canton sub 1200 r manual


  • Canton Sub 10.2 ideal complement  

    Canton SUB active subwoofer 10.2 (200/300 watt) black (piece) (Electronics)
    Actually, I always believed that the bass foundation of my Canton Ergo 90 DC boxes completely sufficient. The new acquisition was necessary to enable TV music broadcasts and music DVD an appropriate foundation. It was really worth it, or in other wor
  • Canton Sub 10.2  

    Canton SUB active subwoofer 10.2 (200/300 watt) black (piece) (Electronics)
    A really chic subwoofer, fits very well with my Canton Crono 705 `he standing speakers, 505` he Center and JBL Control One. The performance is absolutely sufficient. Operate the sub to a VSX 920` it. Pioneer Adjusts already have to take time. Very ha
  • Level festival, properly processed Brüllwürfelchen  

    Canton SUB 600 powered subwoofer (200/250 Watt) silver (piece) (Electronics)
    I've been running for years a Canton Karat Set as 5.0 Configuration in a listening room of only 16 m² to a large AV receiver. So far I have therefore set the low bass signals only the front speakers and now wanted to know if I could interpret even sl
  • large sub with clean deep bass  

    Klipsch SW-115 active subwoofer 800 Watt Max. (Electronics)
    Hello There, positive recessions there are many, so I write about the things that should be thought necessary, before buying this woofers. Delivery: ----------------------------- as the sub was delivered before the front door, my friend was a bit dif
  • Compare Denon X1000, Denon AVR 2113 Pioneer VSX-923, Marantz SR6007  

    Denon AVR-X1000 5.1 surround AV receiver (Internet radio, HDMI, DLNA streaming, AirPlay, 145 Watt) (Electronics)
    Understanding the purchase of a modern AV receiver: There are many reasons, trade in an old AV receiver against a modern instrument of current vintages. In addition to the expanded HDMI specification that can process 3D signals not only, but also pro
  • A really good subwoofer  

    Canton Sub 1200 R Active subwoofer system (500/750 Watt, 1-piece quantities) high-gloss white (Electronics)
    As part of the progressive modernization of my home theater system, the subwoofers are over time also repeatedly been replaced. Where initially caused a Yamaha subwoofer for 600 marks for enthusiasm, once a Canton AS 50 SC was used in its place, whic
  • Very elegande and stylish speaker with perfect sound  

    Yamaha NS 777 Stand Amplifier Speaker System (3-way bass reflex, Waveguide horn, 100W) Piano finish black, 1 piece (electronics)
    Hello There, was looking for ideals speakers, on the one hand for the home theater experience on Sony 7.1 receiver Str 520 Canton Sub subwoofer and 8.2 Surround System Canton boxes. On the other hand, I also want a ordendlichen Bums and clear sounds
  • Very good stereo sound when a few things to be considered.  

    Teufel Ultima 40 Mk2 - Imposing HiFi standing speakers for incredibly low price (Electronics)
    My previous speakers were a pair of Canton Ergo 690 Center Ergo 655 and a two Ergo-F. Obviously, far better speakers. But far from it, but this later. First, for the supply and the speakers themselves. Friday for 350, the Black Friday - ordered and d
  • Powerful with gloss  

    Canton Sub 1200 R Active subwoofer system (500/750 Watt, 1-piece quantities) high-gloss white (Electronics)
    If you should think itself procures a Sub what he can and what must nicht.Und what is quite important, I have much space available and I have to experiment enough space. Since I run my system with the sublime Canton Karat L 800 Dc and Karat 770 DC, a
  • Clean, powerful sound, great processing - very satisfied  

    Canton AS 85.2 SC active subwoofer (200/250 watt) black (piece) (Electronics)
    I was looking for a subwoofer in order to use it both for listening to music, as well as the film shows. Ultimately, I decided for the Canton AS 85.2 SC and did not regret. The subwoofer arrived in an oversized box with me. thick styrofoam pads prote
  • Jamo S 606 HCS 3 Wenge 5.0 - Excellent price / performance!  

