Highly recommended 14 2

Highly recommended 14 2

Fujifilm Finepix F70 EXR Digital Camera (10 Megapixel, 10x opt. Zoom, 6.9 cm (2.7 inch) display, image stabilizer) graphite (Electronics)

Customer Review

My conclusion first:

My F70 combines an excellent image quality in zoom, normal and macro area with a fantastic quality for this zoom range of 28-270 (see. Small picture). The camera has compact dimensions and a chic look.
Both the "just shoot", as well as the manual setting for "special" images produces very good results.
Only the limited battery life, as well as the cumbersome remove the battery for charging can I call when in need of improvement.

All in all a very good camera to how to find unbeatable price. I would buy the camera at any time.

My Review in detail:

I have the Finepix F70 now for about three months. I have long been a Fuji; namely the Finepix F30, which in many cases a "legendary" picture quality is said, what is probably mainly due to a very good chip quality. From this F30 I am thrilled; so I wanted a Fuji again. The F70 I have risen mainly because of the extended zoom by (see. Small image) 28-270 (at the F30 only 35-135), with a very well-tested image quality (which you need to be looking for something .... for Zoom is not everything ....). Buyer of both cameras, I first stuck to the tests of chip.de with which I have done well in both cases.

In terms of image quality, the F30 mE is hard to beat (99% or even 100% in the test, I can confirm in practice). The F70 is rated with 93%; Quality differences for F30 I have not been able to determine, however, frankly.

However, one extended zoom range has (the F30 vs..) With more possibilities.

At most, in focusing on "macro !!" - region I have now and then a second attempt needed because the desired subject is not in focus, but the focus "which has caught Other". "Normal" motives focuses the camera easily.

However, I have made a mistake at the beginning, before I want to warn. I initially had the sensitivity set to "Auto 1600"; ie depending on the subject brightness, the camera automatically adjusts the sensitivity up to ISO 1600 "high". At night shots this clear image noise was evident. After recognizing the "error" and reduce the max. Sets sensitivity to ISO 200, the problem does not occur. Of course, then fall at slower shutter speeds, which are noticeably especially when shooting at night. Such recordings, however, the use of a tripod is recommended anyway (here I can a "Gorillapod" highly recommend) and the self-timer, so this is not a problem. Then get me fabulously good night shots.

However, I imagine even prefer my choice of subject a, so I hardly use the EXR mode. I photograph but ultimately in normal mode at full resolution or in particular during night photography course in manual mode. The case of the latter you can only choose between two (and no longer) set by the camera aperture settings, does not bother me in practice.

I welcome the interim use of SD memory cards (up to now most popular and which are not expensive xD cards).

- The battery has (only) a capacity of 940 mA. Here one comes loose for ordinary snapshots or "normal" fotograferen with out (when charging the battery every night again). However, if you when photographing something enthusiastic and makes a lot of photos or photographing the same subject several times with different exposure variations etc. and checked if necessary after the "results" means displaying the images on the display including "Ranzoomen" etc., then you get yet before the limits of the battery. These problems I had with the F30 with a battery of 1750 Ah never before. In a pinch, you would possibly buy additional späer a spare battery for the F70, which in my opinion is acceptable in view of the low price of the camera.
- To charge the battery you have to take it from the camera and insert it into a separate charger. This is what I personally find a bit awkward. In the F30, the battery can be charged inside the camera (only cable plug).

I was with a friend on the road who has a Nikon digital SLR camera with two lenses incl. Camera Backpack traveling is. I do not like this "thick debris" and am more on such "pocket cameras" as the F70. We have often photographed the same motives. I'd be lying if I said that the SLR is not here and there better ... that would be too bad. But in direct comparison of the images we could find some very small differences in quality. And they are sure that the F70 only a "small, compact" is absolutely justified. The F70 can thus mE even keep up with a SLR. One has to wonder just what you're looking at or what one puts more emphasis ... The SLR Exuipment my acquaintance will cost at least a multiple of the F70 and also does not fit in your pocket ...

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