bluedio t2 plus equalizer change


  • Crossfade LP Excellent  

    V-Moda Crossfade LP2 high definition headphones with noise reduction Matte Black Limited Edition (Electronics)
    Excellent headphones, big sound for all music fans Dance / Electro / Dubstep / Hardstyle (for the others, I recommend this helmet). Bass so pleasant and boosted, mid and treble occurs naturally but less clear. The equalizer changes are not "essential
  • Top MP3 Player with good service!  

    Sony NWZ-E384R Walkman Video / MP3 Player 8GB (4.5 cm (1.77 inch) display, FM tuner, USB) Red (Electronics)
    What almost all MP3 players annoys me, is the absolute fiddly and cumbersome operation. This is super implemented the Sony NWZ-E384R. All buttons and display are large enough to them intuitively. Everything is self-explanatory so that actually no man
  • Convinced me not entirely  

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes - [Nintendo Wii U] (Video Game)
    Definitely a good game, not only for fans of the Lego series. However, no 5 star, but what good is my personal taste - my favorite is and remains Lego City Undercover. In Marvel game a plus (a change) is also a disadvantage: the eternally necessary c
  • Addictive but expensive  

    Super Mini Farm (App)
    The idea is good but everything is super expensive and it paid back if you want to progress. Too bad. The plus decors changed with the seasons.
  • Very good game 101  

    The Chronicles of Sadwick (DVD-ROM)
    I loved this game, despite a bit annoying because depressed character (hence the name "Sadwick") who sighs a lot, say a little suicidal sentences etc .. To encourage you, the main character is most like that early in the game (with the first 3 c
  • Super 1880 5541  

    The Sims 3: Seasons - expansion pack (computer game)
    Super expansion pack that offers plenty of new opportunities, plus the changing seasons that make the game more realistic and a little more spicy, fans of the sims will like some ...
  • Perfect little travel hairdryer  

    Philips BHD006 / 00 Hair Dryer Travel Essential Care Silence, 0.49 kg (Health and Beauty)
    Jai tested this morning hairdryer philips of trip: It is noted on the packaging: pleasant sound, it makes a normal electrical noise hair dryer, not strident (but then to say nice, not ...) Practical ergonomics in hand, it folds very easily. Plus: pos
  • angry with Rowenta  

    Rowenta Silence Force vacuum cleaner Far RO582211 2200 W (Kitchen)
    a aspi which did not last the masses since it burnt after 5 years, my mother's (the same) only 3 years! vacuum unwieldy relative to the other models Rowenta bag 5 liters but as the housing is smaller than the bag, it does not reach the 5 liters. I ha
  • very good wiper, easy to assemble  

    Bosch Wiper Blade Aerotwin A297S set - Length: 600/500 (Automotive)
    Plus points: - Change or add the wiper easily and quickly - Wiping result for the first few days very well Bad points: - Shipping package was twice as large as the original packaging, so no shipping went to a packet station, I had to send to relative
  • LogiLink'Schloss for Notebook.  

    LogiLink NBS004 lock for notebook / LCD / projectors black (Accessories)
    System, but which works project. Ease of use, plus quick change of personal identification number. It can be easily integrated so that it is hardly noticeable.
  • Definitely worth money  

    Logitech G35 PC gaming headset with cord for PC and PS4 (video game)
    Sound: Games: The sound in games is really great, the highs are clear, the bass is orderly and Surround sound is also very good. The stereo sound is also great, however: Who plays voluntarily to stereo when he / she has surround sound? All in all: 10
  • Very good service and top price-performance  

    DeutschlandSIM ALL-IN 100 [SIM & Micro-SIM] - 24 month contract period (500MB Datenflat, 100 free minutes, 100 free SMS, 3,95 euro / month, 19 ct consequence minute price) O2 network (optional)
    A few weeks ago I bought at a auction site the product and activated for about a month. Many buyers are talking about a bad customer service I can not understand at all in my case. Since I wanted to carry out a number portability and plus has changed
  • Toller successor but perfection missing worlds  

    PlayStation 4 - console (console)
    I have now been waiting over 6 months and made me a picture of this console. I compare it and the peripherals like the PS3 / 360 / One. Also I do not write like interminable texts and attack like on pro & cons bullet points with a conclusion back. At
  • ... From the iPhone 5s, the Z3 Compact, the iPhone 6, the LG G3, the iPhone 6 Plus and now the Samsung Galaxy S6.  

    Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 (5.1 inch touch screen, 32GB memory, Android 5.0) Black (Wireless Phone)
    Yes, to find the right device really is truly not easy. As you can see from the list above, I have in recent months taken all flagships. Anybody But really each has its peculiarities and shortcomings that I no longer wanted to accept. For a while now
  • Typical Bose sound with many plus points!  

    Bose ® QuietComfort ® Acoustic Noise Cancelling ® 20i Headphones (Electronics)
    Dear Readers, for now use the Bose® QuietComfort® catchy 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones I would like to ask my review available. I personally very much like most headphones, I want to apologize already in advance that my review perhaps a li
  • Light and shadow - A comparison with the S2 Plus  

    Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone (10.85 cm (4.27 inches) AMOLED touch screen, micro-Sim, 8 GB of internal memory, 8 megapixel camera, LTE, NFC, Android 4.2) Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    After changing the Samsung S2 Plus (S2 +) I want to hold my impressions to S4 Mini (S4M) shortly. Other previous devices were: SE Xperia Mini and Samsung Ace 2 After solving my battery problem I have the review slightly edited. My requirements 1. Dim
  • The perfect addition to the Playstation or four reasons for PS Plus  

    PlayStation Plus membership - 3 Months [PSN Code for German bank account] (Software Download)
    This is the product to be a PlayStation Plus Code either as a physical card or to download code. Buying the card works the same as with all other products on, the download, however you get the code after a successful purchase delivered in
  • Update: DLNA makes problems without changes to the NAS  

    Sony BDP-S490 3D Blu-ray Player (2D / 3D, HDMI, 1080p upscaler, iPhone / Android-controllable DLNA) (Electronics)
    Edit at 06/01/2013: Change of review Since the last two firmware updates is that the BluRay player has problems with DLNA servers the problem, without changes to the server the player plays only MPEG2 files with other files, it displays the message
  • Galaxy S Plus  

    Adaptare 3.5mm jack cable (4-pin) for headset (exchanged pins 3 + 4) (Accessories)
    After watching for my Samsung Galaxy S Plus was looking for a suitable cable TV, and I realized that there is no original I am met with this adapter. With this adapter, I could my Nokia Nokia CA-75U cable TV video out cable use (without it cut up and
  • Seagate Wireless Plus 2TB  

    Seagate Wireless Plus STCV2000200 external wireless hard drive 2 TB (6.4 cm (2.5 inch), and USB 3.0) Silver (accessory)
    I have seen the product not from here, but would nevertheless like to make known my previous experience. Because on the one hand my LTE cellular router refused disk via dedicated USB involve port and I on the other hand had no desire to extend the mu