High-quality, well-made and sturdy hand-held shower.  Pleasant water jet

High-quality, well-made and sturdy hand-held shower. Pleasant water jet

Tiger 3027 bathroom series Boston design hand shower tube (tool)

Customer Review

The shower of the Boston series from Tiger is very well made and has a strikingly inconspicuous, minimalist design. The shower has a shower 1/2 "connector.
The color and material of the all-metal housing is designated by the manufacturer as Stainless Steel Brushed.

Since the case is not made of chrome-plated plastic, the shower is quite heavy. There is, however, despite the metal housing temperature no problem, even after prolonged use, the shower is neither too hot, nor too cold and can be held easily in his hands.
However, the shower is for the metal housing over plastic Bilig bombers potentially more susceptible to cracks and fractures when they fall.

Although the shower rod is quite long and not curved, it can be, use a sufficiently long and flexible shower hose, very ergonomic for showering, but also for cleaning and filling of objects (eg buckets). The shower is located, even if your hands are wet or soaped, very well and securely in your hand.
The rod-shape of the shower ensures that the beam, if the holder / collecting their design does not allow for full horizontal position, acting not from above but from the side.
This - and because of the non-reducible Sprühfelds - are the walls or the shower curtain in the shower, in front of curved, adjustable shower showerheads, more wetted with water.

The two jet jets are bundled overlapping. The "ray box" is still too far for my taste, neither too narrow / wide staggered.
The pressure is sufficiently high, yet very pleasant.
The beam can be, conditionally perform very well by the possible flow-rate and the radiating angle of the nozzle / guide.

The thread could be in the very simple and sufficiently tighten the "assembly" at several different hoses tightly by hand.

The product box contains in addition to the shower head (3027), no accessories.
A shower-holder (3026) or shower hose is not included, even if the product images suggest otherwise.

Although in my line comes very hard water, have formed on the metal surface, even after prolonged use no lime marks.
For long-term durability of the housing and the sieve openings I can not say anything yet.

The shower does not have anti-limescale nubs that existing, convex sieve openings are, however, also in terms of lime Korrsosion, designed to be much more robust than it z. B. with sieve inserts in taps is the case.

Boston granted to the effervescent five-year warranty, although this. In the Amazon product description, unlike the other Tiger roar, is not explicitly advertised
The reference to the guarantee period can be found but on the product packaging.

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