Irreplaceable for Prime members.  With Kodi / XBMC and Sky Go the almost perfect Streaming Stick

Irreplaceable for Prime members. With Kodi / XBMC and Sky Go the almost perfect Streaming Stick

Fire TV Stick (Electronics)

Customer Review

Thanks to the great offer of Amazon, I have the FireTV stick can be ordered for 19 in advance. With such a good price, I did not have to think twice if I stick this now for my second TV use (Have the normal Fire TV box already in the living room). Previously I had done rather well by adult experience with the chromium cast who could never convince me.

I already own the Amazon Fire TV box and have had very good experience with this. On this I have installed Kodi (formerly XBMC) and use it to stream in my home network and to use the content of Amazon Prime.
The Fire TV stick to my second TV supply, so that I have without having to spend a lot of money in this similar conditions.
I also own a Kindle Fire HDX, which I look for movies on the go use (bus, train, passenger and abroad thanks download function)
I have a connection with Telekom Hybrid 2.3MB / s DSL and additional 50MB / s LTE.

It was very easy to set up the stick. Simply Stick connect and then follow with the remote control to pre-established steps. After setting up the WLAN's can already use the stick and the content of Prime enjoy (if you have an account).
All very easy and to make even for people with two left hands without problem.
Duration of about 10 minutes.

Apart from the actual Fire TV Stick the box still contains the USB cable + power supply and the remote control including the necessary batteries (AAA). For TVs that have too little space to the rear also is still an HDMI extension at, so that the drive does not have to be right on the TV

- Annual rate
- Much cheaper than Fire TV Box although few concessions are made
- Low noise
- Dual Band WLAN. Faster data transfer possible via the WLAN.
- Has a remote control (Chromecast has not)
- Good in conjunction with the Kindle Fire HDX
- Easy to use
- Streaming works very well
- In the menu you can see Prime immediately what content is included free subscription (was in the beginning with the Fire TV Box is not so)
- My Videos can be uploaded to the cloud storage to which can be accessed from anywhere
- You can play games with (even without the controller) and is addressed to little players (A console can not replace the stick, of course)
- Can also be taken on trips and used (Prime but operates only within Germany and Austria)
- Power supply also possible without USB thanks to the supplied AC adapter
- Kindle Fire compatibility. You can use the Kindle as an additional screen with additional information and send films from Kindle to FireTV to look at her there

- No DLNA standard in it! The app Plex is not good here, because the video jerky. To stream best solution for me to watch movies from a server is definitely Kodi / XBMC

- No voice search with remote control as with the Fire TV Box
- Normal Universallfernbedienungen not work on this unit because no infrared is used for data transmission
- Slower than Fire TV Box
- Very heavy Amazon and little support from other vendors
- Compatibility issues with older Android devices
- User interface. In general, the user interface is a bit boring. I'm missing something, the precipitated and a black background makes the whole thing even better.
- No optical output for sound.

Compared with Chromecast:
First, here the question arises, what streaming service they use. Both devices are extremely capable but the Fire TV Stick is clearly designed to Amazon Prime customers and Chrome Cast to Watch Ever, Sky Snap and Maxdome customers. Netflix support both, Sky Go innately no (but can be installed as described below on the Firestick).
One advantage of FireTV sticks is that it can also be operated via the included remote control which chromium Cast can only be operated via a mobile phone, tablet, PC etc.
The Fire TV is significantly easier to use than the chrome cast that for people who have no idea of ​​technology, very can cause great problems.
Normally, the chromium cast is slightly cheaper but does this also significantly poorer HADWARE (only single-core processor, half of memory (512MB to 1GB), less flash memory (2GB to 8GB), only one WLAN antenna, no Dolby Digital sound, no remote control ). If only for the remote control of small charge would be justified
In short: Who uses neither Watch Ever, max cathedrals or Sky Snap should pick up the Fire TV Stick.

Compared with Fire TV Box:
The box is the stick technically superior (faster thanks to quad-core, includes a voice search, more memory, more memory, Ethernet interface, more games) but the costs accordingly more.
The stick is easier on the go (hotel, take in relatives, friends).
In short: If you want to save money and can do without the additional functions (Ethernet, better games) should buy the stick. Otherwise, I think that, as for me it is perfect to have the stick for the bedroom and the box in the living room

Compared to Apple TV:
However, easy to use very limited. A rather slow system that pays only in conjunction with other Apple products.

Compared with SmartTV:
The problem is again that there is no anything can and one is forced a significant spend more money to the TV to have the the SmartTV has that you need (apps etc.). Here more charge is due before the 99 Euro which costs a FireTV quickly. The only advantage here is that you have a remote control less. However, since most speakers are operated with phone also raises the question whether the fact that one's worth.

Comparison with Playstation / Xbox:
Bring only partially the functions of the stick with them because their main focus is on the games. Furthermore, they play well priced in a completely different league and the power consumption is also significantly higher. The operation with a controller is not intuitive.

Compared with PC:
Sure, you can also depend on his PC or laptop to the TV and the movies / series stream but this is the most power-hungry, space blocking most and loudest variant of all.

Compared with Rassperry Pi:
A programmable minicomputer. For techies offers this alternative, however, a normal mortal rather not deal with.

