Great for creams, smoothies, ice cream, farces, pastes, soups and herbs etc. A first-class, powerful blender.

Great for creams, smoothies, ice cream, farces, pastes, soups and herbs etc. A first-class, powerful blender.

Philips HR 2195/08 Avance Collection Blender stainless steel, 900 W, 2 L glass container, Silver / Black (Kitchen)

Customer Review

When unpacking (by the way everything is very unbreakable packaged) falls as the outstanding workmanship on. The combination of black, silver and glass is simply a blast! The control panel looks really great and high quality. Also the stability of this rather large device (height: 40 cm, floor space 18 x 18 cm) you have to not worry because the four feet of the appliance are suckers who laid eyes on the work area immediately by the weight of the device. So you can work with both hands without having to worry about the stability of the device. The glass carafe is really nice robust. It keeps cold and heat from equally. On it are several scales (cups, ml, floz, pints) which are embossed into the glass. Thus, not disappear with time the scale. Very good. By the way you can the device by also separately stored in the closet and not have to leave him out. The cable can be the way to hide the keypad. Very good. The volume is fully in order. However, it makes no sense anyway here with a super-quiet operation to be expected. Who likes can 'on it in smoothies' 'Quiet' "position. It makes sense in the morning - otherwise nobody will probably want to mix together in the middle of the night;) :) :)!

The cover of the Mixgefässes is a small plastic cup, which is also labeled with a 50 ml scale (10 ml steps). The spatula with which one can strip down the mass is so designed that it can not fall. The handle is round and can thus stand the spatula vertically and rotate easily inside the mixer. The lid of the carafe is made of black plastic. What is also very good, because you want aufmixen indeed often quite color-rich ingredients (eg raspberry, beetroot, curry pastes etc). Since white or similar would simply unfavorable. The lid is properly secured. It can therefore be pushed out but not by the Mixgut. The connection between the drive and the glass carafe are very good. The glass part is rotated with the drive. Again, you have to worry about. But already it takes some force to separate the two parts after mixing again.

Panel is designed very clear and looks very high. It consists of three buttons with a very good pressure point: 'P' (Pulse, Easy Clean), ice crusher, Quiet (Smoothie mode) and a knob with which the device is switched on / off and the speed of the blades is regulated. When mixing, it is advisable to cut the Mixgut advance into smaller parts. Cleaning is easy. The glass part can in the dishwasher. Even easier, you can after you're done, fill a pint of water in the carafe and press the first button from the left (easy clean). Now the unit cleans. The knife can be taken simply and clean.

Even a little note on the practice. We have filled the unit with wide selection of food and we were very satisfied with the result. We pastes (Indian curries, humus etc), farces (meat etc. here but add ice so that the protein does not coagulate), soups, sauces, black ice tried with frozen raspberries, fruit shakes and smoothies. Everything was just the best. No comparison to a blender! If one pays attention to a few things, you will last a lifetime on the device. The most important (probably knows anyway everyone) is not to overload the unit. Not too much to run straight at once pure and not too long. Rather mix at intervals. Very good we liked that there are fixed time intervals using the buttons. So you can for a morning smoothie that desired fruits fill press the 'Smoothie' button, the device runs 2 minutes and then goes out by itself. If you switch the mixer on and forgets it, he goes after 3 minutes of alone again.

The device has a table for maximum filling and the recommended period of use, you absolutely should read before! So should for example, no more than 8 ice cubes are gecrushed gleichzeitigt. So also caution in making fruit ice with frozen fruit and hot or warm food. The maximum amount of fluids is 1.5 l. The maximum capacity is 2 liters. Manufactures food for children should mix the ingredients at most (!) From 30 seconds at a time at maximum power if you do not want to pulverize unrecognizable food.

Conclusion: (5 stars):
A thoroughly enjoyable device that high functionality, great design and safety together. For anyone who wants to work professionally in the kitchen and is interested in the Aufmixen of sauces and soups, the production of ice, farces, pastes, shakes and smoothies, makes nothing wrong here. We especially like the fact that the device can be set low and that the smoothie mode, 2 minutes everything mixes and then turns off again. A Selbstreinungsfunktion is also top. The glass part and the plastic parts (spatula, cover) can also be found in the dishwasher. The scaling of the device (floz, pints, ml, cup) are each imprinted, which makes them permanently. All components of the control unit via the buttons to the glass carafe are processed excellently. The combination of glass and panel are twisted into each other safely. Incidentally, the unit with its 40 cm and a footprint of 18 x 18 cm is quite high.

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