How important?  2.0: After the Belle update

How important? 2.0: After the Belle update

Nokia N8 Smartphone (12 MP Carl Zeiss camera, Xenon flash, HDMI connector, pinch zoom, Nokia Maps) Dark Grey (Electronics)

Customer Review

##### Review edited on 01.23.2014 #####

I want to leave here again a detailed review because the N8 is now more than three years on the market and because of updates, etc. are some helpful Rated Rezis, not quite up to date in terms of criticisms. In addition, I have the power now for over two years now and will in the following few points, or enter characteristics of the device closer. The latest findings and bruising yours truly can be found at the end of "Ur-text" :-)

It would not come to this review, I would not have experienced such a bitter disappointment with the Nokia Lumia 800. Below is my praise and criticisms therefore refer to a comparison between these two devices, as well as my predecessor Nokia X6 16GB.

After my Lumia because - for me - have returned unacceptable functional restrictions again, I had to start looking for an alternative. Were important criteria here

1) music playback
2) Camera (photos)
3) Operation
4) Display size: there should not be too small, but also not be too large
5) navigation should be free

During my research I is the N8 late, but like so concise eye. After I've seen on the test video and let me know on relevant pages on the device, I decided to buy it.

First impression

For those to whom such a thing is important: The packaging is really chic therefore: the Nokia typical blue, very shallow, but wide, the device is packed with all its accessories in a way that also can pack it again , but without the need for a separate manual :-)

I let my unit come in silver unibody and when I held it for the first time in my hands, I immediately had the feeling that they have in this respect made a mistake: it looks in silver from Real classy. The feel is good to very good. Unlike the Nokia X6 mobile phone shines through a - apparently - excellent processing and power by the aluminum case very robust. In my case is important because a phone is for me a commodity, which is also required before when it comes to environmental and use conditions. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised. Compared to the Lumia you just do not feel to keep a chocolate bar in his hands, as the display size of 0.2 inches less precipitates a little smaller. This makes the N8 with its much better handling for more than offset. Meanwhile, the unit has already brought one or two fall behind and looks frankly from real battered - nothing more picky eBay buyers :-)


Transferring my contacts proved by the fact that I have the hardware vendors not changed, as uncomplicated: Use the Nokia Suite was the whole thing in less than 30 seconds of equip. Kindly make a suite out that if you want to manage multiple devices on it, the contents mix. But in my case decency just a device change, I had no fear of data mishmash.

The personalization of the N8 takes as even more time: you have the option of setting up five home screens. Need I do not do the whole, however, this possibility has emerged in recent months to be extremely practical. In my case I have now when we look at the device all the information I need: Incoming e-mail, the most important contacts, calendar etc. I need so far only two of the five home screens. If you take the time and the mobile phone has set up according to his personal needs, you have a very practical companion for everyday wear in your pocket, you would sorely missed after a short time, he was no longer there.


Symbian ^ 3 was installed, an update to Belle was absolutely no problem using the Nokia Suite. The menu guidance is clearly laid out and I had to not change in size of the X6. Differences are apparent only in the details, such as the Editing Menu contents by pressing and holding the screen: it opens the edit menu. Very straightforward. The so-called feature packs are now all installed and were - as with every update any hardware or software - sometimes more and sometimes less sense.

The capacitive touch screen responds well to inputs, but one or the other recorded "Haker". However, no reason for a withdrawal - which is far worse in other models :-)

At this point a word about the operating system: I have informed me in advance of the mobile phone purchase in detail about the current operating systems, but I am finally arrives at the decision to ignore this point totally. Hence the title of this review - critical for the purchase of a mobile phone with me were very different points, so I'm not going to participate, for my part in this OS hype.

######## Edit 21.12. 2012 ########

###################### I had now an opportunity to compare Symbian with Android. Yes, it's true: Android runs smoother and has more apps in the Market. But I remain faithful to the title of this review - how important is this to me? Was introduced at the time as the N8, it was the Nokia battleship and resulted in many relevant journals and online portals on the leaderboard. If you read on, you will also learn why. ###############################

The work with the Nokia N8 makes downright fun. Unlike its predecessor, the Nokia X6, everything runs smoothly. But not as smooth as one would want from a modern device like the N8 might. In particular, after the update to Belle, I note that the start of one or another application but takes a little longer. The reason for this is also fast gefunde: Belle has the entire phone memory! Belle is greater than Anna, fancier than Anna, but also hungry for space. Whether it was wise of Nokia, the N8 to make Belle-efficient? Well, everybody has to decide for himself.

And now a summary of the points that were crucial for the purchase for me in the Player Ratings:

- Music playback time:

Even better than the X6 is the sound. What Nokia has unfortunately "maintained", is the inability of the player to sg gapless playback, thus playing without break between songs. Too bad. This will cost a star deduction.