Since many do not know how to Kodi brings the FireTV here a guide:

Installing XBMC / Kodi:

1. ADB debugging activate (Settings-> System-> Developer options)
2. IP address write (Settings-> System-> About)
3. Download On the website of Kodi (.tv) the latest version of Android-ARM (approximately 60MB)
4. Download the Amazon App FireTV Utility program on the website of Chip (about 30MB)
5. Zip file of the Amazon FireTV Utility app in C: unzip and start the exe
6. The IP address of FireTV register (File-> Settings) / normal debugging mode active
7. Now select the main window under Select the .apk file from the downloaded Kodis
8. press the button sideload. It will open a new window and the app is installed (may take some time)
9. Kodi is now installed can only be called in the menu but (applications-> All installed Apps> Manage Kodi-> app start)
Bring *** Kodi on the home screen
10. Download the Amazon Appstore app Ikono TV
11. Click in the Amazon FireTV Utility app on the main page and select Install Llama Llama as event Link XBMC to ikono TV and Replace ikono TV icon with Kodi icon
12. Llame app on FireTV start (applications-> All installed Apps> Manage llama> app start)
Add New Rule 13 (bottom right in the app + click)
14. Condition Add-> Active application-> Select IkonoTV
15. Event Add-> Application -Disconnect> Ikono TV Select
16. Event Add-> Application starten- Select> Kodi

In steps 10-16, the logo was changed to now the logo of Kodi and made sure that when you open this app, it will be closed immediately and the Kodi app starts at the App IkonoTV.
Now you have a very powerful media player which allows to play her everything you can what you want. NAS systems are also recognized and played without jerking.

The Firestick has play innately no way Sky Go. With a few steps, this, like Kodi be installed, so you can watch the program of Sky also next to the Bundesliga. A fee Sky account is of course required for this purpose.

Installation of Sky Go with an Android smartphone / tablet:

1. Sky Go APK 1.1 (important! Subsequent APK files do not work!) Googling and download.
2. Download Download the apps AGK Fire (ksotenlos) and Tasker (2.99) in the Play Store
3. FireTV Stick and Android device must be in the same Wi-Fi
4. ADB debugging activate (Settings-> System-> Developer options)
5. IP address write (Settings-> System-> About)
6. AGK Open Fire app on your phone and enter the IP address under IP Address Fire TV
7. Select the app now to Tasker and Sky Go app and select Install on the On Fire TV and install.
8. App is now called (Settings-> Applications-> Manage all installed Apps)
9. Twice click OK and click Profiles + and App
10. Select Sky Go app and choose app selection on the New Task
11. Possibly enter code 280
12. Again, select + and run behind the button Code Shell click.
13. Run command on the display density 280
14. Dial from task edit add an arrow starting Task
15. Dial from New Task 320 and +
16. However, from step 12 to repeat the run with command-density display 320
17. Edit Action and Edit Action pbernehmen the settings and it will be streamed with FullHD (HD Rady causes crashes)
18 Go About Home button back to the main menu and the Sky Go app launch (Settings-> Applications-> Manage all installed Apps)
19. In order to meet the app better the app Remote Mouse for Fire TV is required (1.76 in Amazon App Store)
20 video resolution to 1080p filters (Settings-> Sound and Screen> Screen> Video Resolution)
21 app as open up and login normally.

Now Sky Go should run relatively stable. Since this was not provided, however, so there may be still to errors.


Q: How can I prevent my children content on the stick buy?
A: You can enter a PIN number, which must be entered with each purchase (Settings-> Parental Control).

Q: Is a Prime account to be able to use necessary to the stick?
A: No it is not. You can use, for example, only Netflix or the libraries that are included. It is also possible to use the stick just as convenient console to play games. For this purpose, however, an Amazon account is required to play to buy

Q: Does it cost Netflix extra?
Not included yes for Netflix to be paid extra and is: A

Q: Can I use the stick without an Internet connection?
A: No. An internet connection is mandatory and there is no way content on the stick to store and play back later.

Q: Can I download apps from the Google Play Store?
A: No this is not possible, however, you can also invite a lot of apps on the Amazon store and this offer is constantly being expanded.

Q: What brings a Amazon Prime membership?
A: With the Amazon Prime membership, you can 3,000 films and 10,000 series episodes streaming free. In addition, shipping is free at and you have not come across the border 29. Anyone who owns a Kindle can also access the lending library. Images can be saved to a free and unlimited online storage.

Q: How much does a Prime membership?
A: currently 49 per year (approximately 4 per month)

Q: What are streaming services are supported?
A: In addition to Amazon Prime Instant Netflix is ​​also supported. Watch Ever, max cathedrals and Sky Snap are not supported yet. Sky Go can be retrofitted with a trick (see above).

Q: Do I need to use a new TV to this stick?
A: Yes and no. It does not have 3D UHD Smart TV but his is an HDMI interface basic requirement. This is in almost every flat available (only the first FlachTV's had only Scart connection)

Q: I have no free HDMI interface can I use the stick anyway?
A: A looping the signal is not possible. However, there are adapters that make up a HDMI interface two.

Q: Can I supply the Fire TV Stick into the USB port on my TV?
A: Probably not. In contrast to the chrome Cast Fire TV Stick the energy of a standard USB interface is not sufficient. Therefore, one needs an outlet for this device.

If you want to give away the stick they have to remember that it will automatically be linked in the delivery with your account!

In short:
Who has an Amazon Prime membership comes to this stick almost not around it. The operation is easier than with an app on Smart TV and you get quick and easy to view videos in good quality.

I hope I could help a bit in the purchasing decision. I know that I myself do not all white, therefore you can give me like Comments so I can adapt and improve the review. Likewise, I try like to answer your questions and keep the review date.

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It does not work! 60 Rank: 1/5
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