is supplied without consumables - result perfectly

is supplied without consumables - result perfectly

Peach Drahtbinde- and Schliessgerät - PB300-11, A4, up to 45 pages (Office supplies & stationery)

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Who, for example, has a color laser printer can create the Peach tinker quickly own photo calendars with wire bonding.

Admittedly, the device is color-settled rather in the kitchen area as in the office - beautiful is different! But when one has once incorporated, to succeed a perfect presentation folders, calendars and bound and similar print products in no time.

Previously, I had but to me only the set: Peach PW064-07 Drahtbindeset for 20 documents, A4, 60 pieces ordered with 20 combs, transparent front 20 films, and the 10 black and white backs. Because the device is unfortunately of consumables at nothing.

The next hurdle was then the manual. She may be illustrated in color, just as where it matters - namely how to correctly installed the wire into the machine, and how do I add the paper in these rings - is the picture so small and out of focus, that the imagination no limits , Even phrases like: "Make sure that the small rings point to the front." (What does that indicate a ring forward - which is around ...) Rather, this annular collar has an opening on one side, and as it would have been good if I had known where to show after this opening .. But well - learning by doing.

First the leaves are perforated. According to the manual never as 6 sheets (copy paper) at one time, which is understandable because these are indeed exactly rectangular look behind and not somehow frayed. Best If tried without previous times with a single blank sheet, you get a sense of where you invest the page. One can, incidentally, also bind to the short side. For this you have then later cut only the wire ring with small pliers.

If one has now punched all the leaves and so merged with the holes clean fit over each other, commitment one of the binding rings (there are also separart in silver, black and white: Peach PW064-01 wire comb A4, 6 mm, 45 sheets, 100 pieces, silver), so that it is fixed on the Haltestiftchen. I had thereby decided on the variant "opening up", and then the individual stacks of paper - two times 6 pieces, carefully drawn in my case over the ring openings. After that, the (detained at both ends), placed again under the printing press, and compressed gently with the lever, so that the rings close. DONE!

Already my first copy was visually perfect bound.

Conclusion: The function of the unit is impeccable. One must reckon with how often you need something because the consumables, and even are not cheap, of course.

From me there would have been 5 stars, but would then have at least a minimum should be accompanied by material for "the first time", as well as a guide to good to be recognized drawings / photos by inserting the rings, and the loading paper in the rings , (Maybe the manufacturer can "rectify" here)

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January 29
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