Great Smartphone like it very much!

Great Smartphone like it very much!

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)

Customer Review

First, I want to briefly send anticipate that I am neither a Samsung -Jünger nor any followers of a particular brand. For me it is important that the smartphone will be my needs best. The following criteria were decisive
- Good or excellent network coverage and good voice quality is very important to me, it is a phone
- Good display
- Good camera
- Internet functionality
- MP3 music function and functionality with Headset
- Operability Handling

- Battery life

Since I had added myself first Sony Z2, I present here also briefly my personal experience with both mobile over and explain why I have decided for the Galaxy S5.
To sum things up here but already say that the Galaxy S5, is the Z2 in almost all criteria that are important to me think! The Z2 is certainly not a bad phone but in my view has the Galaxy S5 ahead and I can understand the 07/14 tests from the magazine Connect and Stiftung Warentest good


Network coverage and voice quality
The voice quality for Galaxy S5 is excellent even when something bad term network coverage still pretty neat! The voice quality when Z2 is good but can not reach the Glaxy S5! Also the volume when S5 is higher! The Z2 is sometimes too quiet!
The network reception at the Galaxy S5 is klat better !!!! In places where the Z2 has no reception or connection always goes away I can make calls with the S5 still !!!! I can fully confirm the statement in the magazine Connect! This is a thick slip of Sony and must not happen in such an expensive mobile phone !!!!
GPS reception is both really good. Even the Z2 has a wirlich good GPS reception (had read a review where it was criticized! I can not confirm!).
Wi-Fi reception is both the S5 and the Z2 good.

The displays of both devices are very good and at a high level. I think here is a matter of taste which one likes most. With persönnlich the display of the S5 like something better display the colors brilliant for my FLAVOUR. A certain Ableseschwäche in strong sunlight both show!

When cameras are really good but numbers alone do not tell much from. In my view, the camera of the S5 makes beautiful pictures. Especially when lighting conditions worsen the S5 camera is clearly superior to the Z2! I'm going to upload some comparison pictures, then everyone can make an impression!

Here I can find no major differences!

Music mp3 function

The walkman when Z2 is good even very good but the S5 is just as good. The volume control is even better here! The functionality with a headset works at S5 better (even with a Sony headset !!!!)
That the Z2 has two stereo speakers is nice but playing is rather modest and is in no way better than the S5!

Handling / operability
Here both devices are in my opinion equally and it is a matter of taste what you prefers. Both can be liquid and good very good use, the Sony is better in my opinion in the hand and makes the clear wertigern impression. It is harder (aluminum) and looks fancier than the S5. Of course, a little taste. It suits me better in the hand. Although Samsung has improved the appearance of the S5 Gege over previous models, it looks a bit "cheap". Here makes the Z2 much better impression!
The setting of the S5 are still somewhat vielfälltiger, so you can for example set diei vibration intensity. The ring tones are louder than the set Z2. The Z2 has a radio, this is missing the S5.
The memory of both devices seems to me something unterdimmensioniert (16 GB). Here the S5 but has the advantage that you can outsource apps to the external SD. This is not possible when Z2 !. Quick here comes the message that the internal memory is getting !!

Battery life

The battery life of both devices is good and hold is usually a day more through even if this is of course highly user-dependent. I can find no significant differences.

I hope that my impressions are useful and thought it was about time to write down their own experiences to others, as I have often benefited from the revisions of others.

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