battle before the citadel


  • came a day before the announced delivery  

    Sony LCJHNB.SYH camera bag for DSC-HX50 (Accessories)
    finally a classic ready case, as was customary back sooner, before the cameras disappeared in shapeless sacks and had to be pulled by the strap from the jamming!
  • Advertising before the stream! PRIME (App)
    The APP is ansich really good. If one disregards of small mistakes, like sitting cancel streams despite Internet connection. But why the hell do I get here a prime version that store as the free version from the Google Play also advertising al before
  • as before the North Commander  

    Total Commander (App)
    just great as before the North Commander to anywhere on your smartphone because Sony Xperia has forgotten the file manager and I without a PC (with the go of course), was unable to access my SD card this software. Use it often. Recommended!
  • Be sure the "Oh crap" switch before the first flight test train  

    ELECTRO-flight model FIREBIRD DELTA RAY (Toys)
    I thought that the airmen in beginner mode is almost uncrashbar and was worried a little. Then I though transported me in a situation where I felt that the beginner mode keeps me from countermeasures strong enough. Out of sheer fright I got the
  • Handy with 2420 mAh is being charged by 40% times before the Power Bank is empty  

    COM PAD Power Bank 3000 Portable Battery USB Charger Smartphone (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Update: After I wrote my review, this was asking me to [email protected] to turn, commented. This I did and received a replacement device after a short e-mail traffic that actually works better. It charges my phone almost complete and will be during
  • As before, the best buy - even in comparison to grade II and III  

    Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Smartphone (13.5 cm (5.3 inches) HD Super AMOLED touchscreen, 8 MP Camera, Android 4.0 or later) Carbon Blue (Electronics)
    Video at view there are many good reviews by experienced smartphone users that are responsive to model differences in detail. I straighten here rather on SmartPhone newcomers who might think like me for some time, to take the plunge, and t
  • Unable to close before the last page  

    Kalila and Dimna: Fables of Indian Bidpai (Paperback)
    The preface of Doris Lessing rightly reflects the impression that the book made me "actual, living, invigorating, full of verve and entertaining. I defy anyone starts playing stop before the end. "At the beginning we are quite confused and gradu
  • The story before the maze  

    Before Labyrinth: The order to kill (Paperback)
    The story is set 13 years before the construction of the "Labyrinth" (first book of James Dashner). This is a good addition to the trilogy already published (Labyrinth - The Burning Plain - The deadly medicine). You learn how the whole story sta
  • Album Great, received three days before the official release  

    The Mindsweep (CD)
    Received three days before the official release! It already is well! The album is great! At once the most violent and the sweetest of all their opus, the intro and the outro are the perfect examples. But Enter Shikari is not a group put all ears, bea
  • Once on the train, impossible to go before the full stop!  

    CHILDREN ASH (Paperback)
    After mourning the heroes of Stieg Larsson, in recent years I was showing me skeptical before the widespread display of "Scandinavian thrillers." Here's who surf the wave "Millennium" I said to myself; So try not to be swayed by the ma
  • Before the Styx, Death ...  

    Credit Death (Paperback)
    The Death on the action is situated chronologically before the events narrated in the travel. We find our friend Ferdinand Bardamu child and teenager, his academic concerns, professional, his oppressive world of the Passage Choiseul, family poverty.

    Astronomy of the Ancients (Paperback)
    Yael Nazé shows us how our elders observed and interpreted the sky long before the first telescope. The current Chinese people, 2000 years BC already répertoriait with great detail the particular phenomena: eclipses, comets passing, appearance of new
  • Last hope before the plumber  

    The leads VENTEO DRAIN02 any ecological (Tools & Accessories)
    I was quite skeptical about this because the comments are quite varied between the pros and the least I still took the risk of getting this leads everything was on sale because I figured the worst 15 euro in the trash at best 150 euro saving plumber.
  • Hello, orders received before the scheduled date  

    Charger with adapter to 220V NOKIA C1, C1-01, C1-02, C2, C2-01, C3 Touch and others (Electronics)
    Hello, orders received before the scheduled date. In excellent condition for both commands, the two devices work very well, I'm very happy and nothing to say on these purchases.
  • Decisive battle in the heart of the galaxy  

    Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Volume 3 Force War (Paperback)
    The Rakata saw, came and conquered ... at least until the counteroffensive Je'daii and its allies could stop in front of a further advance in the Tython system. The situation is very tense, meanwhile, in both camps. While the invasion has developed v
  • Good for practice before the SBF test  

    CLEAT nylon black (Misc.)
    Had acquired for transferring the node before the SBF-checking the cleat. Thus, the node Insert then more fun. The material is plastic, but quite appealing. On the ship I'd rather not use, but recommended for home use. Or just to practice the knots :
  • shortly before the expiry date  

    Combur 9 test, test strips, 50 pieces (Personal Care)
    The product is good, the delivery was fast. Unfortunately, I did not know that the test strips are just 2 months when stored and thus sold shortly before the expiry date. Maybe that's why the price is relatively cheap?
  • Torn even before the first use!  

    Reer PEVA Rain cover for twin pram (baby products)
    The material is not particularly robust and torn on Velcro directly before the first use! The fit is reasonably good and the case fits on the baby jogger twin pram. Just on the feet of older children to get wet.
  • Attention: Before the wall mounting Connections ....  

    Ricoo ® TV Wall Mount Swivel Tilt TV mount wall bracket S0644 LED LCD TFT MONITOR flat screen about 76 - 165cm / 30'- 42 '- 47' - 50 '- 55' - 65 'inch (Electronics)
    I bought the TV wall mount, because he a vglw. has slight distance from the wall. Overall, the holder is very valuable and very evident in the assembly. A star deduction there, because part of the holder the power connector on the TV covered so that
  • Given up the ghost just before the end of the warranty period  

    Grundig Cosmopolit 7 WEB Portable Internet Radio with DAB Silver / Blue (Electronics)
    Well, the first impression was mixed. Somehow the radio is not as nice as it was claimed here on several occasions. And the sound was compared to other radio (Revo Heritage, for example) much worse. But what the heck, in the price range, there was no