Highly Recommended!  7 1

Highly Recommended! 7 1

Panasonic DMC-FZ72EG-K Lumix Digital Camera (7.5 cm (3 inch) screen, 16.1 megapixels, 60x opt. Zoom, Super Zoom, Full HD) (Electronics)

Customer Review

The Lumix DMC-FZ72 is a top-notch camera in this price range.

Well, what can we expect? As with any SLR also, the actual picture is always dependent on the lighting conditions. Thus if you have little light available, it is therefore so that on the one hand a relatively large aperture is selected in intelligent automatic mode that the depth of focus precisely greatly narrows (small aperture corresponds to a large f-number and vice versa) and the other hand in low light higher ISO number - is selected, the - - as a kind of film speed the bigger it is, has a coarser grain image result. As far as identical to the analogue photography.

Conclusion: Are poor lighting conditions exist, these camera - like any other - provide appropriate photo qualities, while in good and very good results occur to very good light here, so you can not basically say, it depends on this camera if one with his photographs now or is not satisfied! Sometimes, therefore, it makes sense to use a tripod, while the aperture or time, or possibly both, depending on what you have for a shooting situation, pretending manually.

After a few test shots we are more than satisfied and can therefore with full score highly recommend this camera. And because it is so good we have now ordered a second, because we also love to go to second on photo tour.

Of course you also have to know that at large zoom the light value of the lens on the light conditions play a significant role, but again I have to say that the greatest value of 5.9 - as here at 1200mm focal length - is still a peak for represents this class of camera! Because with my former SLR had the most - for the average Joe citizens affordable - 500 telephoto lenses (ie not even half of the existing focal length here) a light value of 8.0 after all, already! Light values ​​mean: With wide angle = 2.8 and at full zoom (telephoto) = 5.9. That is, at 2.8 the lens weakens the actual light by a factor of 1: that is, the actually existing light from 2,8, as well as at 5.9 by a factor of 1: 5.9 is weakened.

The large 60-fold - mind you - optical zoom range comparable to an SLR of 20mm wide-angle (is already a very good wide-angle lens) to 1200mm focal length (actually a giant telephoto lens) is therefore already a really great facility in this camera, which of course the circumscribed above may affect the result. But, and that's the good thing about this camera, you need to know and assess the can if you want to bother with this huge equipment and a stable of lenses not always, absolutely live with it. I would rather take a relatively light, but good tripod on tour, as a heavy and bulky equipment.

The further advantage is still the optical image stabilizer "OIS" who still can expect great photos from the hand even at high zoom. And anyone who is not sure if he possibly still had not one to hand-shake, which makes using a 16GB card with the ability to store more than 2,000 photos like some shots more, so that you the best of these more shots at the end uses to use. A second memory card - at today's prices not really a problem, you should, as a second charged battery - always ready, because that is technology which suddenly times may have an error, so you will not have to bury our heads in the sand and can continue to operate unhindered.

On the many other adjustments and choices, I would like to not go, because they are very well seen in the product description and after the purchase of the operating instructions. To mention still remains that you very well may intuitively work with this camera (without too much time reading the instruction manual). Anyone who has read this review, I am very grateful for the attention. Who Photo understanding, which will certainly not be disappointed by this camera.

»Small supplement:
Who insists on the highest photo quality, which can accommodate with the Lumix FZ72, moreover the photos indeed in RAW format. An advantage, which was in contrast to the FZ62 now integrated into the FZ72. Contrast JPEG variants, for example, allow per color channel only 256 gradations (8 bits), while - in contrast contained raw data formats (RAW) usually 10, 12 or 14 bits have to brightness information, which then allows 1024-16384 gradations. A subsequent correction with programs for image processing is also on - mostly by the integrated in the cameras preprocessed JPEG images - possible, but always caught in narrow limits and therefore always associated with loss of image information and image details. Also take that into consideration when looking at the pictures. "

I / we. (My wife and I) remain thus, it is a bit camera that leaves nothing to be desired We can, according to experience with other well-known products highly recommend and have therefore awarded indeed deserves full 5 stars.

Additionally down still further the links at a good replacement battery and the protective film for the rear display. The film should because the cloaks of the camera when possible buttons or zippers, which could cause scratches, necessarily attach. The film is listed very precisely and can be plus superior fit.

Panasonic DMC-FZ72EG-K Lumix Digital Camera (7.5 cm (3 inch) screen, 16.1 megapixels, 60x opt. Zoom, Super Zoom, Full HD) black

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