12 in 1 multicooker moulinex


  • Recipes on USB stick for Multicooker Moulinex Cookeo  

    Seb XA600100 USB Key 25 Recipes of the World (Kitchen)
    World 25 recipes to add to your Multicooker Cookeo Moulinex, there to plug the key and voila, recommend seller
  • Recipes on USB stick for Multicooker Moulinex Cookeo 1  

    Seb XA600000 USB Key 25 Mediterranean Recipes (Kitchen)
    25 Mediterranean recipes to add to your MOULINEX Multicooker Cookeo, there to plug the key and voila, recommend seller
  • Multicooker moulinex  

    Multicooker Intelligent Moulinex Cookeo CE7011 - Quick Pressure cooking - 6L tank for 1-6 people - culinary guide and interactive digital display (Kitchen)
    Received quickly, consistent with the description. Personally, after trying to pdt steam and roulades manual, perfect fashion. Preheat a bit long for my taste. You can put 8 paupiettes standard.1kg forms of potatoes into pieces cooked 14mn.Le only co
  • Moulinex AT712G crusher ...  

    Moulinex AT712G shredder Multi Moulinette (household goods)
    I have the Moulinex constantly thrilled in use and am. My big food processor I do not need, I've rarely used. The Moulinex crushed everything effortlessly. You can quickly clean again, not so much accessories are required and is also space-saving. Du

    Kettle Moulinex Subito BY540510 Red / Stainless Steel (Kitchen)
    Frankly I recommend this kettle by its design, its color its price it is perfect warm-up time is quick and with a spout off no projection of boiling water when I poured. Congratulations Moulinex.
  • Moulinex chopper  

    AT710131 Moulinex Mini Multi chopper Moulinette White / Red (Size: 13 x 13 x 27 cm) (Kitchen)
    why did I choose the Moulinex brand? because she is indefatigable and indestructible - my previous chopper Moulinex was 11.5 years - I broke the jar out of the dishwasher (if I would serve me yet) more than a mini chopper in view of its capacity: 500
  • super this set moulinex  

    Chopper and Blender Moulinex Moulinette A327R1 (Kitchen)
    I once had this super strong roping and had given it because I bought the complete robot moulinex but I Regrete my old mill for ice cubes and crushed praline, so I was very happy to find it in more with the blender, which is very practical, the quali
  • Indispensable complement the yogurt maker Moulinex  

    Moulinex Yogurt A14A03 7 Pots Glass Lid Yogurta White (Kitchen)
    Never to be short, it is essential to acquire this set of complementary pots yogurt maker Moulinex. They are identical to those supplied with the yogurt maker. Solid glass jars. Little more convenient: it can indicate the date of manufacture or the f
  • Promises, aptly named Multicooker  

    Philips HD3037 / 03 Multicooker 12 cooking programs 5l tank 980W (Kitchen)
    I use this Philips Multicooker for less than two weeks. I have not tested all cooking methods, but those used gave me satisfaction. The unit is not too cumbersome in terms of everything he does and he offers a pretty simple and modern design. The das
  • Multicooker  

    Moulinex MK705110 Multicooker Traditional Red 12 in 1 L 5 (Kitchen)
    I put four stars because the information is a bit simple. It is regrettable that there are only a few recipes in the book. Otherwise the device is easy to maintain. I made a Burgundian, soups, artichokes, cinnamon apples, it's great. I adapted to cur

    Moulinex blender DDG15141 Marie Robot (Kitchen)
    The Moulinex robot marie includes all accessories needed to puree the soup and the egg whites (details missing in the description). It happened in a very short time. Everything was perfect. Thank you
  • Cone moulinex  

    Moulinex XF921501 Scratch Cone Potatoes Fresh Express (Kitchen)
    Complete range of perfectly cone for fresh moulinex express. very easy to use and practice recommandr for owners of camera
  • Multicooker SIMEO  

    Simeo QC 340 Delicook Steamer (Kitchen)
    That's 4 months since I bought this Multicooker. I'm happy with my purchase, I get better and better to use it easily. As against the recipe book provided is not better. There I had to search for other recipes to use 2-3 times a week, and I realize t
  • Kettle moulinex noumea  

    Kettle Moulinex BY301231 Noumea Yellow 1.7L (Kitchen)
    I bought this to replace the kettle fuillait that after five years of service. Brand meme, meme color. The news did some junk at first glance, it looks like the "made in china". It works very well & as fast as the old. The color is a little
  • jug moulinex subito  

    FH900110 Black Jug Moulinex Subito for coffee (Kitchen)
    carafe corresponding entirely to the model of coffee moulinex subito, replacing the one that was broken.
  • Moulinex mouline it!  

    Moulinex K1010114 Salad Spinner (Kitchen)
    Friendly, efficient, Moulinex. Robust and well designed, very cheap prices, much stronger than my previous whose handle is broken.
  • Intelligent Multicooker  

    Multicooker Intelligent Moulinex Cookeo CE7011 - Quick Pressure cooking - 6L tank for 1-6 people - culinary guide and interactive digital display (Kitchen)
    this device resembles a pressure cooker but with a nice design and especially the fact that Multicooker own little kitchen for us to put him the necessary ingredients! the use is a good device but not for all! rice for example not cooked enough and s
  • Multicooker 1  

    Riviera & Bar QD285A Virtuo Cooker Inox Satin (Kitchen)
    Excellent Multicooker, fast, convenient. I highly recommend it. Whether or risotto dishes in sauce, it's perfect.
  • Moulinex Juicer Elea Vegetables and Citrus  

    Moulinex JU385H10 Elea Duo Juicer Citrus Press and Silver (Kitchen)
    Raw vegetable juice amateur I recommend this device to practice and vegetable juices for health. This is the 3rd or 4th I buy since 2000. The design of this device is improving from year to year: easy to clean, highly efficient extraction. This is ju
  • Moulinex CE4000 Pressure Cooker, electric, 6 liters  

    Moulinex CE4000 Pressure Cooker, electric, 6 liters
    The Moulinex is extremely convenient and the food (especially beef / stew) is really great. He is, however, comparatively expensive to clean. The lid consists of 4 parts, the rubber seals are not hold in the long run. High otherwise a high quality pr