amazon keiser brockes passion cd


  • Very nice case but strength problem  

    Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 Blue (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I bought this product because I was really very pleased with the protective sleeve of my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 So I bought on June 12 this model and a month later the edge of the flap is peeled off. I thought it was a manufacturing defect but impos
  • A revived passion  

    Keiser: Brockes-Passion (CD)
    All The Muffati has made a specialty of seeking rare manuscripts and quality, representative of what Baroque music has produced better and having fallen into almost total oblivion since. Associated here with the choirs of Namur Vox Luminis, they give
  • Kudos to Amazon, Red Card to Wacom  

    Wacom CTH-480 Pen Tablet Intuos Pen Touch Manga (Accessory)
    The item ordered was for a good price. It arrived perfectly packaged, within the prescribed period (like all my orders from Amazon). As against it was intended for a child 14 years old with a passion for drawing, gold comes with the drawing program d
  • Amazon Pilots 2015: very good art program about interesting people, a colorful mix would the so run with us on ARTE  

    The New Yorker Presents [OV] (Amazon Instant Video)
    "The New Yorker presents" is the only driver of Amazon Studios Season 2015 that can not be provided with a simple summary. Because here it is a half-hour program, behind which the famous leaflets "The New Yorker" is: and so similar to
  • TV 2.0 with the Fire Stick & TV Amazon Prime - an overview  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    Six months we have been living now with FireTV and it is no exaggeration when I say that this device has really changed a lot in our daily lives, the bottom line is fortunately for the better. In addition to the box I have now also acquired the FireT
  • A cheaper credit on Amazon  

    500 Amazon Coins
    The Coins are like all "voucher" -Deals both a marketing and an increase in profit tool. Surprising that it comes only now. Either win Amazon because the customers are more likely causes to Buy, as if you have to pay money or Amazon gaining
  • Can not be used anywhere in the world even if it is Amazon!  

    1000 Amazon Coins
    But I am German Customer am currently in the US. Can 1000 AmazonCoins buy the phone, but if I want to redeem them for buying which is rejected because the deal is not offered there. Is Amazon Amazon is no longer?
  • Telltale manages again to implement the series typical Chakateristik [Amazon Fire TV Version]  

    Game Of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series (App)
    Telltale Games has once again managed to successfully define a current TV series as a new game and to integrate them with the charm and atmosphere of the series and the books have succeeded. The player is again possible limits the action to affect. _
  • Mega compression artifacts on the Amazon Cloud Drive  

    Amazon pictures - Cloud Drive (App)
    Opinion: After Amazon had now unlocked the cloud for photos with unlimited storage, I tried my luck and invited 2 JPGs high (each with high resolution with ca 5100x3400px resolution, many homogeneous surfaces, so only good 6.5MB file size). (!) The s
  • HD problems and Dauerruckler !!! Amazon that will not do !!  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    I am a long time customer of Amazon and possess for 1 week the Fire TV. Multiple speed tests show me an average download speed of 25-28 Mbit / sec. at on laptop. The best conditions for a cozy evening streaming. But no: the Fire TV shows films not in
  • Amazon ships used equipment  

    Nikon D750 SLR Digital Camera (24.3 megapixels, 8.1 cm (3.2 inch) display, HDMI, USB 2.0) body only (Electronics)
    The camera I rate here is not - simply because Amazon now apparently used equipment Weider sold already for the umpteenth time: The packaging has several scratches and fingernail marks on the opening tab, the camera was not properly packaged (plastic
  • Why not attack a Amazon?  

    Battery for Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 (EB425161LU, EB-F1M7FLU, Li-Ion) (Electronics)
    No, so far I did not dare to buy here a battery, according to the TV report on WDR today not only right ... Now I do not understand why Amazon and Samsung does not intervene here though, write a lot of customers here, that it is to be counterfeit? So
  • Amazon Prime Instant shows abbreviated version !!!  

    Breaking Bad [OV] - Season 1 (Amazon Instant Video)
    When pilot missing nearly 10 minutes compared to the original! That is almost 20%! Very many important scenes are missing completely or were greatly reduced! Partly original scenes were replaced by new: The naked woman in the original wears suddenly

    Bouquet "Bl├╝tenmeer" with red roses (garden products)
    For Mother's Day I ordered a bunch of flowers, but never got there. My mother has waited a long time, because he was announced as another partial delivery. After I called Amazon, I was told that he would no longer be available. A message indicating I
  • not the Amazon Fire TV controllable  

    Giana Sisters (App)
    the game I know, this variant, that would have been 2-3 star deserves, But since neither the GamePads nor the remote control can be well adjusted here Do I need to depreciate for Fire TV on a star of this game. Even if a few keys can be programmed by
  • Threema is very good, but not on Amazon  

    Threema (App)
    Threema is a very good messenger, and there is nothing I miss when switching from WhatsApp. But do not buy threema here on Amazon. In Play Store, there is already the Version 2 and there are still only 1.7. You wait forever for the updates.
  • Probably the greatest impudence that I have ever experienced at Amazon!  

    10,000 Amazon Coins
    Due to a promotional action of Amazon, at which 50% of InApp purchases of Hearthstone packages as a credit in the form of coins (BSP 4500 Coins for 40 packs -.> 2250 Coins credit) was advertised, I have bought this product. The event has been redu
  • Neat SmartTV Stick, (of course) very Amazon related  

    Fire TV Stick (Electronics)
    Have the Fire TV Stick brought me to various video portals (Netflix, media libraries, YouTube), but also smartphone content (Spotify, images, ...) play on the TV and compared him with my existing Google Chromecast. In particular, somewhat stronger po
  • Super on Amazon Fire TV  

    Riptide GP2 (app)
    Makes you feel good, the graphics are good and leaves you wanting more. Nuisance with the remote control as well as the Amazon Fire Game Controller properly play on the Fire Tv. Also multiplayer is fun. We recommend