Incredibly good and compact.  Plus: compared to Sony NEX5N

Incredibly good and compact. Plus: compared to Sony NEX5N

Sony DSC-RX100 Cyber-shot digital camera (20 megapixels, optical zoom 3.6x, 7.6 cm (3 inch) display, fast aperture. 28 - 100 mm zoom lens F1.8 - 4.9, Full HD image stabilized) (Electronics)

Customer Review

After 4 months and over 10,000 photos:
The Sony RX-100 is a small and light Einsteckkamera with superior image quality, especially in low light.

+) Fast lens
+) Very practical zoom range of 28-100 mm (KB)
+) Very good Sweep Panorama
+) Incredibly good photos in low light, especially with the "Hand-held Twilight" (or multi-frame noise reduction, which is the same). The RX-100 surpasses the dark all I had previously, eg the SLR Sony A55.
+) Very convenient: you can immediately and with one touch control of the image you just took in 8-fold magnification and the same previous to the last images. This is awesome for quick image review and comparison. For all other cameras have to always first switch to playback, then zoom in ...
+) Pleasant colors, which I for my taste with automatic white balance (AWB) and correction: A2G1 work.

Only Na Yes:
The many programs and gimmicks that only confuse and bring in practice little benefit. The only thing I really use now and then is the Sweep Panorama and HDR 6,0EV. The camera shoots at 6.0 HDR three photos with exposure -6 / 0 / + 6 EV and expects that at a photo together in the then all parts of the picture are correctly exposed as possible. Thus one can bridge extreme differences in contrast. In addition, the camera saves this from a photo with normal exposure and if the effect is not desired fails you can still fall back on this. Disadvantage: objects in the image are to ghosting.

-) No electronic viewfinder, not even plugged possible. This is the most serious drawback for me. Because in bright sun can also be seen on the truly excellent display almost anything and you shoot blind.
-) The RX100 is not to operate in the dark, because when adjusting the Programmrads the display will not show which program you are. Therefore: take flashlight!
-) Design unfortunately took precedence over practicality: The camera is slippery in the hand and sometimes not palpated to the flat and presses trigger somewhere next to it. This I did several times in quick situations the right moment missed. The trigger was supposed to be slightly arched upward so you can feel for him clear.
-) No swivel monitor. But perhaps that is required in terms of size too.

Compared to NEX5 with kit lens:
I have the RX100 compared to my Sony NEX5N. And what looks like an unfair comparison on first brought amazing results:

+) The RX100 comes in low light thanks to powerful lens with far lower ISO values, and the photos of the RX100 are in practice, therefore, less noise than from the NEX5N but have less depth of field. For if, for example, manages the RX100 with ISO250 takes NEX5N already ISO1000 and rushes correspondingly more.

+) The RX100 has more zoom than the kit lens of NEX5N.
+) The display of the RX100 is a kick brighter. But in bright sunlight you can see no good and no later than because you'd like a EVF, which can be plugged in NEX5N least.
+) The RX100 will start more quickly because the NEX5N VERY slowly, ever with attached EVF switching on the NEX5N is really almost unreasonably long.
+) Flash is always there in the RX100 - although me the Lightning in NEX5N not once () has gone off.
+) The RX100 triggers silently.
+) The RX100 has an electronic level.
+) The RX100 has better structured menus and is clearer to use.
+) The RX100 has 3 user memory. The NEX5N knows not something.
+) When RX100 the battery can be charged via USB in the camera = advantage if you want to travel with minimal luggage, because a small USB plug is sufficient.
+) = Closed camera sensor less dust risk. That was pretty important for example in India.
+) 20MP bring something more details.
+) RX100 has improved panorama function. Because the NEX5N can only make panoramas in bright sunlight. In bad light the NEX5N slow shutter speeds takes so that the individual images are blurred when panning. The RX100, however, goes to the sensitivity up to ensure short exposure times.

Overall, the RX100 surpasses the NEX5N in important ways and at the same time fits into your pocket. That surprised me.

Sarah's gas Rank: 4/5
February 2
Class product! 11 Rank: 5/5
April 18
Quitscht and is too bright Rank: 2/5
February 28
Socks as expected Rank: 5/5
December 14

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