I am absolutely delighted

I am absolutely delighted

TaoTronics LED sensor lamp night light with motion wall lamp wirelessly 3 pieces White

Customer Review

I have wireless LED receive the TaoTronics wall lamp night light with motion sensor for free as part of product testing. Contents of the package are 3 pieces. Batteries are not included, the application of the lamps is without cables.
The wall lamp is also a movement of the turns on when something moves from 4 meters in the field. The light is more indirect as it radiates downward or upward, depending on how to install it around. Nevertheless, it is bright enough to have good visibility at night. I have it mounted in the hallway and in the bathroom, another I have given as a middle Ster my neighbor who has the night light mounted in the hallway. For the night which is a really great idea, you can easily make light to walk past it and it will turn on automatically. After 30 seconds, it goes off automatically, saving batteries. The nightlight has the energy class A. The motion is powered by 4 AA batteries that reaches up to 7,200 uses. The dimensions of a night light are 7.5 x 7.5 x 2.5 cm. An optimal size in my opinion. The color of the case is white.
Attaching a night light is very simple. There is a holding device which can be glued or be drilled in the wall or the surface separately. Adhesive pads, screws and plugs are included with the package. I glued my in the hallway and in the bathroom. Then you can engage the night light and it keeps absolutely secure. The life span is about 50000 hours. In daylight they stay out and also saves energy again. The LED is permanently installed in the device. Before first use of the motion you have on the back, unscrew the two screws, remove the cover, insert the batteries and screw it again. Now the light is operational and also lights up immediately. A separate purchase or switch, there are not as automatically starts again. A lamp weighs about 358 g, making it fairly easy. My neighbor thought that was great as well and enjoys the night light in the hall. I give full marks because I am absolutely thrilled and at a very good price performance ratio. I highly recommend this night lights with integrated motion very happy to.

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