How much "Robot" the person needs

How much "Robot" the person needs

Dirt Devil M607 robotic vacuum Spider (17 watts, 0,27l dust container volume, 3 programs) black (household goods)

Customer Review

So the little helper is now a considerable time (half a year) in use and I can not hold against him really bad. The device is no substitute for actual vacuuming, is quite clear and is determined in more expensive devices in the description. But for a clean overall impression of the apartment he's great. He travels to randomly from the / the premises and thus reverses the crumbs and lint in its suction port. If it times more hair and fluff are then can sometimes clog the suction opening. He also displays via LED. It takes him simply, "head" up, and shake off the dirt (inside the container) down and on it goes. You do not need "radio beacons" for again 150, - to limit his Sauggebiet, one simply provides him any obstacle (doorstops, etc.) in the way and he turns around. He makes easy what to!
What was annoying in the beginning, is the washing of the (permanent) filter after Saugfahrt because this every time then left to dry again.
Eventually was also the flow (from the permanent filter) becoming thinner (by pluck the fluff after washing), so that one already, through him, the newspaper was able to read. Buy more permanent filter to expensive. Thought. Solution found. Have deducted the flow of the context of the permanent filter. I now take paper towel, place several layers one above the other, put the grid in the permanent filter, mark with 5mm overhang, then cut to it, in the middle still a hole for the "air flow" (formerly Mark). Then put the dirt tank into the machine. A sheet from cut paper towel Flies on (seiltlich everywhere something supernatant) then the grid, so which is the "permanent filter" on the paper of kitchen roll pinched laterally, cover up, finished. After "Saugrundgang" then simply take out containers, grids from "permanent filter" and remove everything, just as it is in the garbage. No more and finished washing the thing. Insert new paper towel, fetig.
Conclusion: Great value offer more "robotic" Nobody needs.

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May 30
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January 10
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March 14

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