Bosch sprit level filam


  • Bosch spirit level  

    Bosch PLL 1 P Laser level + Wall Mount (Plumb) (tool)
    The water level is suitable for all Ausmessungen, because it can be used with a laser line and a laser spot, it also does not weigh much
  • Beware of tendinitis.  

    Bosch AHS 60-16 Hedge Trimmers 2.8 kg to 60 cm cutting blade 16 mm 0600847D00 (Tools & Accessories)
    Working properly but the steel of the blade wears out very quickly. The switch (lock) of safety is much too hard, btw the spring is broken or jammed. I had to disassemble and remove it. That fact that I have a hedge trimmer dangerous because it has o
  • Bosch PLL 1 P Laser Level  

    Bosch PLL 1 P Laser level + Wall Mount (Plumb) (tool)
    Processing and feel is very good. From a certain age, these small dragonflies are no longer clearly visible. Also, an adjustment is a challenge due to the small size. From the idea works well for me but unfortunately can not be used
  • OK, but would have expected more from BOSCH. Performance ok, but processed cheaply and sometimes not thought through  

    Bosch ART 26-18 LI cordless trimmer + knife without battery and charger (18 V, 1.5 Ah, 26 cm cutting width) (tool)
    First of all, I am already in possession of a PSB18Li-2 Akkubohrschraubers with 2 batteries (1.5Ah) and quick charger (1h for 1.5Ah), which is why I use the grass trimmer without battery and charger for 89, - have acquired, by now a three-time use I
  • A tour de force of Bosch  

    Bosch BGS5SIL66B Bodenstaubsauger Relaxx'x ProSilence66 EEK A (bagless, SensorBagless Technology, 66 dB (A), Quattro Power System) black (household goods)
    Honestly !!! Could not be better !! I'm like a lot of men a vacuum cleaner specialist. I do not understand how someone can write that their water suction at full level is too loud !! There is almost no difference between min and max in the volume. If
  • A must for the Bosch machine  

    Bosch MUZ45SV1 attachment for cookies / for mincer for Bosch food processors MUM4 ... MUM5 ... (housewares)
    Gave myself a food processor from Bosch and equal this essay bestellt.Mit machine and attachment goes sprits quick and easy !! essay stable !!
  • Laser Top, tripod really embarrassing - because should not draufstehen Bosch.  

    Bosch PCL 20 Set Cross Line Laser Level + Tripod + Case + protection wall mount (10 m working range, plumb function) (tool)
    While we're renovating a house quite expensive and do much itself sits well worth the money for meaningful additions to the workbench quite loose. This laser from Bosch my expectations fully met, if not exceeded. Only the tripod is a bad joke and tot
  • Bosch quality - no ifs and buts  

    Bosch 2607010544 straight shank drill bits 7 pcs. Blue Granite Drill Set Robu (tool)
    Super stone / concrete drill - very good workmanship. The Robust Line is "Made in Germany" and not from China, such as z. B. the many drill sets from Bosch with wood, stone and steel drills, etc. The higher price is worthwhile in any case.
  • Bosch BBHMOVE4 brush vacuum / 2-in-1 cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner / champagne ...  

    Bosch BBHMOVE4 brush vacuum cleaner (2-in-1 cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner, Power Nozzle, 2 power levels) champagne metallic (household goods)
    I have, after I had previously appointed in the newly developed commercial successor to the lithium battery and therefore looked after my feeling heavier cordless vacuum specifically, a charging station had not noticed me there, but chose this -schon
  • Rather than a real laser level toy!  

    Bosch 0603663300 / PLL 1 P Line Laser Level (Tools & Accessories)
    The level is very small and not that great magnetic media. The spirit level part is not calibrated with respect to the laser. The laser line is low in brightness and too small length with a "fade" fast light at the edges. I put 1 star because yo
  • Bosch Pro always match  

    Bosch Hammer drill SDS-plus GBH 2-28 DFV 850 W with L-BOXX 136 0611267201 (Tools & Accessories)
    I bought this because I wanted to punch a versatile tool and especially resistant in time. My father bought a Bosch drill there 25 years and it is still standing ... Level drilling with the mandrel, no problem. Standard drills are going very well. To
  • Bosch 360 medium  

    Bosch Universal clamp tripod MM 1 0603692000 (Tools & Accessories)
    Convenient complement for the Bosch PLL laser level 360. Placed on the ground, it adjusts the laser height precisely where the tripod can still be used. It can also be fixed on a support (wall) for heights beyond what allows the tripod
  • great mower, which is clearly superior to the current models of Bosch  

    AL-KO 112858 Comfort 40 E Electric mower (tool)
    I have respect. Lawnmowers now finally become a very beautiful ordeal behind me and am happy with the AL-KO. We have a plot of 860 m², of which perhaps 400 m² lawn. However, these are spread in front on smaller areas and next to the house as well as
  • Top-washing machine from Bosch  

    Bosch washing machine front loader WAY32841 / A +++ A / 1600 rpm / 8 kg / White / i-Dos / AquaStop (Misc.)
    After more than 15 years our old washing machine has had its day of privilege. Overall, we have models from 500EUR by Bosch, Siemens, Miele, Panasonic, LG looked at various wholesale markets. Criteria for our purchase in 1600 were spin tours (we have
  • After Maikta debacle to Bosch ...  

    Bosch GKS 10.8V-Li battery circular saw --- Solo --- without battery and charger (Misc.)
    and I was not disappointed. The saw is quite powerful for 10.8 volts and is suitable for smaller jobs. Battery consumption is compared with the GST, let the very moderate for GOP. The often criticized directional stability is also often on fixed tigh
  • my 2 .from Bosch  

    Bosch PHD5962 hairdryer Purestyle, 2200 watts for fast drying (Personal Care)
    too long I have the device not in use, but so far I am very satisfied. Find though, that the hair dryer is really hot, but then one can turn down a level. But as always, Bosch keeps its promises.
  • According to Part Number without charge level control ?!  

    Bosch Professional GBA 36 V 4.0 Ah battery HC, 1600Z0003C (tool)
    Insert battery pack 36V 4,0Ah Had only played with the idea of ​​me this battery to buy here. But according to manufacturer Bosch should be without this protection and charge control. Item number 16 .......... The picture shows a with LZA on the home
  • Compare Bosch 5513, Philips HP 4983 and Remington D5410  

    Remington D5410 ionic hair dryer, 2000 watts, compact (Personal Care)
    The old hair dryer slowly dissolved, so I needed a new. Brought Kurz Stiftung Warentest and ordered the little brother of the well-tested Bosch, specifically the Model 5513. Prompt delivery, connected and disappointment. Despite 1800 Watts had the un
  • But good device holds, not everything Bosch promises  

    Bosch AHS 70-34 Hedge Trimmer (700 W, 700 mm diameter length, 34 mm tooth spacing, 3.8 kg) (tool)
    So far I have my hedges cut with a Florabest of LIDL, which was very easy to handle, but also pushed quickly reach their limits when stronger pruning of hedges is older (much smaller diameter distance, shorter sword, lower performance) Today I had th
  • very good washing machine from Bosch  

    Bosch WAB28220 Waschvollautomat Classixx 6 / A + B / 1400 rpm / 5.5 kg / white / wool hand wash / Extra short program (Misc.)
    After exactly 15 years, my beloved privilege washer, at the time set yet by source, their service (sob, cry ...) Now I opted for the washing machine (yes, then washing machines complain of today who keep something to himself) WAB 28220 "Classixx 6&qu