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  • Top - Top Sound - but never 4,000 watts  

    Auna Active 5.1 surround speakers speaker system (electronic)
    First praise for the price! Well okay, this product is Noname ehr ... "Auna" - if not sold exclusively on the Internet. For me however, the sound like much. For my 30 square meter room, there is a super bass, great Sourroundfeeling and Anso
  • 0.5 Watt power consumption around the clock - otherwise nothing to complain about  

    AEG ÖKO_LAVAMAT L76474EFL washing machine front loader / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / White (Misc.)
    This washing machine also consumes 0.5 watts when turned off around the clock. That is not just in standby if the display is still active, but also when you press the "off" button and all lights extinguished. This is even so in the user man
  • Very good 800 watt multifunction curling iron, can also be used as a hair dryer, with ionization.  

    Philips HP8663 / 00 Essential Care Air Styler, white (Personal Care)
    This multifunction curler waits of up to 800 watts to warm air power. About three heat settings allows these service rules or retrieve using a slider. The slider snaps securely so that during the rotation of the rod not adjust is possible. The streng
  • Watt mutt dat mutt !!! Goil!  

    YouTube (App)
    Even if one should enjoy this club with caution, YouTube is simply great! Watt mutt dat mutt !!! In addition to all known search engine YouTube is just standard for me as a music listener / watcher. I read in my newspaper (still hardware, ie print me
  • Good, but does not have 5 watts!  

    Lighting EVER RGB 5W LED bulb with remote control, color change E27 from, incandescent lamps (tool)
    The lamp was quickly delivered within 3 days, and is very light (has no heat sink). The needs that may not, because connected to a measuring device are presented in the amount of white only 3.8 watts (at 219 volts at noon). With only one color 1.9 wa
  • This is the first true replacement for 35 Watt halogen spots!  

    Osram LED MR16 Star 35, 5.6W (35W replaced), socket GU5.3, specially warmton (827), reflector shape 50 mm, 12 Volt, 36 Beam 910393 (household goods)
    This is the first true replacement for 35 Watt halogen spots! I've built 12 of these LED lamps. Absolutely identical in brightness as well as in the color of light with 35 watts-developed Osram halogen spotlights. Brand quality pays halt of yet ....
  • Fusswärmer 100 Watt  

    Bosotherm Fußwärmer 3000, 1 St (household goods)
    I have previously looked at several reviews of foot warmers. Since the assessment of individual Fusswärmer low-wattage expresses failed poor I thought but little minutely to order me a product with 100 watts, in the hope that this, moreover, if there
  • Review Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer 450 Watt  

    Bosch MFQ3530 Handrührer (450 watts, 5 speed levels) white / gray (household goods)
    Ordering and delivery of ogHandrühres properly. The article is good and has a good handiness. Furthermore, I have found that the hand mixer not injected at the whipping cream. This has quite astonished me, because all my predecessors did this. This a
  • Finally equivalent to 40 watts  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 40 Watt, 2700 Kelvin, 470 lumens, warm white 8718291741923 (household goods)
    I have a lamp with an E14 socket. The existing LED bulbs corresponded every 25 to 30 watts. Unfortunately, that was too dark to me. Especially as the light color was extremely warm, almost yellow. Again and again I made up my mind to buy a new lamp w
  • 3.7 Watt LED, warm white  

    LEDs Change The World LITTLE SPOT LED GU4 MR11 (35mm diameter) 12V 3,7W warm white 2700 Kelvin aluminum housing silver replaced min. 20 Watt Halogen 30 degree beam angle
    Am thrilled this LED would definitely recommend and only annoys me that I have not already purchased earlier. When replacing it struck me how frighteningly hot but the halogen lamps! The light is brighter and a little white (still pleasant warm white
  • Complete replacement for 100 watt  

