos. The display is no more than entry-level class, but because they noticed the low resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with the display size (4.5 inches). It's bearable but far from optimal. Well, so I had reckoned beforehand and this was known to me. The viewing angle stability is ok. In light moving left, right, up or down, the colors remain stable, only the brightness decreases. It may be here so definitely be an IPS panel. From the point of view stability better than the Sony Xperia models that only have a normal LCD panel.

As a preliminary conclusion I can do is to say that I can not give strong buy recommendation for this device because the alternatives under 200, - Euro are given sufficiently. The Moto G, which I have also (in the 16 GB variant), is much better, because the screen is a completely different number (720 x 1280 pixels in also 4.5 inches) and the hardware is faster overall. The Moto G has, moreover, a notification LED (top left) and is already also in Android 4.4.2 (but almost floor-ROM, as with the Nexus devices). The LG is really just the nice knock-on feature, but that saves, at least for me personally, not the streaky impression. But is not a bad device, hence 3 stars.

I may test the device even further and add, if necessary add a little, but at the moment I tend strongly to return.

Update 12:04:14: The L70 has no NFC. This is also mentioned here at amazon in the item description. If it is important for someone, please note!

Remains positive that the playback volume through headphones is very decent and high. Use either my own or my Sennheiser Monster Beats (in-ear). Unfortunately, this is not at all smartphones that. The enclosed headphones I did not use, so I can not comment on these. There are however, in which, just so you know it.

Have let through the Quadrant Standard benchmark once. The result: 5376 points. This is quite decent for a device the beginner to the lower middle class. By comparison, my Moto G reached 8723 points. Built GPU (graphics processor) in LG L70 is incidentally an Adreno 305, for technically interested. This is also positive. The overall performance is also ok. Only during the initial setup, especially when installing my apps, the device occasionally jerky. Then, after completion of the facility, but everything was ok and it now runs quite well.

Overall, it runs but of course slower than the Moto G. This is partly due to the better CPU (quad-core in the Moto G) and partly due to the elaborately designed UI (work surface) of LG. The Moto G used almost native Android (without major changes). LG has therefore incorporated a lot of nice details in the surface of the L70. Make and of course again Quick-Memo (News directly on the screen surface; Knock-On (unlock screen just by tapping on the screen), Intelligent screen (screen stays on as long as you look on it as Smart Stay with Samsung) and make a screenshot of it). All this is of course something at the expense of performance, since one must not fool. But who is looking for a good software equipment, will certainly find it here.

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