great console, the future will offer even more

great console, the future will offer even more

Xbox One Console + Kinect -. Premium Bundle including Fifa 14 (DLC) (console)

Customer Review


I am extremely pleased with the Xbox OneKonsole. I also have a Ps4 which I. Also in their way well find (Killzone, Knack, future Uncharted) But for micht, the One significant added value there was no haben.Ich paid more in total not really Kinect friend before, so I thought I do not need it, but I'm glad to have it now :)

+ Price (529-70 (FIFA) -25 (very good enclosed headset), makes 425 for a great console plus a Kinect madness. So value is the Xbox One of my my at second glance before Ps4
+ Kinect works! Super, recognizes Handbewegeungen exactly (eg Faust make), working in BF4, Fifa 14 and Forza very good complement (head tracking to sit corners)
+ Swicthen between apps and games without any delay, just in advertising within 1 second of being in Forza racing again and continue, while the TV-Top right small picture, or just on facebook go with Sprachsteurung, works just fine
+ Sprachsteurung works great and detects virtually everything except umlauts ö, ü. etc. If I eg. say I want to make a substitution Fifa14 Idol, there are problems.
+ Party suitability: Kinect Sports Rivals demo I recently hinted at a small round with pals, and all were enthusiastic and always wanted to play, but so far only the demo version available. But what's possible is already madness
+ Xbox funktioniet well as home media server, so you can in the other floor Music and the like stream to its (smart) TV or PC from the box
+ Graphics are impressive (Forza, BF4). According to a buddy from the graphic Ryse is even better than the Killzone, when we played the times of on the PS4. But I can say nothing, according to power is probably Ryse by far the nicest Next Gen title, all next gen Tiel look great on both consoles I think.
+ Very quiet, even when gaming mode not hear
+ Great in the hand lying Controller

- 50/60 Hz problem

-noch many convenience features missing in Dashport, MS has announced updates. (Battery indicator controller, hard disk overview, ...)

Conclusion: everyone must decide for themselves, I find both consoles super, but offers the Xbox One for me in my eyes a clear added value and the future possibilities with Kinect significantly intressanter.

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January 12

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