ingenious instrument and toy for the whole family

ingenious instrument and toy for the whole family

Medisana FTN infrared clinical thermometer (Personal Care)

Customer Review

+ Quickly ready for operation (about 3 seconds)
+ Very fast measurement (1 second)
+ Ideal for babies and toddlers
+ Suitable for liquids and objects
+ Noncontact measuring just in diseases very convenient (not disinfected must be cleaned or, requires no disposable measuring cap)
+ Works with AAA batteries Standard

= Measuring differences occur, but move about within the specified limits (+/- 0.2 degrees) when the right fairs followed (eg immediately after exercise, excitement or food fairs) the instructions; but is similar in all digital devices and a verschmerzbarer disadvantage only better alternative would measure only 10 minutes by mercury;
= The blue light beam in the measurement can be irritating

- The beeping of the instrument is really loud, annoying and unnecessary, sleeping children (hence a point deduction, because not quite perfect) raises slightly to
- Available depending on the day make the Amazon website times to Austria, sometimes not

For the creation of 0.1 degree accurate temperature profiles probably unusable, but perfectly suited to assess the degree of fever in children about where an accuracy of 0.3-0.5 degrees is sufficient, therefore, clear recommendation, because ingenious tool and toys for the whole family

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March 14
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December 23
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May 11
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November 3

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