breuer face brush


  • A beautiful face brush  

    Beurer FC 45 face brush (Personal Care)
    The Breuer FC face brush fits comfortably in your hand, is not too heavy and also of the application, the device is really simple. Only the fact that the power button you have to press 2 seconds before the unit turns on is initially confusing and get
  • For me senseless batteries eaters: face brush flop and the epilator can not what a "real" can not get any better  

    Brown Face 810 Gesichtsepilierer & face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    My legs and armpits I epiliere for the past decades, and although I have certainly also been successfully removed with my "normal" epilator the fine hairs on the upper lip, I was curious to see if the brown Gesichtsepilierer for this applic
  • Excellent face brush  

    MIU COLOR® Brush Cleanser And Exfoliating For The Ultra Soft Facial care (Others)
    Beautiful discovery that this face brush! Veeeeeery gentle to the skin, it does more than its job properly ie deep clean my face (much better in any case than a simple washing or cleansing cotton). The price is reasonable and quality is at the rendez
  • handy and practical face brush  

    Beurer FC 45 face brush (Personal Care)
    The son of man has currently struggling a bit with the facial skin is just at that age ... and that's why he uses this face brush regularly now. The facial brush is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included. The battery compartment can be here ve
  • 5 stars thanks to the face brush  

    Epilator Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa Premium Edition 7-979 Wet & Dry Brush + Cleaning Brush Exfoliating Face + (Health and Beauty)
    This new set consists of a Braun epilator with several tips, an exfoliating brush face and leg exfoliating brush clip-on the basis of the epilator. I like the cover that closes with a magnet. It is large and can store a lot of things in it. I really
  • Fits all Braun-face brushes with 5-eck-hub  

    Brown SE80e face Face exfoliating brush, 2 attachment face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    The essays fit facial brush, which have a 5-square-up hub, so also apply to any Brown, even those that are supplied to the epilator. Since I have such a bonus pack, I have also learned to appreciate the brush. The brush should, however, be replaced e
  • Compatible with all Brown Face Brush - prevents makeup edges  

    Brown SE80b face Face cosmetics sponge, paper face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    The replacement brushes from Braun not only fit to the brown face 810 but also to the brush, which you set with the Silk-épil 7 Silk-épil 7 7951 erhält.Braun SkinSpa epilator (with 4 towers & scrub brush) These sponges are well suited to massage a se
  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush  

    Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (Personal Care)
    I love this brush. The makeup is easily incorporated perfectly into the skin. There are formed no brush marks and the face looks flawless.
  • Very good Epilierer- face brush mediocre  

    Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Wet & Dry epilator Wireless with 7 Extras (including facial cleansing brush) (Health and Beauty)
    For years, I am convinced Silk-épil users and also the SE9-579 convinced me: This kit comes with a lot of accessories: facial cleansing brush, shaver head, trimmer attachment, high-frequency massage attachment, skin contact attachment, epilator facia
  • Cheap standard facial brush!  

    Beurer FC 45 face brush (Personal Care)
    We have at home already 2 different electric face brush from Braun in use and can safely compare anything. Priced these Beurer FC is 45 "entry level" but I have to ask, what should make an electric face brush for 3 times the price different
  • Super Facial Brush  

    Beurer FC 45 face brush (Personal Care)
    The face brush from Beurer is very comfortable to hold. The loop at the end I personally do not, but can not imagine that it is quite handy if you want to hang the part of the wall so as not lying around. The rotation speed can be adjusted as well. I
  • Facial cleansing brush  

    Facial cleaning brush with 2 speed levels, each with a deep cleansing brush and an exfoliating brush, battery powered, color purple (Misc.)
    We (my wife and I) both use for some time this face brush and are 100% satisfied. The device is really practical and achieved good results without irritating the skin. Can we highly recommend.
  • Facial Brush with extensive facilities  

    PIXNOR P2016 Portable 7-in-1 facial cleaning equipment Brushes for Women & Men - deep cleansing of the skin - Natural Anti-Aging - Microdermabrasion Cleanser Set - exfoliating dead skin cells - Stimulate collagen - Beauty Care Massager Facial Massager (Pink) (Health and Beauty)
    To use the handset, two AA batteries are required which are not supplied, so must also be concerned. The handset can include good and is not too heavy. The engine is powerful enough to sensibly put the papers used for the match. There is a variety of
  • Extra-soft tops for the cleaning brush  

    Brown SE80s face Face Sensitive paper, 2 paper face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    I have long been using a facial cleansing brush of brown and no longer want to miss it. However, it is not specified here Brown Face, but the model is also included in some epilators sets of Silk Epil 9 and the Silk Epil 7. Even for these essays fit
  • Result not outstanding, broken brush  

    Sonic Clean Plus supersonic facial cleaning kit incl. 6 brushes
    I bought this ultrasonic facial brush me 2-3 weeks ago. From electric toothbrushes I knew those achieving a significantly better cleaning results with ultrasound as the oscillating (previously had an Oral-B, now a Panasonic, which I highly recommend)
  • Assessment of Olay Facial Brush together equipment  

    Olay Regenerist "3 Zone" Replacement face brush head, 2 pieces (Personal Care)
    I'm very satisfied with the face brush of Olay. Had other brushes of which my skin on the face was totally sore. Really very pleasant on the skin. I also feel that my skin has improved.
  • Buy recommendation - Photo Comparison with Buffing Brush from Core Collection Kit  

    Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (Personal Care)
    I am absolutely delighted with this brush. I have already tried several drug products brushes. This brush takes the product on well and it is easy to distribute on the face. The brush is as hard as in the item description, but still nice and soft for
  • A brush halt ...: D  

    Kostkamm facial massage brush (Personal Care)
    I use the facial brush for a while now and am really happy. It is not too hard but not too soft like many other brushes. They will not happen as quickly broken as the plastic, but the wood has received in some places a greenish color ... but as I do
  • I love the brushes from Real Techniques, but this set has disappointed me a bit  

    Real Techniques Nic's Picks Gift Set (Health and Beauty)
    I'm a big fan of brushes from Real Techniques and already have a huge collection. At Real Techniques you get quality for a comparatively low price usually TOP. For this set I've seen a Vido by Nic on the Real Techniques YouTube channel and was equal
  • Many functions, low-cost replacement brushes, great results  

    Remington FC1000 Reveal face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    The test of Remington FC1000 Reveal face cleaning brush has taken over in the household of the female part - as much in advance). For comparison is the Philips SC5265 / 12 Visapure Essential facial cleansing brush, blue, which is used for the same pu