Integration into an existing Powerline network remains a mystery

Integration into an existing Powerline network remains a mystery

Netgear XAVN2001-100PES wireless N Powerline Network Adapter (200Mbps over power line, 300Mbps WLAN, 1 Fast Ethernet ports) (Accessories)

Customer Review

To expand my existing Powerline "network" consisting of the well-functioning set XAVB2602-100GRS Powerline AV + 200 Nano Dual-port, this Wireless Extender should now be added. Perhaps the installation is designed for professional network engineers a no-brainer, but I did not succeed in this part despite call to the friendly and paid Netgear bring hotline up and running. So even after I have installed the current configuration software and reset the good part, the part disappeared from the Set Up screen, when I joined the other two parts to the electrical outlet.
So easy it was to bring the original set XAVB2602-100GRS Powerline AV + 200 Nano Dual-port to run, so it was impossible to include this part.

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