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  • Genial 6  

    Banner Saga (App)
    Having previously long PvP version "The Banner Saga Factions" played and been there loved it. You get here a great strategy game with RPG elements of a great story and depth. Replayability the story is also available as varied by the action
  • Strategic RPG with a unique atmosphere  

    The Banner Saga - Collector's Edition (PC) (Video Game)
    Funding through Kickstarter has proved for smaller teams as a way to implement for a specific audience sometimes very ambitious projects outside the mainstream. This tool is also abused and sometimes canceled a project later. If the money is in good
  • Fire-eaters battery saga !?  

    Farm Heroes Saga (App)
    The "Farm Heroes Saga" I first met on Facebook and could her as an enthusiastic "Three wins" players naturally not resist, so I have the app installed on the Kindle Fire: Facebook Connected to the application synchronized equal to
  • Kindle Fire HD and connection between TV or AVR receiver works fine.  

    Mumbi Micro HDMI Cable 1080p - Gold-plated contacts - HDMI Micro Type D High Speed ​​HDMI cable 1.4 / Connection cable 1 meter (electronic)
    This HDMI cable I bought for the Kindle Fire HD to connect to the TV screen. That worked well right away. Image data from the Kindle Fire are so easily displayed on the TV screen. The video stream (from LOVEFiLM) on the TV now works knotless - initia
  • Sitting pretty tight with Kindle Fire HD7.  

    AmazonBasics Protective Case for Nexus 7 / Kindle Fire / Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, 17.8 cm (7 inches) (Personal Computers)
    Looking for a suitable protective cover for my Kindle Fire HD7 my AmazonBasics Protective Cover for 7 "devices was proposed by Amazon. After the shell comes from the Amazon program, I thought that it would fit perfectly. In addition, the low pri
  • As a gift for Kindle's Box with a gift card (gift card)
    We bought the gift card as a gift for my mother values. Handling was simple. The voucher simply book / Add, then can you look at the leave remaining amount available under View "My Amazon" at any time. The purchases for and especially on th
  • The KOTOR app is finally available for the Kindle Fire! Awesome!  

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (app)
    I was already last year look pleased when I found out by accident from the port of Aspyr, and was also very disappointed that I can not play on the Kindle (Kindle Fire HDX 7 a "3rd Gen). For the Most games apps for small Android (like) little de
  • The bombast core titles for the Kindle Fire HD  

    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour (App)
    Modern Combat 4 promises consoles Feeling on the tablet and provides this as well. Technically part of the game in the top league of Games Apps in Amazon Marketplace. The environments are worked out and convincing with sharp and detailed for Tablet r
  • One gets the Kindle almost not get out  

    Inateck® Protective Case for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2014 2013 2012 Case Hard Case Cover | controlling the sleep mode | Magnetic Button | With Auto Sleep / Wake up function | Simple & Easy / Ultra-Slim | Black (Accessories)
    I personally do not like the look. It looks very cheap. The surface is made of a plastic imitation leather (at least it looks to me like this.) At first, I wanted to keep the shell and use only for transport. But here is a problem: I needed almost 10
  • Perfect Case for Kindle Paperwhite  

    EasyAcc Kindle Paperwhite Cases Case PU Leather Case Cover for Kindle Paperwhite / Kindle Paperwhite 2013 Sleep / Wake up function - Blue
    I ordered the Case for Kindle Paperwhite my wife. The device fits into it perfectly, the switch and the USB connectors are generously saves and easily accessible. The additional weight of the shell falls fortunately hardly. Also, the material feels v
  • affordable and fully compatible with all current Kindles (including Kindle Touch)  

    mumbi PSU Amazon Kindle charger (Accessories)
    The power supply unit does what it should do: It loads in any current Kindle, and the approximately 25% of the purchase price for the original power supply. Contrary to the view of another recession, the plug fits properly, which is also not big surp
  • Mumbi - Power Supply for Kindle 3G  

    mumbi PSU Amazon Kindle charger (Accessories)
    First me the lightning fast delivery surprised: Saturday ordered and on Monday morning already arrived (early!). -Simultaneous With the Kindle 3G - delivery - precisely fitting. The power supply is cheap (cheaper than original -Kindle), fulfills its
  • Good film for the Kindle  

    2 x atFoliX protector Amazon Kindle 3 (Model 2010) Screen Protector - FX antireflection antiglare (Personal Computers)
    I have the film on my Nokia phone and am happy with it. Now I did not want to disappoint even a screen protector for my Kindle and was. The film fits perfectly and can be attached easily. The best thing is when one applies the High side first and the
  • Charger Kindle  

    Charging Cable Power Adapter Charger for Amazon Kindle Voyage / Amazon Kindle Paperwhite / Amazon Kindle Touch / Kindle 4 / Keyboard / wall charger eReader
    What can I say - the power supply fits and invites my Kindle. Thus, all my expectations have been met. Just a pity that it is not included with the Kindle, I would have expected again.
  • Solid charger for Kindle e book reader  

    Charging Cable Power Adapter Charger for Amazon Kindle Voyage / Amazon Kindle Paperwhite / Amazon Kindle Touch / Kindle 4 / Keyboard / wall charger eReader
    This power adapter recharges my Kindle on quickly. Worth mentioning is the cable length of over one meter. This is useful when the Kindle to be loaded during operation. The USB connector is firmly seated. The power supply unit does what it should. Th
  • Fits super to the new Kindle Fire HD 7 "  

    EnGive Leather Protector Flip Case Sleeve Bag Cover For New Kindle Fire HD 7 (model 2013) with automatic sleep / wake up function (Kindle Fire HD 7 (model 2013), Blue)
    Finally there is also the appropriate cases for the small Kindle, which has the "high, low, on / off and" buttons on the back. By the way: No pungent stench when unpacking - thank you.
  • Protector Kindle  

    2 x atFoliX protector Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 (Model 2013) Screen Protector - FX antireflective glare-free (electronic)
    The film was delivered quickly. She let herself attach and served its purpose as it should be no problem on the Kindle. Now I have "almost" the Kindle Paperwhite. :) Would I buy again.
  • Super Cover in black for Kindle Fire HD  

    Fintie Kindle Fire HD 7 "(2013 Model) Smart Shell Case Cover Protective Carrying Case Case Case Ultra Slim Lightweight with auto sleep / wake function (only fits Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 2013 model), Black (Electronics)
    Positv: -Very Inexpensive Kindle -Excellent Fit -Wake Up mode works perfectly Tablet is transverse good -no offensive odor detected when unpacking Processing very good for the price range if it considers now it's perfect ;-)
  • fits perfectly for the Kindle HDX7  

    Anker® Kindle Fire HDX 7 (7 inch) Case PU Leather Case Cover Case Cover for Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 2013 - one-piece slide-Case
    I searched for my Kindle Fire HDX (current model, as of June 2014) an inexpensive shell. The envelope is not only inexpensive, but looks really good and fits perfectly - all connections are there, where they belong. That the bag plotting something co
  • Skype Kindle Edition still unstable and unusable sound reception quietly  

    Skype (App)
    Been using it for many years, Skype on different platforms. PC Mac and iOS all the best, useless on the Kindle Fire HD, as you have over virtually can not understand: inaudible despite full volume. However, the interlocutor understands everything per