It is still the best quiz game for adults!

It is still the best quiz game for adults!

Mattel V9913 - Bezzerwizzer, Quiz Game (Toy)

Customer Review

What do you want to write a product to almost everything has been said, it is in my opinion still the best quiz game and even the most demanding, the currently available on the market. So many questions about so much topics there are rare, human, policy on food & beverage, sports, language and religion, a huge range of challenging questions, all questions have level! However, some questions about religion are also quite solve by completely disinterested religion, I have proudly certainly be able to answer a dozen questions on fashion, although I am familiar because no meter.
Pulling the threads out of the bag and completely into play matching Zusatzszteine ​​as the exchange Joker or "I know the solution of the question which I read just" stone make the game easy around!
From experience the game in teams is the most fun, because you as wonderfully complements. Even the queries in bed at night without Schedule has what one learns and always has the 'wow' factor. Where: The only small gripe: The answers are not always explained, I am looking for the needle in a haystack, but some responses could be explained in more detail.
And, there is only very rarely Multiple Choice, which makes the game wiegesagt extremely demanding, and the few multiple choice usually can only guess at.

The game has a permanent place in my / our collection and it will also always have, because there is no world comes the wonder Sortivity, saves millions and so ran, in scope only the quiz of the 20th century, but not with can keep up the fun factor, but the question scope loose trumps!

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