aqurate ifsi


  • Confirm your semester 1 IFSI  

    Confirm your IFSI in semester 1 in 650 issues corrected: EU 1.3 EU 2.1 EU 2.2 EU 2.4, 2.11 EU (Paperback)
    I am very pleased with this book because it corresponds exactly to my expectations because it allows for revised EU corresponding to quarter 1. I recommend this book to all first year nursing students.
  • Purchase book "Concour IFSI"  

    Mega guide contest IFSI (Paperback)
    Very good book. But for now I am at the beginning, since I have in my possession since the month of August. Nevertheless, it meets my expectations. Cordially Didier Mas
  • Ifsi contest  

    I m expecting a little more detailed explanation of the problems of arithmetic, apart from that, it is very well done
  • The best method IFSI market  

    Communicating in English Health care (Paperback)
    This work is limited to semesters S1 to S3, but completed from another, from the same publisher, covering preparedness assessments S3 to S6. Two books for three years of study, it is not death. The presentation is very airy, with large enough font si
  • A good book I recommend ...  

    Confirm your IFSI in semester 1 in 650 issues corrected: EU 1.3 EU 2.1 EU 2.2 EU 2.4, 2.11 EU (Paperback)
    I love this book, it helped me in the first weeks to the IFSI. It should help me for eval. It is not expensive, I would buy the next.
  • Perfect for revisions  

    All in one IFSI revisions (Paperback)
    This book is really complete, I never left him and I know I'm not alone in my IFSI. I recommend it to all nursing students. It includes everything you need to know: many and varied pathologies, pharmacological, medical examinations ... and everything
  • good complement courses!  

    DEI whole semester 2 (Paperback)
    in addition to being the IFSI I recommend this book which is in the form of summary sheets courses all courses are not always in or some are not treated IFSI but it is only for a few sheets sometimes it's better explain the courses I semester 1, 2, a
  • Good summaries of courses  

    Organ failure and degenerative processes: Teaching Unit 2.7 (Paperback)
    Like the other books in the same range they are great. Chapters short and concise, role IDE explained and detailed. I recommend them all for their studies IFSI!
  • very good book 180  

    Successful contest IFSI 2013 (Paperback)
    I bought my son the 2012 and it was a success and he is back in IFSI! the work is very complete, very clear and he particularly appreciated the methodological advice and training with recent annals topics
  • I recommend 31 1  

    State nursing diploma - DEI - 2.4 EU traumatic process - Semester 4 (Paperback)
    book very well, really convenient for understanding the traumatic process and matches the program taught in ifsi ...
  • Full, but you lose it  

    State Diploma Nurse - DEI - 1.1 EU - psychology, sociology, anthropology - Semesters 1 and 2 (Paperback)
    This book is full, maybe a little too much compared to what is required in a nursing school. I was wrong to use it because I could not find the concepts that were taught in my school. Each school teaches subjects at their whim, so maybe he can match
  • well 1 4564  

    DEI - Basic biology L1 IFSI EU 2.1. Semester 1 (Paperback)
    very good. comprehensive biology course report with the course of ifsi. Perfect to study properly for partial
  • Handy 986  

    500 nursing aptitude tests contest (Paperback)
    Preparing, last year, the IFSI entrance examination, I bought the booklet. Very handy by its size (it allows to review all as it fits perfectly in the bag), the content remains in line with expectations of the contest. A very good help, I do not regr
  • PERFECT 1 9387  

    Nurse Watch Silicone Blue Turquoise Heart 42 (Watch)
    Student IFSI this watch is perfect during my internships. The little less, a safety pin that twists easily
  • revision of a too impartial judgment  

    Manual nursing diagnoses: Translation of the 13th edition (Paperback)
    the book did not reach me in time, I think the position is wrong. However the seller has shown itself to reconcile .the amount was repaid so that I can buy this book quickly I can talk about the book in itself but it was highly recommended by profess
  • Indispensable 25 October 1789  

    Manual nursing diagnoses: Translation of the 13th edition (Paperback)
    indispensable for Studies in IFSI then for the daily practice of the nursing profession. My IFSI is called "the Bible" ... enough said! One regret: it is in black and white which does not make it very attractive that is why I do not put it 5 sta