Incomplete and whimsical

Incomplete and whimsical

Sinitier easily Tarot de Marseille (Paperback)

Customer Review

This book is incomplete, and fanciful, especially as regards the methods of tarot card readings with interpretations ... When major blades, they are correct, but it lacks the minor blades!
Simply put: this book offers an interpretation of the main blades, forget the minor blades. And half the book is devoted to very whimsical prints.

Prefer the book Corinne Morel, Shooting and interpreting the tarot of Marseille, which is in Bussiere editions, which costs less and is much more successful, concise, clear, precise, detailed.
In addition, then, there is the same author of Tarot Guide.

These books basically used to learn the basics of interpretation, but do not forget that the key is to forge his own conviction about the tarot, its own way of doing things, and even I think, his own method of draw! These are not fanciful drawings of Mrs. Decourtay that will revolutionize your learning tarot ...

Book to avoid as possible. Look to others as much as possible.

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January 12
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November 26
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December 25

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