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  • moulinex  

    DJ755G32 Robot Moulinex Fresh Express Plus 5 cones Ruby Red (Kitchen)
    General appearance: While sitting on his heavy, broad-based, one thing is certain he will escape or your hands or your work plan. Its glossy lacquered red and white color allows it detre matched to the greater part of the household of the moment. Thi
  • moulinex 1  

    DJ753500 Moulinex Fresh Express 3 in 1 slice grate (Kitchen)
    General appearance: While sitting on his heavy, broad-based, one thing is certain he will escape or your hands or your work plan. Its glossy lacquered red and white color allows it detre matched to the greater part of the household of the moment. Thi
  • handy 401  

    Kenwood AT340 Grater Slicer Brushed stainless steel discs for 7 robot and Major Chef (Kitchen)
    I hesitated between AT340 and AT647, but I only needed the rapper / slicer, I opted for this model, as it grater or slice to infinity, while the other model is restrictive on quantity, quick and easy to clean, beautiful and sturdy accessory is the on
  • 1373 Not bad  

    Moulinex Robot Pastry QA200110 Masterchef Multifunction Compact White (Kitchen)
    I have tested so far only pulp Madeleine, not trouble. Good rQ / P in connection with the Offers Amazon Christmas. There are 2 sets of accessories, these are the XF626110 (rapper / slicer) and XF625110 (Blender), also rested on Amazon. Be careful if
  • Moulinex chopper  

    AT710131 Moulinex Mini Multi chopper Moulinette White / Red (Size: 13 x 13 x 27 cm) (Kitchen)
    why did I choose the Moulinex brand? because she is indefatigable and indestructible - my previous chopper Moulinex was 11.5 years - I broke the jar out of the dishwasher (if I would serve me yet) more than a mini chopper in view of its capacity: 500
  • Potato Chips fried vegetable slicer Kitchen Cutter Chopper ...  

    Potato Chips fried vegetable slicer Chopper Cutter Kitchen Stainless
    ABSOLUTELY leak !!! Completely useless, keep your money !!!! if you want to make fries, cut by hand unless you want to make lint In a word of regret !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
  • Best bet Rapp  

    Weather Live - Detailed forecasts and live weather conditions (app)
    The best bet Rapp what I've tried. Very good predictions. Easy to operate. Very good design. Optics is excellent.
  • Junior meets vanilla cream slice.  

    Kit Kat White single bar, 24 pack (24 x 45g) (Food & Beverage)
    Already clear. There are sections with chocolate coating. But not any chocolate but in this case, once again topped by the coat with white chocolate. In order for this Kit Kat tastes like a mix of slices with vanilla cream filling and chocolate Junio
  • Best Blitzer Warne Rapp PLUS (App)
    There is no better lightning Rapp when all join in and the Blitzer time melden.Für the app I do not mind paying the small price.The developers must indeed something of life and this work is very top notch. Many Thanks
  • Geiler rapper!  

    EstAtainment (Audio CD)
    He's a great rapper and I celebrate his album! Horny toy! Everyone should buy all the suffering that should have loaded it illegal an agonizing dead: D
  • EstA = cuddle rapper?  

    EstAtainment (VBT Edition incl. 8 bonus tracks / Exclusive to (Audio CD)
    One knows EstA from VBT as something arrogant Battle rappers of all doubt is raptechnisch sublime and convinced with good flow, a dubious image and many catchy hooks. Now he delivers an album that is characterized by predominantly chilled beats, rap
  • Each Rapp-heart will miss a beat!  

    The Fast And The Furious (Audio CD)
    "Watch your back" and with this title miwws Brian O'Connor with Vince at Toretto's. And so the Rapp-time begins! Countless Hammer titles with Ja Rule and follow the other. But it will not be boring! The variety of beats, choruses and strong
  • This slicer Siemens met all expectations! A highly recommended product!  

    Siemens MS42001N slicer, 100 Watt, White (Kitchen)
    The Siemens food slicer can cut both thick slices and thin slices. Whether bread, sausage, cheese, etc., that's no matter. It can clean very well and also fold up quickly. The quality meets the price! I can put this product to anyone just my heart. I
  • Slicer  

    Ritter fortis 1 slicer Duo Plus with ECO Engine (household goods)
    We are very satisfied with this slicer. He's not as big as most of the other, can be easily cleaned and also the replacement of the cutting blades is going well. Here a cutting blade for sausage / meat / cheese was about equal :-).
  • Finally back cut thin slices!  

    Ritter fortis 1 slicer Duo Plus with ECO Engine (household goods)
    For reasons of space in the small kitchen on Norderney, we have dispensed with a slicer for 8 years - the place was not there. Now, we live again in our homeland, in KW and the kitchen is as big as it should be. This had a new slicer ago! From the ex
  • The perfect slicer for reasonable price  

    ritter contura 3 with ECO Engine (household goods)
    After our old cheap bread slicer had given up the spirit of plastic we were looking for a good slicer at a reasonable price. We cut mainly bread with crispy crust accordingly. After much back and forth a lot of our choice on the Contura. 3 The reason
  • Good film, but slicer beneficial  

    2 x mumbi screen protector Acer Iconia Tab A500 screen protector "Crystal Clear" invisible (Electronics)
    The mumbi Screen Protector (Set of 2) I really like it very much. However, I had to cut the opening for the camera about 1 millimeter prior to application on the side. (A good slicer assuming that the film may include a protective film cut cleanly!)
  • Perfect cheese slicer for acceptable price.  

    Kesper 68621 Cheese Slicer with Dome for "Tete de Moine" cheese, ø 21 cm (household goods)
    The Cheese Slicer does what it promises. The wooden part is considerable. The hood is just right. The delivery time was very short!
  • Klarstein 4-Slice Toaster Vintage Stainless Steel  

    Klarstein 10005174 Toaster 4-slice stainless steel 1650 W, cream (household goods)
    Klarstein 4-Slice Toaster Vintage Stainless Steel (1650W, 6 positions with defrost, bagel and reheat function) cream We 30.09. 2012 bought this toaster in the color turquoise and were initially enthusiastic. In particular, the 2 separately operated T
  • Moulinex AT712G crusher ...  

    Moulinex AT712G shredder Multi Moulinette (household goods)
    I have the Moulinex constantly thrilled in use and am. My big food processor I do not need, I've rarely used. The Moulinex crushed everything effortlessly. You can quickly clean again, not so much accessories are required and is also space-saving. Du