great idea - catastrophic implementation

great idea - catastrophic implementation

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2-10 25.7 cm (10.1 inches) FHD IPS Tablet (Intel Atom Z3745, 1,86GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory, touch screen, Android 4.4) Platinum (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

First of all: unfortunately I have the Tablet not ordered from Amazon, then the return would have been no problem .....

Why I bought the Lenovo Yoga Tab2-10 (16GB, WiFi) at all? My son has the smaller predecessor Yoga Table 8 - I was therefore so excited about the idea of ​​"Knubbels" to set up and with long battery life that I (no, not the MM ...) have ordered without much to look at the local electronics market.

First of the positive characteristics of Yoga2:
+ Super Display, knackscharf, beautifully illuminated ...... this also following the same problems ..
+ Long battery life, must at about 2 hours usage a day every few days to the charger the problems ........ also equal to this below ..
+ Great idea with the built-in pedestal, no fumbling with rickety stands, umknickenden cases, etc. In my device is also true, as opposed to other reviews here, the processing. No sharp-edged aluminum parts, no odd gaps, everything clean and assembled together folding mechanism butterweich (this time no problems)

- The display jerky, depending on the app sometimes more, sometimes less - is 2015, a nearly 300 euros device simply not
- The automatic brightness control is spinning completely (yes, newest software update, after which ought to be corrected, is installed)
- Bluetooth connection to my Creative speakers, which has so far come with a wide variety of tablets and smartphones is easily cope, although manufactured, but is constantly interrupted by brief interruptions

And now the absolute "no go" number:
--- From time to time can not turn the tablet from the standby. This works only after repeated and long pressing the on / off switch. After the inserted SD card is cleared each time (!!) and the displayed battery capacity is significantly lower than before. This problem is described here in some recessions and is also the subject in the official Lenovo forum.

What does Lenovo? The first and only reaction by supports (answered by Medion) was "factory reset". Toll. Only brings work, nothing else. Then again Lenovo written. Even after two weeks null response.

Conclusion: would be a great device me super display, long term and interesting case; but unfortunately completely messed up in the implementation and currently without hope of improvement.

Update March 2015: The Lenovo service has reported after just three weeks, offering to send the unit in for repair. Will report on success or failure.

Update April 2015: The tablet has now been sent back from the Lenovo / Medion Service. First impression: although Lenovo expressly prohibits the return instructions to send defective devices exclusively in the sales box without outer packaging, the Lenovo / Medion service has done just that. Simply sticker on the gift box and you're done. Luckily everything came to healing.

Second impression: the Lenovo Backup app is useless, there are actually only and exclusively the contacts and apps that reside on the tablet, backed up - no display device, no e-mail accounts, etc. Although that was so in the app, but I assumed that these are additional options when saving and the basic settings at any rate in the backup are. Can the same be found next time you leave.

Functional test: loud repair bill from the Lenovo / Medion service is a Softwareprolbem before that was fixed by reinstalling. In fact, now works the Bluetooth connection, but still jerky the display and the brightness control is still not working. The Power-on problems I had previously noticed even nciht.

The "repair" was absolutely nothing the same again contacted regarding the display the Serivce. Will report.

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