Grohe bath mixer

Grohe bath mixer

Grohe Grohtherm 2000 Thermostat bath mixer 34464001 with storage (tool)

Customer Review

As some other negative reviews, I can not understand this.
The cover sleeve must be completely screwed together, then I get even with my Knipex Paralellbackenzange convenient to the terminals and can tighten them without the damage I have my tools.
The connections from the wall must of course have the standard dimensions, if not, you have at any fitting difficulties. The cover clings to laborious setting of 6 pcs Kunstoffmadenschrauben perfectly into the recess.
The only drawback is the horizontal locking, this is so great, the slip the cover plate to the left or right when wiping the faucet. As also a a previous speaker remarked, 2 drops of silicone and already ists vobei.

The thermal setting is perfect, even in the setting of Eco shower Garniture, no variation in temperature and the noise level is reduced even more if you want to full pressure, as you can hear not even the water in the Armature.

The scalding does not exist, only in winter in cold temperatures when the cooling system of Grohe lapped the faucet, you get a shock when you touch the faucet in the bath accidentally, because one believes one has burnt herself, while she is cold only. :)

There is absolutely nothing to complain about.
When hot water in the faucet, you Factory used a sieve, when there is no outlet, ideally, no reduction or flow reduction in calcification.
The tub is now sooner than with the two old single-lever mixers ,.

As I said, highly recommended, no penalty !!!

MFG Robert

Good cable 2 Rank: 5/5
August 31
Worthless (Fake) Rank: 1/5
March 17
Broke after a month. Rank: 2/5
June 30
perfect gift 4 Rank: 5/5
January 3
I think he must wait again ... Rank: 4/5
December 14

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