Great idea that sinks into pabulum

Great idea that sinks into pabulum

LA Noire (uncut) - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)

Customer Review

No doubt: LA Noire is a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, the game is far too drab. Since no Los Angeles lives in the 50s. Because the world is just window dressing. There is nothing really to explore. Only a few non-walkable and little interesting landmarks there is to find, without that you would get for any playful reward. You can enter any building, except for the case to Relevant. The idea to hide rolls of film? Well, who wants to search every inanimate angle ...

What is a revolution, are the facial animation. It recognizes some actors and there has never been such a genuine facial expressions so lively faces. It is certainly a great idea to take the truth as the basis for inventions in interrogations.

The German language exists only in subtitles, making it sometimes difficult to follow the English slang and at the same time to evaluate the expression. Perhaps one would need to review the entire facial expressions at a Synchro, why was waived.

The story itself is a routine series of cases that occur after always the same pattern. Tatort inspect, interview witnesses. What simply missing is the certain Pepp and variety. It would have been interesting viiiiel when our protagonist Phelps would have had a (playable) privacy and the would intertwines with the work. If you had seen bribery and corruption, perhaps even prostitution (belongs nunmal to !!).
If you had met an actor who you are allowed to admire in the cinema. Screenwriters, where a case serves as an example. Various solutions of cases. Options such transportations by getting to know people. The opportunity to explore the city and over again to be found and be rewarded what entertaining. Not so linear and single track. More brain power demand from. THE Had it been !!!

So there are occasional flashbacks to Phelps time as a soldier, on the one makes any sense, and in recent cases, the story will finally personally for our protagonist and there is a very very interesting modification of the action. One lives with, question arises how all this affected his life, finally coming to power !! Some things make sense. But unfortunately too little, too late: ((

So I had to force myself to keep playing because I was not there in LA but in an inanimate city in which none other than these 21 cases. And a couple of rolls of film.

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