    SMD LED Lamp Light Bulb 14W E27 Warm White Aluminium
    Regarding the brightness a full replacement for a 100 watt light bulb, but not as "warm white" as such, but very close. By design mainly light emission in one direction on what to consider when choosing. Solid construction with heavy coolin
  • Have successfully replaced my 35 Watt Spots  

    greenandco 10-Pack MR16, GU5.3 LED spotlight 3.2W, 220 lm, 3000 K, 60 x 3528 SMD LED, 120 degrees, 12 V, with protective glass, not dimmable, warm white 10x LAC MR16A-3528- 60-WW (household goods)
    Work wonderfully. For about 6 months 8 as corridor lighting in use. Instead of 35 watts per piece only 3.2 are consumed. Light is a little colder than the old halogen lamps. And also a little lower luminosity. But is hardly noticeable. Our hall has e
  • Mini heater, ceramic heater 440 watts, Taschenheizlüfter  

    Fan Heater Mini 500 Watt pocket-sized heater (Misc.)
    Video on I'm a totally favorably impressed. Quiet, warm, small; and only 438 watts! The Slogen small but powerful is absolutely true here. The ceramic element is real class. The front grill should be as already mentioned not touch, because
  • After a short while defective - 4 watts even when light from  

    reer 5060 - LED Night Light (household goods)
    I have bought 2 of these night lights for my daughter. The first time they ran without problems - bright enough light in my opinion - light sensor switches in the dark one the LEDs. Approximately 1 month was the first break - after a power reinsertin
  • Replacement for halogen lamps 3 - 15.9 watts instead of 150 watts at better light output  

    OSRAM LED SUPERSTAR PAR16 50 (36 °) Advanced Cool White (Kitchen)
    3 lamps of this type illuminate our kitchen, my big worry beforehand was that the dead zones of coverage are too large. Need not have worried, the illumination is very good, the light output hervrorragend. Are actually brighter than the conventional
  • LED Light source Transformer 12V DC 0.5 in - 15 Watt PB Shipping  

    LED Light source Transformer 12V DC 0.5 in - 15 Watt Type: MR090009 PSU Driver G4 transformer
    Stable performance power supply - transformer with a very short delay. A sign of a good electronic structure. Burden on my part with 11.5 watts, and almost no heat generation of transformers. gladly again,
  • G4 LED dimmable with 1.4 watts (21x SMDs) 12V AC / DC 120 degrees  

    G4 LED dimmable with 1.4 watts (21x SMDs) 12V AC / DC 120 degrees (approximately) Lamp G4 lamp base spot Halogen bulb Dimmer
    I have replaced with this product, the 10 watt halogen lights in my camper. The LED's are slightly lighter than the 10W halogen. The light color is slightly colder, but not unpleasant. The halogen lighting had a slight yellow glow that lit LEDs rathe
  • Osram MR16 5.6 Watts, very good warm light equivalent Osram halogen 35 watt.  

    Osram LED MR16 Star 35, 5.6W (35W replaced), socket GU5.3, specially warmton (827), reflector shape 50 mm, 12 Volt, 36 Beam 910393 (household goods)
    For the entrance hall, the wardrobe and the bedroom on the choice OSRAM MR16 GU 5, 5.6 Watt LED with 2700K fell, so warm white and this corresponds to the previously installed halogen bulbs Osram 35 Watt in the light color "warm white" exac
  • Müller Globe 120mm, 15 Watt 66 Watt accordingly  

    Müller-light LED Globe shape G125 15W (66W) 230V 900lm 270 ° E27 2700K DIM Energy efficiency class A + 24484 (household goods)
    The Globes are said to be dimmable, which I do not need, and therefore can not judge. The specified brightness is credible because the Osram previously used / Philips Globes allegedly corresponded to 100 watts, but were not bright. Six Globes with na
  • Good Globe Bulb-The radiated power is significantly lighter than a normal 60 Watt Globe  

    Philips LED lamp replaces 60Watt E27 2700 Kelvin - warm white, 9,5W, 806 lumens (household goods)
    Philips LED lamp replaces 60Watt E27 2700 Kelvin - warm white, 806 Lumen 9,5W ************************************************** ****************** The bulb comes in a box, beautifully packaged carefully. I have this Globe mounted in the hall under a