bomann wine cooler ksw 344 review


  • Great wine cooler  

    Rapid Ice Wine Cooler for 0.75 liter bottles (household goods)
    For me this is the best wine cooler, especially when one of these rather unsightly Plöastiummantlung an additional stainless steel cooler o. Ä begrudge.. Then add up the cooling effects and it looks beautiful.
  • Class wine cooler  

    Syntrox Germany 12 bottles of 2 zones Digital Refrigerator Wine Refrigerator
    The wine cellar is now some time in use and does what it is supposed ... cool the wine to the correct temperature. When it is restarted correctly, he also runs very quietly and only when the fans start times, you can not hear him, but so that it woul
  • Good wine cooler  

    Bocksbeutel cooler (household goods)
    Does what he should do: keep a Boxbeutel least one hour cool. I should write more 7 words (which I hereby do).
  • super wine cooler for little money  

    Klarstein Reserva Piccola Wine Fridge Individual, drinks fridge with glass door, mini-bar with LED lighting and touch operation (25 liters / 8 (0,75L) bottles refrigerator, 8- 18 ° C, 155kWh / year) black
    only strong praise pronounce a top unit, cools very well, not always very quiet when set to 8grad but otherwise top. is with us for 2 months in continuous operation and I hope it still works years gladly again !!!!
  • Casio Wine Control: wine cooler tested  

    CASO Wine Control in silver, fridge and holding function with LED display (Misc.)
    one can at a minimum rate unfortunately only with an asterisk by different circumstances I came only now to use the device Test: White wine bottle, taken from the fridge 0.7 l, measured 14.9 degrees C measured after three hours at an upright bottle a
  • Impeccable small wine fridge with a small flaw  

    Klarstein wine cooler small 2 zones drinks fridge with glass door for 12 bottles of wine (34 liters, LED user interface, EEK B, 2 cooling zones, stainless steel) black-silver
    Video at view I have created a video where I show the Weinühlschrank once, so you can even make a personal impression itself. As told in the video, I have looked at the review to some other wine refrigerators of this type and found that ma
  • Wine Fridge  

    Bomann KSW 344 Wine Refrigerator Freestanding / A / 131 kWh / year / 52.0 cm / 16 bottles / electronic temperature control and adjustment / Black (Misc.)
    The refrigerator has an easily adjustable and covering for all wines cooling area, the set temperature is displayed, the capacity is quite enough for domestic use, The dimensions are compact and the outer appearance is appealing. Finally, it is also
  • Wine refrigerator for small claims  

    Severin KS 9894 wine refrigerator / A / 136 kWh / year / 84 cm / 33 bottles / LED interior lights / black (Misc.)
    The device is by and large useful when you do not have high expectations. Energy consumption: Class A is worse with most other devices. Definite plus. The device has compressor cooling, therefore the consumption is also lower. Temperature control: I
  • practical Wine Fridge  

    AMSTYLE SlimLine dual zone wine refrigerator 45 liters 8 ° C-18 ° C - 16 bottles - Design wine cooler black (energy Klas
    After I now have four weeks since the Amstyle SlimLine in operation, I would like to express my satisfaction. The device looks much better than on the pictures, and does exactly what it should: keep wine cool. A star deduction there, because only the
  • Cheer - Power in a class: Absolutely cool !!!  

    Bring It [VHS] (VHS Tape)
    This Cheerleader Girls (and Boys Cheerleader!) Are anything, just do not fall on my head !!! With cool sayings, iron will to win, cool soundtrack and super performance, they are unstoppable on their way to the top !!! With its motto: Cheer Power Fore
  • Caso Wine Control  

    CASO Wine Control in silver, fridge and holding function with LED display (Misc.)
    An electric wine cooler - great idea, cheap at Amazon Advent bought spontaneously. No longer have to do away with a cozy lap run to the refrigerator, because the champagne is cold ... then the device was, quite chic, but where's the power cord? Next
  • Rating: Three Part plastic case (Black Slim Edition)  

    Exclusives Housing Case for Raspberry Pi Model B + (B Plus) and Case 2 Pi Model B (the latest version 2015) - Three Part plastic case (Black Slim Edition) (Personal Computers)
    Caution Since in this Amazon offer various products are summarized as "colors", the reviews can relate to very different products. Among them are two very different case, the Black Edition and Black Edition Slim: - The Black Edition is prim
  • We have this pack  

    Meevio Wine Package "South of France" (6 x 0.75 l) (Food & Beverage)
    bought as a gift. We are not big wine connoisseurs, but the reviews were quite OK. The content was well received. The wines were also of a "skilled in the art" French drunk at a party. He, too, was excited. I think it's a good compilation t
  • Rating for beginners and skeptics. What can you use Fire TV? (Also in Austria ;-)  

    Amazon Fire TV (Electronics)
    Addendum: Fire TV works very well in Austria, but I have purchased the product in Germany and simply taken on vacation and then normally connected in the parental home with Wi-Fi and with HDMI to the TV. No problems or limitations. The same I have fo
  • Good game with great atmosphere, but still no next-gen  

    The Evil Within (100% Uncut) - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    After yet have deterred some here me some of the reviews, I have now but decided that game to buy and lo and behold, the 1-star ratings slowly earning less and less attention, just like the "The game is so cool" - 5-star reviews. But we pla
  • As Probierpaket very good, but ....  

    Spain gourmet package in June 2014 (Food & Beverage)
    not suitable for frequent purchase. I have redeemed this package with the voucher from Amazon, so it cost only half. For this price I would buy it even again - but for the face value, the compromise would be too great to me. I'm not a wine expert, so
  • 1238 Very convenient  

    Vacuvin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler Black Plastic 20 cm x 14.5 cm 14.5 cm (Kitchen)
    It is beautiful and very effective. For refranchir a bottle or to keep the wine cool, it's ideal. Very well recommended
  • HR-02 Macho Rev runs under Windows and Linux Ubuntu easily 7,8,8.1 | Adjust the speed in the BIOS  

    Thermalright HR-02 Macho CPU Cooler Rev A BW of (Accessories)
    I summarize briefly me and mention only the most important to the radiator installation and the cooling capacity provided. -LIEFERUMFANG AND INSTALLATION ________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Better than PC arms race!  

    Xbox 360 - Console with 20GB HDD & Wireless Controller (Console)
    Xbox 360 I have gained about 2 months ago because my permanent arms race in the PC area was way too expensive. Must spend 2000 euros for NEN new PC basically every 2 years to play games in good graphics you always liquid. Since I buy rather every 3 t