Great sound and powerful bass - much better than expected - real 5.1 sound but only when connected to the 6-channel input

Great sound and powerful bass - much better than expected - real 5.1 sound but only when connected to the 6-channel input

Auna Active 5.1 surround speakers speaker system (electronic)

Customer Review

I was looking for a 5.1 for the hobby room to where the BD player to join together with Beamer. The focus of the purchasing decision was a reasonable price and was also willing to make compromises in sound - I already have a higher / quality home theater system in the living room and I have my treadmill in rec room and when using a flawless listening pleasure is anyway limited.

Bin so encountered the Auna boxes. Delivered bestellt- fast as usual when on Amazon. Construction was equal done this there is no need manual (which is actually only once a documentation of the buttons is not much else worth having); that the connection cables were too short, was not a problem; have a lot of cables and adapters in reserve

First connect the phone (the rear speakers as I have hatte- found to be activated by the button ProLogic) was then totally surprised what a great sound have the boxes. Crystal clear piano playing of Adele's Set Fire to the Rain - and then the subwoofer test with Dark Horse of the hammer a powerful bass. If I had never expected.

Then the BD player (I use mainly as a player for my recorded over a DVB-C tuner films and also has an analog AV output) connected to the AUX input also here a great sound and a strong as previously described Bass. I can not say that the often expensive system in the living room has a many better sound
In the hobby room now: Great image on the screen, room-filling sound from all 5 speakers and a bass that you can feel on the skin. My daughter came in and said, that's now like the movies

5.1 Dolby Surround cinema / home theater Feeling pur?
To this question I would say certainly yes, but if I would not have the comparison with my home theater system in the living room. Although the extent that the boxes are connected via the AUX input or via the stereo output of TV, receiver, DVD or game box, then this-as described above, made listens very well, but it's definitely not a real 5.1 listening, but only an artificial and there's a huge difference. In ProLogic only 2-channel Steroton is split in subwoofer mathematically by a particular process (which would be here too extensive to describe this) and then distributed to the 5 boxes, so as to create a 5.1 surround sound.

To be a real! To reach 5.1 surround sound, it is necessary that the speakers are connected via the 6-channel connection, so each box is driven by its own sound signal which corresponds again a completely different much more intense listening experience. This assumes either that even the output device has a 6-channel connection, or via an extender / converter which converts each digital 6 channels that are output via HDMI or via optical fiber into individual 6 analog audio (whether coax goes I do not know). I have gained this an HDMI Extender; However, the expensive belongings than the boxes themselves. Therefore, previously called for the firm. Auna to inquire about a cheaper alternative. Somewhat surprised at my question, which he evidently had not yet so he suggested with a device that would have cost almost 3 times the boxes. Unacceptable!
Now with the Extender also works with these boxes 5.1 properly (voice from the center speaker, left and right stereo sound and from behind the effects). Since here, however, the sounds are much better perceived, you already noted then the performance limits of these boxes.

What I also liked a lot, is that each box can be controlled individually via the FB. Then I hear rather loud on the treadmill, I can so down regelen the subwoofer slightly and the center speaker to emphasize rather more, so I can hear the voice clearly.

A note on the Komentaren: sound tinny acts or tin sound. That's true if the boxes are connected via the stereo output / input and the output device is (set in anticipation of 5.1 listening on the 5.1 sound track. In this case, the tracks can not be transferred correctly and sounds terrible. But Is not on the boxes but at the setting.

Conclusion: If you like to listen to music will fill the room would spice up inexpensive, powerful bass or the lean TV sound, which is in my opinion certainly well served with these boxes. In order to achieve a real 5.1 listening, requires appropriate equipment. However, those who would like to enjoy classical music radio in DD or in the future would like to save the ticket to the concert hall, which pay a lot much deeper into their pockets.
The boxes are not only perfectly adequate for my intended purpose, but I am now to RE. 3 months use still excited and am glad to have opted for this solution (although I do not want to give up my home theater system in the living room (but this is not at all comparable)).

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