Great Set for beauty fans

Great Set for beauty fans

Braun Silk-épil 7-979 Skin Spa Wet & Dry epilator (with peeling & Facial Brush) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Since Brown has come up time think of something beautiful. The offer currently offered and facial massage brush in the set with a very good epilator, makes the heart of beauty fans beat certainly higher. Especially when everything is -As hereby offered in good quality.

The set includes

-the Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry Spa
- Two essays for underarms and bikini line
-a scrub brush attachment for cleavage and legs
-an additional battery-operated soft massage brush for the face
-a large, sealable bag

The Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry Spa is to be settled in the upscale the epilator. He sits comfortably in the hand and is well made. The epilation head is movable on a plane and adapts well to the unevenness. A small light helps to detect even small hairs and not to be overlooked. The head may decrease one and instead attach the massage brush. It is very helpful to massage the skin 1-2 days before Epiliervorgang. This small skin cells are removed and the hair will not grow so quickly.
The epilator works very well and also for example in the bath or in the shower. The small massage rollers prepare the skin, put on the hair and take a bit of the pain. The brown is really very thorough and epilation is quick of hand.

Pain and Tips
This issue should not be mentioned, because epilation is not suitable for everyone. There are in fact different sensations and everyone must try for himself whether he can get used to epilation. I can only describe my experience. The first Epiliervorgang is painful because you have to delude ourselves. However, the skin used to it very quickly. The hair should be about 0.5 cm long, which is the optimum length for the first epilation. If hairs are much longer, it hurts more, they are shorter, they are not packed properly and there remain a lot of hair left. After a few days then you have the feeling that they have not worked hard enough. Best one uses the time after showering. Simply ansetzten and off you go. Those who manage at first clench their teeth, will soon only feel a slight tweet. The first will take longer until you get caught all the hair. After that it is enough, about 1 x to go a week after showering just over the legs. Thus one gets the hairs have stopped last time or still were too short. This then goes right flight and also takes no longer than shaving. For underarm and Bikinbereich I can not say anything. I tried it in the armpits and abandoned. To my mind that was way too painful. But there will be people who can do that. As I said, everyone that feels different and you can give no general advice.

Facial Brush:
The facial brush is nice and soft. You can rub her exfoliate in 2 stages or simply a cleanser or even a cream. Then you can take off the top, rinse and allow to dry thoroughly. The brush leaves a perfectly soft skin feeling and triggers loose skin cells. Subsequently, the house is beautiful rosy and well supplied with blood. Who has sensitive skin, the brush, however should not be too often use, because the skin is usually very irritable.
The brush is replaceable. Ersatzbürsten's commercially.

Massage brush:
The massage brush is mounted as a removable head on epilator and brushed stronger than the facial brush. Therefore, it is only suitable for the body. For example, the legs or décolleté. To my mind rather the facial brush is attached to the neckline, but everyone needs to try for themselves.

My conclusion:
Very nice, high-quality and useful set that beauty fans fun. Highly recommended!

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March 31
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May 5
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January 8
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November 19

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