bonito donkey toy


  • Plush Donkey "Bonito"  

    Plush Donkey 21 cm (toys)
    I have brought this plush donkey for our 4 year old son. Who has a bigger output exactly the same ass and is very excited about him. It goes without him not to go to bed and the donkey needs everywhere. Now we have the small version (21 cm) on the go
  • expensive toy  

    Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, elec. Callus (Personal Care)
    An expensive toy. Not even suitable for removing slight cornea. Each hand-Callus file is as effective and easier to handle. From Batterievebrauch not to speak.
  • Exciting discovery toys, even if at some point everything is discovered  

    Ravensburger 00502 - tiptoi: Starter Set with pen and book (Toys)
    The TipToi system has become so extended to up some accessories, for small and older children, for non-readers, beginning readers and reading, for the most diverse areas of interest and varieties. Here is the starter set with pen and farm book. Since
  • Simple hourglass, no precision instrument. More like a toy  

    Hourglass in plastic tube 1 minute (Toys)
    The hourglass is useful for approximate time measurements of 1 minute +/- 8 s. Who wants it more precisely, which should specify anything else. This is more of a toy. Sometimes it happens that the sand does not pass through properly in the watch. A c
  • simple, well-designed toys  

    Gowi 264-89 - Screw set - 10 pieces (Toys)
    Although the material looks a bit cheap; but it works properly and does the job well. Our little one turns like at all only accessible screws in the household. Because this really is a very good alternative and an ideal toy for the road, for example
  • Cuddly toy with great starry sky  

    Brigamo games 473 - Penguin Plush "Skipper" cuddly toy night light starry sky (Toys)
    Video at hello, attached my short review about the product. Later I invite another video high. Since the release by Amazon takes a bit longer I link in the comment before my YouTube video. Just copy the link and watch the video. That says
  • Meaningful (?) Toys for men ...  

    Garmin ecoRoute HD Bluetooth adapter (Bluetooth, connecting the navigation system with the on-board system of the vehicle) (Electronics)
    After I used the Ecoroute HD module in the meantime two current vehicles (MB, Audi), I can only say as Resumé: Toys with no real functionality. The Garmin Navi GERAT was a Nuvi 3590 LMT. In Detail: During the installation of the additional module was
  • Great toy  

    Lensbaby Muse Double Glass LBM2P - Pentax K (Electronics)
    I own a good piece now for a few weeks and am now really well with it. Initially the co-ordination of the fingers has been somewhat difficult (you press for focusing the Lensbaby towards camera and can muse in no position fix), have but quickly found
  • Great "toys" for men  

    Tonino Lamborghini electric chainsaw KS 6024 Lamborghini (tool)
    I have long, really thought long, what chainsaw it should be now. My old Husqvarna annoyed me for some time with first to solid chain, then relaxed and then she lacked somehow despite the 1800 watt power. I schnipple year so about 4 cubic meters of f
  • Great toy, but not good quality  

    Legler workbench "professional" (Toys)
    The toy in and of itself is great. Gern want to get started right away as an adult, but the quality is not great, for example, can not tighten the screws or loosen, as the tip of the screwdriver is much thicker than the slot in the screw with the scr
  • Is not at all, a toy for children  

    Polaroid Style DSLR Digital SLR - IS2132 RED (16MP, 21x Optical Zoom, 4x Digital Zoom, 3.0 "preview screen, Built-in flash) (Electronics)
    This is not a camera, which is a toy for children. Should not Buy. Unless you want to give it to his mother-what !!!
  • expensive toys 1  

    Lytro light field camera ILLUM (40 Megaray sensor, 8.3-fold opt. Zoom, 30-250 mm focal length) (Electronics)
    the noble price corresponds to a very noble Emballage in which all necessary parts - including a lens hood -. are packaged separately. The last product that I have seen so known for finest packed, had a wristwatch in the 4-digit range. Only downside:
  • Unkaputtbares Toys  

    NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS-60 (Toys)
    The Nerf Stampede is a unkaputtbares toys with lots of accessories, which was also massive use requirements hält.Mit the great magazine for soft arrows created a relatively long pleasure without müssen.Die constantly reload the magazine Verletznungsg
  • Sweet toys at good price  

    VTech 80-167404 - Little explorers band - Emma with Pony (Toys)
    We got the play set from my sister for our daughter. She is now 8 months old and has just also moving toys (railway and Co.) to discover. To this end, the little Emma is ideal with her pony, we can show you how the character moves and the music and s
  • Cute toy  

    Professional pore cleansing - Facial Cleanser - Pore Cleanser - Facial Care Set (Health and Beauty)
    Who wants to buy this product for occasional use, I can only say it is a nice toy ... good for the skin, however, is it really a cheap product so do not expect too much
  • Great toy 2  

    Lamaze 27068 - Play & Grow Captain Calamari, the pirate octopus (Baby Product)
    Did Captain Calamari first he gewaschen- has survived well, no changes. Our small (3 1/2 months) loves him dearly. Simply rascheln- only the hat and she is active. They examined him again and again. My favorite toy. The toy is well made. The stink or
  • Prima Toys ... just too noisy  

    Born to Play FS032 - Born to Play - Feuerwehrman Sam - Friction Rescue Vehicle & Tom with Light & Sound (English verse (Toys)
    My son is 180% very zurfrieden and puts the toy for 1 week rarely out of his hand. Unfortunately, the noise is very taxing on the environment. I think it would be great if it were a volume selection of toys that make sounds.
  • Children's Toys  

    Cullmann Alpha 15 silver mini tripod with ball head (electronics)
    Once unpacked briefly viewed, re-wrapped. The tripod looks so cheap and wobbly that I did not want to try it. The enthusiastic reviews here are incomprehensible to me, the thing is to use no more than a child's toy. Actually not even sure, as it it i
  • Very useful "toy".  

    Staedtler 351 WP4 Lumocolor whiteboard markers, 4 pieces in tiltable Staedtler box, assorted colors (Office supplies & stationery)
    I use this whiteboard marker now for almost a year. They also have a corresponding number of refills behind - already almost a dozen refill casks I ordered this. Nevertheless, they are working properly, give vibrant colors, and so. On a "whitebo
  • Great toy 3  

    PLAYMOBIL 5136 - Pirates command with weapons (toys)
    Beautiful, good and reasonably priced. An excellent toy, with some accessories, which encourages performance. Children's hearts jump higher at the sight of the little pirate.