A further point of criticism is the EQ setting: I had the X6 still the option of saving a custom sound setting, the N8 limited to 6 non-variable EQ settings. Here you can tell the difference between the X-series which aimed but rather on music and friends of N-series, which was designed but rather for the business sector. For me, a fat toad :-(

- Camera:

The camera is the showpiece of the N8 12 Megapixel read initially impressive, but according to computer image, the camera has an actual megapixel number of slightly more than 9 - for a cell phone is a very good value. And indeed, the shooting in daylight leave nothing to be desired for the average Joe photographers. The user has the choice between a 4: 3 (12MP) resolution or a 16: 9 format, which is then taken up with 9 megapixels. This is of course much more interesting in the era of flat panel TVs.

Nokia typically see the images under less than optimal lighting conditions immediately very grainy. However, this applies only if you have not dealt extensively with the camera :-) The diverse settings also allow for good shots, which are taken in not so ideal lighting conditions. However, you should to achieve this, already invest a little time in the study of the settings of the camera. It is worth it.

The adjustment possibilities are very diverse for me as an absolute amateur photo: White balance, focus, self-timer, color saturation, etc., etc. For people who just want to define a compact digital camera is: Look at times this phone :-)

- Display:

3.5 inches for me and my taste just right, the unit can still operate as so-handed. The Lumia had a 3.7 inch display and was nice to me for my short thumb too big ;-) Very, despite the "age" of the device: razor everything AMOLED can appear sharp. A comparison with a Samsung Galxy SII is the N8 not, but again, I remember again to the Year.

Very pleasing: Even with the strongest sunlight you can see everything on the screen. When X6, however, one had to look for a shady spot. The font is sharply defined, both in the menu and on websites.

As described above, the problem lies in entering the one time or another, especially after a longer use time - God knows why that is. This statement I had already met at X6.

- Navigation:

What to expect from Nokia, the navigation is absolutely free of charge, without the need to install any crack or additional software. The Navi is doing what it is supposed, that lead me from A to B, and that makes it outstanding.

Apart from the actual Navi there are the "maps" called function: Here you can determine my its location, or look around what is there to discover beautiful in the area. A virtual map with compass, to free navigation over hill and dale. Practical and interesting if you times where staying where you are not familiar.

- Nokia Suite:

I know that many will find the accompanying software the Finns hideous, I, however, find them - except for the Media management - very good. What Do I need is simple and intuitive to use, updates will be communicated to the user via notification in the header bar immediately. Annoying: Optional updates such as Lotus Notes applications to appear as long as the notification line of Nokia Suite until it has installed.

- Browser

I've replaced by mobile operators, because the native browser is too fiddly. The good quality of the display makes it tiring to surf over a long period.

- E-mail

Very few complications: setting up and using the mail client program are very simple and user-friendly. I check my mail now almost exclusively only on the phone.

################# NEW ###############

- FM Transmitter

Because I want to take this opportunity to go into more detail on it, because I now often use this function and you do not want to miss. One can send their MP3 files on a small, built-in FM transmitter to any commercial radio and so also listen to the oldest devices its music files. I use this function in the car, in the kitchen and in the bedroom, at work and at parties :-) The transmitter switches off automatically when inactive player for about 1 minute, so that no unnecessary energy is consumed. Great and - for me - useful feature.

- VoIP

I've recently discovered and am thrilled: The N8 can use as a landline phone. A VoIP client program that you can download from the Nokia side, it makes possible. Big snag in the whole story: The establishment of this client is very awkward and really nothing for amateurs like me. I have indeed done, but has cost me a lot of time and nerves.


Now, after a year in my possession, I can make concrete statements about the N8. It's a really good smartphone, not quite up to date perhaps, but the multiple uses make it for me is still one of the best devices on the market. I am Nokia once gone strange and have regretted it bitterly. Devices like this are the reason why Nokia was once at the top. Devices like the Lumia 800 are the reason why they are no longer there. Who is what? Well ... for those who are accustomed to Nokia and be hard pressed to want to change the manufacturer. For those who find the Android wave does not matter. For those who are not prepared for an apple 800, - to pay ;-) For those looking for a versatile device that offers simple and intuitive operation by its (until the establishment of the VoIP client).

######## Edit from 23/01/2014 ########

Jeez ... is the guy for no end of his review?

However, he does ... this is definitely the last entry. I want to draw a résumé of the past two years with this device as it is, fortunately, to get still and the odd switching from "normal phone" on "Smartphone" perhaps more interested.

Briefly to the operating system hype: What makes a good operating system for me? It works, it is not (perceived) three days released an update, no longer run on the best still my favorite apps and especially, the operator of the system does not track any of my actions at every turn, unless I allow him.

The hardware of N8 is now simply no longer up to date. Surfing the Internet was the N8 two and a half years ago and perhaps even a revelation, today it is just awful - Lags without end. But that is not the operating system, but - as I said - on the somewhat in the tooths hardware.

For whom is this device nowadays else?

For those who want to put any bar of chocolate, which must be operated with both hands in your pocket, for those who value a handy camera with which you can shoot really good pictures, for all that simple to use a and extremely good Mp3 player want on their mobile phone, for those who do not want to put their cell phones every day to the chain (charge) and for those who do not want to be spied from the OS manufacturer.

Of the functionality here the N8 is still very good, the contrary is the performance - which is unfortunately sometimes really bad compared to modern devices.

In the meantime, I once tried out Windows Phone 8 am and returned to my N8 since Windows Phone for me is simply a disaster.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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