Great game - Dispelling the criticism

Great game - Dispelling the criticism

Pegasus Spiele 55115G - Istanbul - Kenner Game of the Year 2014 (Toys)

Customer Review

I found it quite interesting to read the other reviews, especially like I always read the to find out if there's something with the few stars, truth to it. Now have all read from 1-3 stars and have to say: No, the writing is there I do not think that makes up the game.

1. gripe: Instructions
Admittedly, the game manual is extensive. I have it on the "Spielwiesn" (game show) read in a room full of people, in which it was noisy and turbulent, it was late afternoon and on that day perhaps the 5. Instructions, my focus was no longer the most amazing, also sat 4 players around me, who were watching me expectantly Erklärbär happy if I'm not soon finished reading to finally explain everything. In this suboptimal situation I have still managed to understand everything and also the (adult - only partly with "fine education" provided) players the rules teach. Of course you have the first game - maybe even again in the second - one or the other, which we obtain during the game and is no longer present, again specifically read. I do not feel as bad. I have always found an answer to every question. Incomprehensible, I found not the game instructions. Plus point in this game, to have not too many games: There is such a thing as "pictograms" on each of the 16 pitches that represent very clearly what can be done here and how. For the few remaining rules, each player gets a small tablet on which note form the most important thing is summarized. In order really to get super good through the game, and after the 3rd round one no longer needs it actually.

Incidentally, I then explained it home to my children (9 and 10), they understood it immediately and are now avid gamers. You may not prime example for this age group because they - through the play-passion of the parents - were introduced very early even to difficult games, but when the two elementary school students understand it, it should also be possible for adults. The two have it then explains even my girlfriend (40). She said: "At first it sounds a bit much and difficult, but if you play it then, it is quite simple and logical."

2. gripe: quickly loses its appeal
We now have probably already played 10 games (we have less than a month), we love it still. We have not even begun to vary the game. So far we have only the "beginner" -Startaufstellung used.

3. gripe: no interactions
It is true that one does not mean the other players really one can wipe out. I confess: We like it usually also not particularly playing really nasty. There are even games in our closet where the very common cards "constantly discarded pile" languishing on. However, I find "no interaction" now again exaggerated. In our rounds there has always been a (sometimes even great) played a role, whether already stood in a field, another merchant, because that's now time costs money. Since we usually four or five of us playing, one is actually also constantly in the way, and constantly a tearing her hair, because even just jumps of players in front of a in exactly the field in which you yourself wanted. In this respect it so not just play as though to himself, but trembles constantly whether the field to which you want next, until then is still free. If you play just the two, it happens rather that one a little play on its own. But this has its own charm, because as the game has more to Wettlauf- / strategy character who quickly makes profitable trains to achieve the goal in the shortest time.

4. gripe: After the second round it is clear who will win.
So, that's soooo a mistake! I have already managed to have the only only one Ruby (by 5 target), while everyone else has had 3 or 4, and have yet won. In addition, the round is also played finished, and there was already the case that the one who had first the 5 rubies, but then was not the winner, because when done playing yet landed the 5th Rubin and z. B. more had money and has thus won. This criticism is really complete nonsense.

5. gripe: fummeliges Spielmaterial
I can not understand now. But there are clearly "Fummeligeres" in other games! Everything sturdy cardboard and wood in acceptable quantities. My grandpa (craftsmen of the old school with absolute giant paws) would, however, might have viewed it as a fiddly. So come naturally depends on how one is "zartgliedrig". For the normal average in my opinion, but perfectly fine.

6. gripe: been there all before
This is probably true in quite a few games that some game mechanics of the game were already in other games there. This is true at least since parchesi-you-not already times for all dice games. I think that combination makes it. Here's what all of it: worker placement - but not set exaggerated closely. Würfelglück - but who does not want to roll the dice, can try their luck in other fields. Collect and sell goods on the market - or try a different strategy. Pull some cards and out looking for the best. And all this on a constantly changeable and beautifully designed game plan. I do not know what other people play for aloof games that offer even more options, or others. All we need this flexibility.

We are experienced players, but also mostly family players. And not really nasty player. For us, this game is one of the really good favorite games, and these titles have in our rather large selection of games just a handful of games. This is therefore an award. We therefore a real buy recommendation. By the way I found to do with the games instructions on video well, there really are brought out a good first impression, we do that sometimes, it really helps on.

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