Idea: TOP!  - Implementation: disaster - Quality: Mies !!!

Idea: TOP! - Implementation: disaster - Quality: Mies !!!

Logitech Harmony SmartControl Hub + Remote Control Black (Accessories)

Customer Review

The first impression of the Smart Control was great! The case is well made and the packaging quality. The FB good grip but thin and very light. Connected everything was fast and then to set up the Smartphone. There was then already the first initial difficulties, the app is extremely slow and only what Patient. Well, the wireless connection is established, and then after several crashes of the Android app, I could set up my equipment. That was a Sharp LCD, a Dyon Raptor receiver, a Denon AVR-X2000, a Wii and a HTPC.

The TV, receiver and Denon amp and the Wii were quite comfortably designed. Lo and behold, the HUB, the Wii ansteueren via Bluetooth !! Geil! Then I had the first AHA effect of great macros. It's great with the 3 top buttons to turn all devices to watch TV or another.

Although the HTPC with a standard Windows Media FB went well but the way there was a bit rocky. In addition, I had a new USB Receiver buy the commands to transmit Stable me. RC6 Infrared Receiver is the keyword = just google as needed. But after buying the RC6 receiver I could arrange everything according to my wishes and serve.

After days of "feineinrichten" the key assignments and personal wishes and the operability, setting via the PC was very simple. The app was no longer used because too slow and confusing set up. The development of the app would Logitech can save! About the computer and USB but it was quite good though somewhat cumbersome.
After nearly two weeks then really everything went as desired and I was absolutely thrilled by the part. Even my critical friend had letzenendes befriended them and then could but understand the investment. So all right, I thought ....

Then pressed after another week the handle to FB, macro button for TV .... and nothing happens. No device turns on. Repeatedly pressing did not change this. So the cabinet with the equipment and to my amazement, the Hub's the LED lights no longer which is usually green. By the way: The hub has no off function!
So get out and plug back in, stroke restarts (LED red) and goes into operation (green LED) works briefly and immediately goes back to red and nothing works. Another try did not change this state.

So call Amazon, 1 day later receive replacement (Top Service) and get back to installing new equipment. Oh my God so much work! But lo and behold: Logitech has a function to transfer an existing config to a new Hub! Great Thing. So done, replaced the old hardware and stroke back to the senders. All good again, an electrical device can indeed times break.

But once I thought .... After a further 3 weeks then exactly the same symptom! Hub OFF = no function, stroke = short restart goes, stroke goes back out, etc.
So Logitech called. The service could not associate this symptom and goes out of a hardware defect.
FYI: I had until then not used the supplied AC adapter but the Hub powered directly from a powered USB hub with tension which in addition to the savings of a power supply unit also had the advantage that I had to reposition any cable while optimizing the Hub device and key assignment. This Notice also got the Logitech service. I thought maybe I produce as a loss for ex. By potential equalization or the like. The Logitech service but confirmed the operation through a USB hub should be straightforward.

So again contacted Amazon and asked a replacement. However, this was denied because the error already occurs for the second time. It would be an agent to take care of the customer to better satisfy you.
After about a week I would receive then the following email from Amazon:

"The complaining following article" Logitech Harmony Remote Control Smart black "has been reviewed and is again available for purchase, as now deliverable copies now meet our high standard requirements."

As well what seems to have been in the bush. So the Smart Control appointed for the third time, and as provided by Amazon accustomed quickly. Again transfer the Config (from the Logitech web interface on the new Hub) and happy about the function. This time I have refrained from the power supply via the USB hub and the included power supply used for permanent power supply. Just to really be sure.

Then yesterday again exactly the same symptom as in the first two Hub's !!!! No longer function! Permanent restarting, I have really no desire for this product! It is now definitely go back without a replacement and I hope a good FB from another manufacturer to find.

Actually a pity because the concept only the product is really convincing halt not. It would be great if Logitech would deliver a solid product, and everything possible is teething as pointless and lame app slow and this strange symptom would take seriously similar to mine.

very handy 19 Rank: 5/5
April 28
Super sub - now even cheaper! Rank: 5/5
August 7
excellent. Easy installation. Rank: 5/5
September 8
Wooden missing some body Rank: 3/5
August 15
Totally inneficace Rank: 1/5
April 14
Tintin Volume XVIII Rank: 5/5
February 7

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