4.4.2 games


  • Great game  

    LYNE (App)
    Great game for in between. As easy as the first levels are so tricky to the higher level. Caution: highly addictive. Inter Santer sound.
  • Super Game  

    LYNE (App)
    Seems simple at first, but is very challenging fast. Extremely entertaining game. 4 stars because of the worst battery eater is I have installed.
  • Pretty good, but not addictive. For a good casual game  

    LYNE (App)
    When Lyne similar symbols must be miteinanderverkettet, the start / end links are given. Some of the chain must be performed on nodes, often several times. A simple game principle that probably already deduced from the screenshots. But sometimes incu
  • Simples but challenging puzzle game with minimalist graphics  

    LYNE (App)
    There are several squares and triangles. The aim is to connect all the triangles with each other and to connect all the squares together in such a way that the paths of the two bodies do not cross. At first this is very simple and easy. But the arran
  • Nice game for in between  

    LYNE (App)
    Lyne is a nice Denkspielchen in between, if you sit in the car and want to pass the time. Me it could not captivate excessively long, but maybe I'm not stayed long enough on the ball. So I think the normal price a little too high, but otherwise techn
  • Racing game paradise for motor racing and Fans  

    Project CARS - [Playstation 4] (Video Game)
    Project Cars is here! First of all: Who has played GT, NFS or Forza and it was class should change enormously. Project Cars is tough, hardly forgives mistakes and sets nich at Bling Bling with great trappings as Tunning with spoiler and neon, victory
  • A good game!  

    Hitman GO (App)
    A good game! What I, however, lacks the challenge and opportunity is both to eliminate the target person as well as to pick up the briefcase inside the maximum allowed number of moves. A little history on the respective contracts would not hurt to le
  • Beautiful and tricky strategy game  

    Hitman GO (App)
    which for finding a solution, the brainpower calls pretty, but the way it should be. The degree of difficulty increases continually. This game gets to me a very clear recommendation to buy, especially for the currently offered here Price 0.79 €. It's
  • Logic game in the Hitman robe  

    Hitman GO (App)
    At the core is in "Hitman GO" to a turn-based logic game with very clearly laid rules and many short levels that need to be resolved with much deliberation and sometimes a little trial-and-error. Various mission objectives provide little va
  • The most beautiful game I've ever played  

    Monument Valley (App)
    Too bad that this game is so short, but it's certainly not easy to develop such a thing. I rarely spend money on games, there are plenty of free on Amazon. Here I have done but for me € 1.79 for enlargement, because already the first ten levels made
  • nice game after work  

    Monument Valley (App)
    I've downloaded the game due to the many positive reviews and because the preview has made me curious. It is built really great, something I've not seen before. The background music is somehow reassuring. I'm looking forward to a second part, if the
  • Great puzzle game  

    Monument Valley (App)
    Monument Valley is a very entertaining puzzle game that challenges one to constantly think outside the box - in the truest sense of the word! You have to change the perspective and the perspective that is always to find the right way. That makes a lo
  • Very nice game!  

    Monument Valley (App)
    In the game is about to perform a little princess by 10 different, very lovingly designed level. The controls are very simple; you tap on a (achievable) point and the princess runs off. Several levers and moving blocks etc. provide some quite tricky,
  • Super Game 1  

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (App)
    Very good card game, in which one does not necessarily have to invest money. Blizzard is as very fair and plan to invest the € 0 allows people a complete game with all the possibilities. Of course you can get better faster cards by money and thus has
  • Super Game but shaky App  

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (App)
    I'm quite a fan of Warcraft, therefore, obvious that I wanted to try Hearthstone. From the game itself, I am absolutely convinced, however, the Amazon app has yet to make a fundamental error of the game hardly more than 10 minutes to play. Namely, th
  • Review on Game of Thrones: Episode 1 Iron from Ice  

    Game Of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series (App)
    The level of Game of Thrones - Episode 1 Iron from Ice raises the bar of telltales story-driven games, not higher, it makes them but at least as much fun as other games of the developer. Especially the conflicts that have arisen in the course of the
  • Best game but ...  

    Townsmen Premium (App)
    Unfortunately the update otherwise 5 star is not yet otherwise it is the best strategy game for mobile phones and tablets
  • Detail enamored addictive game  

    Townsmen Premium (App)
    I myself have never really believed that it is possible to obtain for mobile phones such an ingenious construction game that extent requires absolutely no additional cost. The 79 cents it was worth to hide me advertising completely and since then the
  • Nice game, but unstable  

    The Settlers 7 (computer game)
    The online compulsion of Settlers 7 has been beautifully discussed much. I myself find this understandable and not so dramatic, because I mainly play settler home, and because I have a fast Internet connection. After about 2-3 days play my assessment
  • Good game for common knots  

    Hasbro 98831100 - Twister - Edition 2012 (Toys)
    I think everyone knows the game in the knot announcement on several people to. This refers, of course, Twister. I think it's great and it is a real alternative to the classic board game. Super Certainly not every day but at a funny troupe or as Kleib