buy humidifier philips hu4803 01


  • Unique humidifier  

    Philips humidifier with hygienic Nano cloud technology, HU4803 / 01 (tools)
    We have reviewed the Philips HU4803 / 01 humidifiers now run for a few days and I could hardly imagine a better device for humidification. He looks stylish, is working effectively and at the same time hygienic. The only thing you should just know tha
  • Best humidifier / vaporizer on the market. Price / Performance 1A  

    Philips HU4803 / 01 humidifiers with hygienic Nano cloud technology (tools)
    Best humidifier / vaporizer on the market We have the power now since 12.06.2013 in constant use, our apartment has 86 m2 and had no Philips HU4803 / 01 always below 20% humidity. Since 12/10/2013 we remember about the first wow effect until properly
  • strong buy recommendation, I am satisfied  

    Philips HP8280 / 00 Moisture Protect hair dryer, white (Personal Care)
    I have thick, voluminous and long hair. I have noticed that my original hair constantly got too hot and decided to stay again. After each blow with my old hair dryer smelled my hair burned and felt dry. Therefore, I have long wondered and read a lot
  • Philips, love  

    Philips HR2095 / 90 Blender 700 W Advance Glass Bowl 2 L 6 blades (Kitchen)
    Here are some products I buy a Philips brand and reconciles with them. This Blender is solid, easy to clean (easy removal). I chose it for its glass bowl, solid but more convenient for hot materials, its spout ... The control by the drive is very wel
  • Sagemcom VGA cable f. Philips PicoPix  

    Philips PPA 1150 VGA cable 1m (accessory)
    Absolute must for anyone who buys a PHILIPS PicoPix Mini projector for use with a PC. It was supposed to be included with the projector mandatory. Here Philips makes a dirty trick by the projectors 'no' sell only visually a beautiful price to have. T
  • Philips HD9140 / 91 Steamer: A great device for a low price  

    Philips HD9140 / 91 steamer (900 watts, flavor enhancers, LCD Timer, Timer) (household goods)
    Actually I wanted to buy a pressure cooker. After me I started looking, I became aware of these types of steam cookers. I then thoroughly busy myself and read reviews. So I came to the conclusion to buy the Philips HD9140 / 91 steamer. It is cheap an
  • Planned Obsolescence?  

    Philips SC5265 / 12 Visapure Essential facial cleansing brush, blue (Health and Beauty)
    The first Visapure I gave my wife for about 2 1/2 years ago for her birthday. Almost exactly 2 months before the expiration of the 2-year warranty, the part was defective - the battery is no longer charged. Philips sent without objection to a replace
  • Ultra short haircut works perfectly  

    Philips QC5380 / 80 PowerPro hair trimmer, Turbo Button, 12 lengths, silver-black (Personal Care)
    I'm now really long sought and bought myself finally this part of Philips. The hair is less, in return, I'll cut me shorter and am now at 1 to 0.5 mm in length arrived. But I try to logically - the apparently made as for me 1mm attachment. Unfortunat
  • The filter is still one of the best!  

    Philips HU4102 / 01 Filters for humidifiers (tool)
    The filter is simply still one of the best. after 3 months you have nice and slowly a new order. However, the price is much too high here. 9.99 cost of according to Philips, and so it should be and not 16,10 Stand 03.08.2014 To take care of Philips H
  • Nagging is completely misplaced  

    Philips Sonicare HX6932 / 34 FlexCare elec. Sonic toothbrush 2.Handstück, white / green (Personal Care)
    The only slowly be adopted after more than 6 years but then finally defective battery of the previous model (Sonicare Elite HX7881) led me to a new machine. Since I was very pleased with the previous model, except for the somewhat expensive purificat
  • The ideal vacuum cleaner  

    Philips FC8766 / 01 vacuum cleaner PowerPro (bagless, Super Parquet nozzle) gray / pink (household goods)
    A Philips should be better than a Dyson. My husband once laughed, and razed to the unpacking when we received the vacuum cleaner on a Saturday. Assembled and his first comment: What a cheap Plünn. No comparison to the grip and the hard plastic of the
  • Very good TV. Useless and Android Apps  

    Philips 55 PUS 8809 139 cm ((55 inch display), LCD TV, 1000 Hz) (Electronics)
    Hello I etschieden me for the Philips 8809, and am very entäucht, the whole Android is crap unusable, you test it out then captures the catastrophe also immediately. TV locks up, nothing works as well as helps no update, the TV hangs often times on a
  • Solid device with a lot of power!  

    Kenwood BL 710 blender with glass top 750 Watt (household goods)
    Have this mixer chosen because he had won in an online ranking the 3rd place and I do not trust the Philips devices. Mug: ====== Very difficult but with a large handle. It can be both hot and cold liquids in fill and mix. Capacity is 1.6 liters well
  • Efficient design Vacuum  

    Philips FC6140 / 01 Handheld vacuum cleaner Minivac White (Kitchen)
    After the "death" of my table vacuum cleaner that does not aspire to much and discharged at high speed (even when I was using did not!) I decided to buy this Philips vacuum, saying that real brand would perhaps make the difference with the previ
  • That's why two stars and a sender back!  

    Philips SHE9005 / 10 Earphones with Mic for smartphone (Accessory)
    Looking for a little while new in-ear in a rather wide range of prices ranging from twenty to sixty euros, to replace old Philips SHE8500 (very robust which required me several years) So happy the brand! There jachète few months of "JVC Xtreme Xplosi
  • Not dézonable  

    Sony DVP-SR370B.EC1 DVD / Xvid USB Black (Electronics)
    Slow to start, noisy, non dézonable, what else to say to recommend against this thing? Buy a philips, at least they dézonent easily.

    P9BLK Philips Fidelio Wireless Portable Speaker for iPhone / iPad / iPod 20W Bluetooth (Electronics)
    What happiness this speaker philips P9. I know the bluetooth portable speakers on the market after having purchased and resold without satisfait.J'ai very hesitant before buying: the price then the performances.J'avais bose tried to 300th at Darty bu
  • Unbeatable price but undrinkable CAFE  

    Philips - HD7825 / 10 - Coffee Senseo Viva Café pod tangy (Germany Import) (Kitchen)
    The coffee machine in the office we have released, I decided to take the opportunity to buy the Philips HD7825 acid green. And there, ho my god, terrible coffee always with this rear plastic taste. I am the second cleaning in less than 3 days and a d
  • Unreliable and some coffee ...  

    Philips - HD7810 / 91 - Coffee maker Senseo Classic - 1450 W - Intense Red (Kitchen)
    Second Senseo coffee machine to become unusable battery a little over a year after buying! (Philips HD7830) These are the contacts of the reservoir that are no longer and prohibit the operation of the machine! It is a shame considering the price (abo