braun wet and dry epilator reviews


  • Coupling for Braun 7681 Wet and Dry Epilator  

    Brown Clutch Silkepil 7 (Personal Care)
    I have for some time the Braun 7681 Wet and Dry epilator and I've now bought the clutch Silkepil 7 to to take advantage of the peel effect can. I use the Peelaufsatz both on the face and on the legs. The scrub-brush for the face not too hard, leaving
  • Braun Silk-épil SE9-969 9 Skin Spa Wireless Wet and Dry Epilator - a super good device  

    Braun Silk-épil 9 9-969 SkinSpa Wireless Wet and Dry Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    For years, we use the epilator of silk-epil, the new Silk-épil 9 totally convinced us. Our predecessor is the Silk-Epil 7, is very gratifying that are free to use all of the attachments 7 Series with the 9s. Since the kits have different essays which
  • Fits perfectly on the Braun Series 3 380 Wet and dry  

    Braun 32S Series 3, floaters shaving head cartridge (Personal Care)
    I bought the razor of Braun Series 3 380 Wet and dry before about 2 years here until long shaved the initial shaving head still quite good, well you could tell that he began so slowly subside to shave effectiveness, but for almost 2 years already a g
  • Perfect combination of wet and dry shaver  

    Braun B55 - BodycruZer "Black Edition" - BodycruZer with precision trimmer + Gillette Fusion blade (Limited Edition) (Health and Beauty)
    Today I want to make a brief review of the Brown Bodycruzers BB55 in the "Black Edition". Before BodycruZer von Braun I have some other devices for body hair used, including the Philips Bodygroom or just the Gillette Fusion razor, but the Braun
  • Good compromise between wet and dry shavers  

    Philips AT750 / 26 Wet & Dry shaver Aqua Touch (Rasierschaumprobe) (Health and Beauty)
    I have already tried many wet and some dry shaver - my problem: To permanently wet shave my skin is too sensitive, I had often irritated and reddened skin on the neck and chin I had small pimples. I therefore switched to dry shaving, but shaving resu
  • PRODUCT TEST PHILIPS RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet and dry shaver incl. Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    The product was to try get PHILIPS kindly free. DESIGN: modern design is good and light in the hand, good ergonomics. FUNCTION: Noise: the operation surprisingly quiet (compared with razors with elongated double shaving head). That's very good! Charg
  • ST326E Slim Straightener BaByliss Wet and Dry  

    Slim Straightener BaByliss Protect Wet and Dry 28 mm 235 ° C - ST326E (Health and Beauty)
    very good article, simple to use and effective, does not appear to damage the hair; I use it every day on dry or damp hair.
  • Good braking performance in wet and dry.  

    Kool-Stop brake shoes Linear Pull Holder & Dual Compound, black, 14209019 (equipment)
    The brake pads are in use on a tandem. Compared to the standard (Shimano brake pads) had a much better braking performance even with luggage and when wet.
  • Kärcher 2.863-204.0 Wet and dry vacuum switchable  

    Kärcher 2.863-204.0 Wet and dry vacuum switchable (tool)
    our Terrace sucked so, concrete slabs (sucking is easier as sweep). Switched and then carried on in the garage, tiles. Works flawlessly.
  • Wet and dry vacuum cleaner  

    Kärcher 1347-921 wet dry vacuum cleaners WD 5.600 MP (tool)
    The nipple is relatively quiet and very well drawn. I've been using in some cases as a pond vacuum the closure Drain the water is very convenient. In the house I would not in use but he's not even gemaccht.
  • Nilfisk wet and dry vacuum cleaner Multi 30T VSC Inox  

    Nilfisk 107402052 wet / dry vacuum Multi 30 T Inox VSC (tool)
    Ordered by Nilfisk me the nipple. In itself not a bad device, the suction power is fine, the filter cleaning seems to work well. My return reasons were as follows: The tool adapter is actually good for nothing, fit neither of Bosch sander still on my
  • Super wet and dry vacuum cleaner  

    Kärcher A 2675 1723-814 Jubilée wet / dry vacuum (tool)
    Have a wet basement sucked, went very quickly. My old vacuum cleaner would have needed twice as long. Super I find that the filter does not have to get out the wet sucking, no matter what you want to suck.
  • Great "round carefree package" - Braun Silk-épil 7 Wet & Dry epilator  

    Braun Silk-épil 7 Legs, Body & Face + Face Cleaning Brush 7-569 Wet & Dry Promotion Pack (Health and Beauty)
    I was far more pure "razor" - going so fast, go wet and dry, and you just get used to it. But as I tested the frequency and also because while shaving the result is never 100% always flirtatious with epilators, I have one or two further product
  • Thorough us proper shave, regardless of whether wet or dry  

    Panasonic ES-RF31 Battery Shaver (dry / wet) (Health and Beauty)
    As part of product testing must test the shaver Panasonic ES-RF31. (Insiders) Hair: I have both the wet and dry shaving tested and both have won me over. So far I have actually shaved only dry, I'll probably change now. In the wet shave even the smal
  • A subjective comparison to Braun 795cc and Panasonic ES-LA93 with surprise  

    Panasonic ES8807 Wet Dry Battery Shaver (Health and Beauty)
    More than 30 years I shave wet (last with Gillette Sensor Excel) and has always been pleased. Since I have hurt me but because of skin irregularities in recent times more common here, I wanted to now switch to the Trockerasieren. Because decision dif
  • Relieving cough and dry eyes  

    Philips humidifier with hygienic Nano cloud technology, HU4803 / 01 (tools)
    So I created the humidifier now for almost 3 weeks in operation and I'm thrilled that he does so. The humidifier is not really small so you should consider whether you have room for him. But for us the size is not disruptive, we put him in our bedroo
  • The three ??? and the purchased reviews  

    168 / GPS Gangster (Audio CD)
    That would be a great title for a new exciting episode! Justus, Peter and Bob got into a case where a great label for radio plays by selling the customer reviews vera ...... nleitet buying deteriorating Products! Contents of the result I will not say
  • To keep you warm and dry  

    Jane Klain 264 390 Ladies Biker Boots (Textiles)
    The boots keep super warm and dry. I work in the office and had only concerns that cooking my feet, but that's not the case. I am totally satisfied with the product. Delivery carried out as promised within the shortest time.
  • Goodbye Cracked and dry skin  

    Weleda Skin Food, 75ml (Health and Beauty)
    Those who suffer from chapped and dry skin (eg hands, elbows or even in the face) should once try this skin cream. Here believe (me) the smell! Due to the high quality but also high in fat and oil content should be but after applying necessarily afte
  • Wet and cold - nothing compared to neoprene overshoes  

    VAUDE Bike Gaiter Gaiter Long (Sports Apparel)
    Unfortunately, I no longer use the leggings! Reason: Unlike my neoprene overshoes Condensation / condensate forms. After a mountain bike tour of one hour, the feet and legs are (all that is covered by the spats) really wet and therefore cold. I wante