balea precision 5 review


  • Is that an SACD?  

    Dances With Wolves (Audio CD)
    When the first sounds came from the speaker, I thought it were the hybrid signal for CD players. But after extensive unsuccessful buttons Press I again studied the album cover: This SACD is really only stereo. Until today I did not know that there ar
  • A review which will allow us to compare with the S4  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    This review is less comparing the S5 with the market but rather the comparison with the previous model, since I use this themselves already for a year very satisfied. Therefore, I go a mainly due to the differences between the two models and try to s
  • Switching from Apple to Samsung (NO FAKE review) // EDIT 04/07/2015  

    Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)
    Sun Contrary to 90% of all other reviews I really get this device (with Telekom contract) and have it so well in front of me. Since I had an iPhone 4 and 5 like this review targeted to a wide turn out interesting, precisely because I too. To 11.4 the
  • Precision much better than expected  

    TFA Dostmann digital Thermohygrometer Dewpoint Pro 31.1028 (Misc.)
    In my hitherto relatively narrow scope 10-25 degree C and 35-55% Relf announcements vote on tenth exactly with various proven measuring equipment. Relf constant -2% would not particularly bother me, but that it can in this instrument even "calib
  • My review incl. Compared to the Canon EOS 70D and why I have not taken A6000 or A7  

    Sony Alpha 77 ILCA II Digital SLR Camera (24.3 megapixels Exmor APS-C CMOS sensor, 7.6 cm (3 inch) LCD, XGA, 79-phase AF points, 12 frames / sec, Full HD, WiFi / NFC, HDMI) with OLED viewfinder and autofocus (Electronics)
    SLT principle: Before it comes to concrete experience, advantages and disadvantages, briefly something for SLT-principle: Unlike conventional DSLR cameras (SLRs) is at the A77 II (and the other Sony SLTs) fixed the mirror, but is essentially transpar
  • Perfect for the intended purpose - review for new firmware and new app version  

    Jawbone Bluetooth UP24 Activity / Sleep Tracker Bracelet (Size L) orange for Apple iOS and Android (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I carry the UP24 a week now and have played in the last 2 days to update the new firmware and the new app, here's my report. *** Preliminary *** First, you should ask yourself what you really expect from a gadget on your wrist. I would have no device
  • My review is rather aimed at undecided Battlefield veterans who like me were considering skipping this game.  

    Battlefield Hardline - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    Brief history: I played Battlefield Bad Company 2 + 1, then the good Weiterentwicklumg BF3 and the weak part 4. As I have informed in advance me a lot and also some Youtube videos have seen too Hardline, I thought to myself; No .. this part I let out
  • A worthy successor - track-by-track review  

    Merry Christmas II You (Audio CD)
    As it is now, the successor of the classic album Merry Christmas. Boldly, I say, because, how is one a sensational album, including a self-penned Christmas songs cult top it. By contrast, it can actually look the new production only like a cheap copy
  • A worthy successor - track-by-track review 1  

    Merry Christmas 2 [+1 Bonus] (Audio CD)
    As it is now, the successor of the classic album Merry Christmas. Boldly, I say, because, how is one a sensational album, including a self-penned Christmas songs cult top it. By contrast, it can actually look the new production only like a cheap copy
  • BF Hardline - A review  

    Battlefield Hardline - [PC] (computer game)
    I would like to approach the topic times neutral. Because with Battlefield Hardline not everything is great, but also not all bad. I am a 30+ years now Battlefield game pioneers and have played extensively since 1942 all the parts. And also I have th
  • APP with BT4.0 (the smartphone) available. (Hints & Tips App usage with any rotating OralB see review !!!)  

    Braun Oral-B electric TriZone 7000 premium toothbrush with Bluetooth, white (Personal Care)
    (Note to the current price in the spring of 2015: This model (7000) is in the "Blitz offers" for a reduced price (under 120 euros) offered almost every day for several weeks waiting might be worth ;-)!. This toothbrush because of APP to rec
  • I can not understand the good reviews - just 2 stars  

    Philips QT4022 / 32 beard trimmer with 20 length settings, washable (Personal Care)
    Hello, I have the trimmer for about 1 year and 3-4 times / month in use. 1) The build quality is perfectly fine. Nothing is loose or has air. Really good. 2.) About the Battery I can not say anything. I have the device always at the net. 3.) Especial
  • The personal feeling is decisive. - Compare depths cleaning / Precision Clean (ehem Micropulse.).  

    Braun Oral-B brush heads deep cleaning, 4-Pack (Health and Beauty)
    Important! This brush is suitable for all rotating electric toothbrushes from Braun / Oral-B. You can set up electric toothbrushes, which are currently available as TriZone model this brush also to the new generation. (Eg on the Braun Oral-B TriZone
  • One-precision work at the highest level  

    Blade clamp black BUNDLE - 4 pieces (Electronics)
    I am absolutely overwhelmed by the excellence of this blade clamp. Minimal gap dimensions in the micrometer range, high-quality polymer body of politically correct, not guaranteed Russian, gefracktem petroleum and stainless steel spring in surgery qu
  • Review of a new Android user's perspective  

    Moto X 2. Generation Smartphone (13.2 cm (5.2 inch) Full HD display, touch screen, 13 megapixel camera, WiFi, 16GB of internal memory, Android 4.4.4 KitKat) Black (Wireless Phone)
    As an old iPhone users (since the original iPhone all the equipment had), I now had to change for various reasons on an Android device and want to write this review very consciously from the perspective of a changer. Technical details I tear only to
  • LG 42LB650V (WebOS Smart TV Review) - Why not the same so ?!  

    LG 42LB650V 106 cm (42 inches) Cinema 3D LED-backlit TV (Full HD, 500Hz MCI, DVB-T / C / S, CI +, wireless LAN, Smart TV) Silver (Electronics)
    1. Specifications / Foreword I have a model with 42 as my living room is not so large, and therefore the distance to the TV is, depending on the seating position only 2-3m. A larger model would the appearance of the room to very dominate, digital cab
  • precisely fitting attachment impossible  

    2 x mumbi screen protector iPad Air / Air iPad 2 protective film (Electronics)
    Unfortunately, I'm disappointed in every aspect of the protective sheet. I bought this mumbi protector for my new iPad Air 2. To protect the display in the long term, I use a stylus and wanted to also bring the display film used. As such, the film se
  • Review of each song  

    Crack Street Boys 3 (Audio CD)
    Some negative reviews here I can not understand, because this album is anything but boring or listless. However, it should go to a favorable review here, with me in the quite numerous 5-star ratings, the rating of each song is missing, which personal
  • Want to make clear better than most reviews here believe!  

    Kinect Sports Rivals - [Xbox One] (Video Game)
    Having stayed had two predecessors on the 360, I was also very pleased to this part on my new xbox one. But when I here on Amazon already have read several reviews, I was very anxious to see whether the latest implementation of Kinect Sports should c
  • Fits precisely, sits stably and concealed nothing  

    Wicked Chili Design Mount for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) Car Holder (QuickFix, Made in Germany, vibration-free) (Accessories)
    Since I have my iPhone 6, I wanted to have a suitable car holder, which is barely noticeable, not hide the buttons, where nothing wobbles or even the iPhone from falling out accidentally while driving. Since, unfortunately, Apple no original holder a