Interesting for Japanese Literaire, not suitable for daily Japanese

Interesting for Japanese Literaire, not suitable for daily Japanese

Japanese Manekineko: Japanese method for secondary schools (Paperback)

Customer Review

my situation: I live in Japan, I work jp I learned it alone jp.

Grammar: relatively clear explanations, but the Japanese grammatical function will not be presented in its entirety in many cases, so it will not be possible to understand it in some situations

vocabulary clearly based on the literary Japanese, it's simply impossible to hold a basic conversation in daily life based on learning only this book

Kanji: surprising approach: part of kanji is taken for granted and so there is not the furigana, the other part of kanji considered not known will have its pronunciation furigana in the first reading only, impossible to play rehearsal context for learning reading

Finally, an interesting book to read to review from time to time grammar bases and play a bit different texts, but not suitable for learning Japanese communication.
The minna no nihongo I feel is most suitable for Francophone even though I have not hooked at all. If you are English-speaking, even using the "A Dictionary of Basic / Intermediate Japanese Grammar" really are a level above.

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