abus combiloop 205 200 cable lock adjust


  • Solid cable lock for everyday use  

    Master Lock padlock combination cable, LKM8143 (equipment)
    The Master Lock Street Quantum is a solid cable lock for everyday Use. Thanks to a four-digit number, the lock can schlüsellos and easy to open and reseal. Unfortunately, the four-digit number combination is not individually adjustable. One must ther
  • Cable lock with a given combination  

    Master Lock padlock combination cable, LKM8143 (equipment)
    As the title suggests, it is a cable lock. By default reel can be kept very compact. I use it on the stroller to permanently connect the (removable) top and wheels together - attending the prescribed reel is useful because the cable thereby virtually
  • Good workmanship, the cable locks into place!  

    HQ Audio extension cable (jack plug to jack clutch) 5 m (accessories)
    Use the cable primarily as an extension for a headset. The sound quality is good, difficult to assess whether that is now better than inexpensive renewals. The key point for me is the processing of the cable. If you reinsteckt the cable it engages co
  • Cable Lock  

    Kryptonite Schlaufenkabel Kryptoflex 220 cm, 10 mm, 3500016 (Automotive)
    I use the strap lock for a while now and have to say that I did not regret the purchase. Etc. A good addition to a padlock to its wheels, saddle, other cycles secure. I was important to secure the length of 2.20m to both wheels. The framework I'm sur
  • Cheap charging cable with individual cable length adjustment (not for SAMSUNG !!!)  

    mumbi Universal Micro USB Car Charger 5V 500mAh extendable (Electronics)
    Hi everyone! Property me this convenient charger cable purchased in the hope, so that a Samsung Galaxy Ace to have on the road is always fully charged (especially in the Navi mode). Processing: The plastic makes a good impression, the edges are all v
  • Short cable lock makes solid impression  

    ABUS 530 944 TSA-certified cable lock 148/30 B (tool)
    I personally thought that the cable would be a bit longer (9cm), but as is, it is supposed to be used for the completion of a suitcase. With a diameter of 3mm at the end it should fit through almost any eyelets. On the back, behind a small plastic co
  • Practical cable lock  

    MASTER LOCK - 8417DPRO - Python Cable - 1,80m x 5mm (tool)
    The lock is easy to handle. I use it to backup my photo case, it fits around trees of over 50 cm in diameter.
  • MQ Bike Lock Cable Lock  

    MQ Bike Lock cable lock bike lock safety lock (Misc.)
    The handling is very simple. The design is very stable, easy to use and exactly what I was looking for.
  • Cable lock for kickboard  

    Lock Bird 120cm roll-up cable lock (numbers security lock) (Equipment)
    Yes, after we have a scooter and a kickboard were stolen, we opted for the castle. How much it raises - no idea. Handling is great though and it is at least represents an inhibition threshold. My son is in any case totally thrilled and we have the ne
  • Kriptonite cable lock Dm5mm  

    Kryptonite Schlaufenkabel Kryptoflex 76 cm, 5 mm, 3500015 (equipment)
    Goods equivalent to the offer and my expectations. Price OK. Fast Delivery. Careful packaging. To be recommended. 760mm long 5mm diameter. The best for everyday shopping bike. Is not intended to be a special anti-theft device as driving insurance, an
  • Long cable, cheap lock!  

    Burg-Wächter cable lock Snap + Lock, black, 720 200 (equipment)
    I bought this castle for my motorcycle tours. Because I drive a sports tourer and no case should like to make it, I'm always an opportunity to my helmet and thick jacket with a visit to a castle, etc. be stowed so that I do not have to worry about th
  • A Abus lock is just a Abus lock  

    ABUS 237881 padlock Type 70/45 SB / F (tool)
    I bought almost 2 decades ago once a Abus Final for a school trip. This castle was not kaputtzukriegen. Unfortunately, it was not protected from theft and so had to get a new. After all these years, the quality has not changed in the house Abus. Even
  • Really good bike lock  

    ABUS folding lock Bordo Combo 6100/90 cm (equipment)
    I have quite an expensive cross bike risen this year and wanted to ensure a reasonably secure lock. The idea with the ABUS folding lock I came because I eventually saw on television a report, were tested in the bicycle locks and Folding came here rea
  • Excellent alternative to the U-lock  

    ABUS Folding Lock Bordo Granit X-Plus 6400/85, 45053 (Equipment)
    The Bordo Granit X-Plus is a Level 15 Faltbügelschloss for bicycles. Level 15 marks The resistance to violent break-up and is one of the highest level, which are common in the field of bicycle locks. More security is only available for considerably m
  • Bad, bad .. ABUS  

    ABUS bicycle lock Iven 8220 (Equipment)
    In my opinion, this lock is useless for use with / for bicycle. Since the delivery of the closing mechanism is very difficult to move. Possibly are metal parts remaining from the production mechanism. A Cancel the key here is in my opinion only a que
  • Good lock, unfortunately quite large housing  

    Bosvision ultra secure 4-digit combination lock with 90 cm cable (incl. Feeder) for bicycles, ski equipment and wheelchairs
    The castle makes a good impression. The workmanship is good andthe number combination can be adjusted well. I use it as a ski lock to complicate a simple and spontaneous "entrainment theft". If someone really it creates a pair of skis to steal,
  • Very good locks to secure a travel backpack  

    ABUS 118203 brass padlock Type 45/20 Triples SB (tool)
    After I had many travel locks over the years in my hand, I'll continue to Abus not over. The locks look valuable and nothing wobbles, unlike many cheaper manufacturers. The key act also stable and can be conveniently attaches to a keychain. Fortunate
  • Simple but perfectly functional HDMI cable  

    mumbi HDMI cable 2m - 19 pin. HDMI plug> 19 pin, gold-plated, double shielded 1080p 1.3b (Electronics)
    What else can I say? It provides just such a picture as any gilded 200 cable and the quality can not exist between 1080p and 1080p ^^ So strong buy recommendation!
  • Super lock for mountain bike  

    Abus folding lock folding Safe, black, 60900 (Equipment)
    Was looking for a castle, which compact yet has a high safety class. A padlock was not an option as far too large and unwieldy, NEN Castle brings with it just a little when you're in there. A spiral cable lock is too uncertain, and a chain lock, I wa
  • Voted security cable to the bicycle  

    M + S 080200 alarm system TG 200B (Automotive)
    I use the TG 200B on my touring bike from being stolen. Can be easily activated / deactivated with the remote control from a distance. I have attached the device to my rear-Porter tube between the upper support tubes. The remote worked fine with abou