Highly recommended for coffee lovers, but only partially for coffee junkies

Highly recommended for coffee lovers, but only partially for coffee junkies

DeLonghi Nespresso EN 110.BAE U capsule machine / 0.8L water tank / with Aeroccino3 / black (household goods)

Customer Review

The DeLonghi EN 110.BAE is a capsule machine with separate milk frother (Aeroccino), which allows a different, very tasty coffee (milk) Beverage manufacture. Whether a Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, latte macchiato, cafe latte or cappuccino, for every taste is sure to be the right thing here. Thanks to the rich flavors range of capsules, it will taste even boring, but is always varied.
The device, service and witness the processing of high quality. Personally, I find the automatic capsule ejection in the discard box fantastic. The milk frother is separate, but which has the advantage that one is not necessarily tied to the capsule machine to produce these extremely solid, delicious milk froth.
The very compact size and individually movable water tank let the machine space in the smallest kitchen.
All very well and good. But, the original Nespresso capsules hit with about 39 cents per capsule very impact. They are also only available in Nespresso stores or via the internet shop with shipping costs. An environmental disaster is not only the capsules as a disposable product, but the fact that they are made of aluminum. Taste and aroma seal or not, but since Nespresso have to think something else. Alternatives made of compostable plastics mostly suffer from a more or less good compatibility to the devices, especially in terms of capsule ejection. Too Bad.

Gourmet treat yourself now and then a Käffchen, a maximum of two a day. Coffee junkies who need at least 2 cups before work, after work 2 cups and twice at the weekend, should also be aware that the maintenance costs but are quite high.

My conclusion: Highly recommended for gourmets, for coffee junkies a nice change, but in the long run, as the sole source of caffeine, too costly.

If interested, read my review in detail:

---- Materials and workmanship ----
The capsule machine consists of plastic. It alternate high gloss with matte surfaces. Plastic is not always the same plastic. The processed from DeLonghi is very high, relatively unbreakable and scratch-resistant, and durable. The material and the entire mechanics I have no concerns.
The same applies to the Aeroccino. Stainless steel, high-gloss plastic, a very well-coated, easy to clean interior and a very low operating noise distinguish him. But the most important is that the milk froth is just great. For minimum-filling after preparation remains a residual hot milk and above cut-resistant, very delicious milk foam. Ideal for a latte macchiato.

---- Service ----
Very easy. Capsule slide open (water is heated), capsule interject close Loading and when the water has reached the right temperature, it starts. With three soft-touch buttons you should above but adjust the amount of water. Gering for the Ristretto, Espresso and means for much of the Lungo. After a few seconds you ultimately its delicious coffee beverage. The capsule is automatically thrown into the underlying collecting container.
Actually a careless preparation. If you want to make a coffee-milk drink, first prepares the milk froth. This is done within seconds.
Milk foam in the cup, the module for the cup increase unchecking (magnetic mount), otherwise fit any high cups under the spout and then simply select the coffee to your personal taste and activate.
Then you can enjoy a truly delicious latte.

---- ---- Cleaning
The capsule machine does not require much cleaning. One should of course empty regularly the remnants container and rinse again. In the water tank I fill in only filtered, soft water, so I have no problems with the machine calcification and also not with unsightly limescale on transparent water tank.
The machine itself has no built-in filter.

---- Pro and con ----
+ Very delicious coffee and coffee-milk drinks
+ Easy operation
+ Very good workmanship and quality materials
+ Automatic capsule ejection
+ Easy cleaning
+ Compact design
+ Flexible water tank
+ Milk frother with excellent milk froth

+ - No integrated water filter

- High-priced aluminum capsules

Conclusion ---- ----
As mentioned initially, the machine is aimed, in my opinion, particularly to coffee lovers. Here and there, a cup of coffee that tastes absolutely delicious, no one can verwähren.
Coffee junkies should have ready in any case a "normal" coffee to satisfy their caffeine needs. The high-priced capsules allow spoken for me, only a low stress on Nespresso machine.

I am a coffee junkie and want the machine do not miss anyway. The coffee flavor is different than the. From a fully automatic or normal coffee machine
He acts simply round. It may be that each coffee bean is different and the storage of the opened package in the average Joe's budget is not optimal. This is perhaps the only advantage of the aluminum capsules. The aroma is obtained easily.

I forgive 4 stars for a little luxury I do not often treat myself, but if so, with great taste.

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