    Jamo S 606 HCS 3 5.0 speaker system (810 Watt) (Electronics)
    The system has an excellent processing (wooden) by Jamo, excellent fit and a really high-quality optics. One might even say that the speakers representing a real eye-catcher in the living room. The sound is very harmoniously matched and also excellen
  • Great speakers with excellent sound and chic look  

    Canton Chrono SL 510.2 white high gloss (PAIR) (Electronics)
    Had already Canton Center, Sub and Surround speakers at home and was looking for Canton Rear speakers that can be mounted on the wall. For this reason, Canton has developed the 510.2 series and I have ordered in white. The wall mount is a bit spartan
  • Holt the film into the room  

    Canton SUB 10 Active subwoofer system (200/300 Watt) (Electronics)
    Hi, Of course you might think title for any other use subwoofers, but true this headline, my feeling after, one of the great strengths of the SUB 10th But first: The SUB 10 supports me 2 Canton GLE 490 connected in a 18 sqm space and is on a Denon AV
  • Consider purchased, serviced, happy .... resold  

    Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer (Wireless, controlled by iPhone, iPad, iPod, Kindle, Android) black, glossy (Electronics)
    After careful consideration, reading various reviews and the variety consistently positive reviews ( I had decided to put in a room the existing two 3 Play the Sub aside. No sooner said than done: buy, wait for the delivery, loo
  • Peaks product at very good price!  

    Canton Chrono 509 DC (160/320 watt) black (piece) (Electronics)
    I have the Chrono 509DC since about a week in use. Optics: precious, very good quality, look very sophisticated and high quality of the glossy surface and the fabric covering. Without the material covering the speakers also look very valuable due to
  • Rounder in the AVR medium segment  

    Onkyo TX-NR616 7.2 Network AV Receiver for Apple iPhone / iPod (HD Audio, 3D Ready, RDS, USB 2.0, 160 W / channel) Silver (Electronics)
    With home exchange and switch to screen and 7.1 me was my old Onkyo TX-SR 508 bit too weak in the chest. Moreover, the HDMI inputs are scarce. A stronger receiver, preferably with THX certification, was needed! Since my projector can not display a 4K
  • The absolute price hammer - brute sophisticate!  

    Jamo S 608 3-way bass-reflex floor standing speakers (150/240 Watt) Black Ash (Pair) (Electronics)
    So, I have the Jamo boxes bought blindly, without which I could this pre-listening. I knew, however, the quality Jamo speakers used (from Denmark). The risk was so small. The boxes arrived as they immediately surprised me positively. They are quite h
  • Here agrees the wichtigeste, the sound !!! Compared with Sonos AMP  

    Cambridge Audio Minx XI Digital Music System (Electronics)
    After I had bought new boxes (Canton Vento 820.2 and matching Canton Sub), I concluded it to the Sonos AMP. Result sound was okay, but no more, I lacked the space, the dynamics. So I was looking for a solution which provides more sound / sound among
  • 2.1 sound system for your computer:  

    Teac A-H01 stereo amplifier with DAC 32Bit / 192kHz, 2x60 Watt, USB, silver (Accessories)
    2.1 sound system for your computer: Amplifier Teac A-H01 Boxes 2.0: Canton CD 1020 Subwoofer 0.1: Canton Sub 600 Cable: OEHLBACH This unique combination takes up on the subwoofer is not a lot of space and provides an exhilarating sound quality. The t
  • Wharfedale WH 2 center speaker black  

    Wharfedale WH 2 center speaker black (Electronics)
    Am very surprised that the cheap Center offers so ... For ordinary consumers who have no money for high end or may not want it is very good. Voices are loud and clear over and distort nicht.Für my living room 20m² completely ausreichend.Der Center ha