clearzine Meinung


  • Beautiful album  

    Neugebor'n (MP3 Download)
    I am many years a very big fan of Christian Lais and the anticipation of the new solo album from him was huge. The wait was well worth it. I think that this is his best album, vocally and lyrically. Christian Lais has dared to venture with the help o
  • Green or blue?  

    Bosch PSM 200 AES Home Series Multi Sander + replaceable sanding plate (200 W, micro-filter system) (tool)
    This time it's green geworden.Warum? Because yes you basically a 2 in 1 machine hat.Einen delta sander and a surface grinder. The have at Professionel (blue) not gefunden.Als first I noticed the Lautstärke.LEISE!, Really, whether it is idle or when A
  • Fine for me  

    Clearzine (2 bottles) - The Top Rated Acne pill. Eliminates acne, blackheads, redness, rosacea and pimples - 60 capsules each (Health and Beauty)
    I see some negative comments and different! It is necessary that a product may be effective on some and not on others. For me I have a positive effect. The buttons are so big and fewer. In my case, no puberty story! I'm 40 and skin problems are prese
  • I finally got rid of my acne  

    Clearzine (2 bottles) - The Top Rated Acne pill. Eliminates acne, blackheads, redness, rosacea and pimples - 60 capsules each (Health and Beauty)
    After 5 years of hard struggle against my acne, I spent a fortune on creams and lotions be called without any miraculous results. ClearZine to successfully or others have failed, thank you!
  • is ok for me  

    Pride of the Rose - the best and more (Audio CD)
    fast delivery and well packaged a that complements my rosenstolz regal.musik is therefore a matter of taste who RS. like I find not so good from the sound yes my meinung.lg
  • Nuclear waste  

    Orphen - Scion of Sorcery (video game)
    I do it short Graphics scrap scrap story, combat system scrap money and a waste of time. Of course that's just my personal Meinung.Und course I have also taken into account that it is a P2 game anyway because there vieel better
  • 5 stars what else?  

    The Very Best of Hubert Kah (curated by Blank & Jones) (Audio CD)
    Anyone who has ever seriously dealt with the music of Hubert Kah, of course knows perfectly well that the genius of this unique formation (or later with Hubert as a soloist) reached after the NDW era its musical climax hat.Für connoisseurs is this Be
  • And he was getting longer ...  

    Relax Days Flexible Garden hose with spray gun 2 colors 4 sizes (Green, 5-15 m) (Garden & Outdoors)
    Hose was purchased primarily for aquarium filling or pouring to balcony plants. DA I saw the thing already in the TV advertising, I because of the possibility in a small box to have it much tubing to accommodate him save space was interesting, I got
  • Ingenious camera pack small  

    Olympus E-M5 OM-D Gehäuse kompakte Systemkamera (16 Megapixel, 7,6 cm (3 Zoll) Display, bildstabilisiert) schwarz (Elektronik)
    First, let me point out that my following remarks should be of interest only for photographers who take pictures only directly in Jepeg. All RAW photographers and Photoshop artists (those who want to get the maximum from the photos and it will also h
  • kartenschutzhuelle  

    SECVEL cards Cases Classic - RFID / NFC & magnetic protection - Silver Grey (Office supplies & stationery)
    Shell nestles beautifully to the protected Karte.Entnahme same no Problem.Habe for acquaintances mitbestellt.Meinung: prima I therefore Produkt.Kann only recommend.
  • Top unit with the usual high quality HP  

    HP Pavilion 11-E010SG 29.5 cm (11.6 inches) notebook (AMD A4 1250m, 1GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Radeon HD 8210, Touchscreen, Win 8) Black (Personal Computers)
    I have the HP chosen because I have already bought, used and recommended a number of HP computers as well as laptops. Each of these devices is still in use today and they never failed. However, I started my search, first of all at Idealo and there he
  • The best FIFA-song 2010  

    Helele (Single House Mix) (MP3 Download)
    Nothing against Shakira, but for me it has more Rhytmus.Waka, Waka is more a Lala-Song.Wie said, this is my Meinung.Leider you hear since then nothing more of Velile!
  • I would have liked a completely re-established Album ...  

    30 years with heart and soul (Audio CD)
    The then 16-year-old Nicole was discovered by Robert Jung in a talent contest and signed their recording contract in 1980 with Ralph Siegel Jupiter Records. Direct her first single Do not fly so high, my little friend in 1981 to a big hit and was 22
  • Secret heroine of my childhood  

    30 years with heart and soul (Audio CD)
    As a young man they say is not often when you actually hear mostly completely different music. But Nicole was the secret hero of my childhood. Lyrics and music together with their absolute great personality have always touched me and get to sing alon
  • Absolute success! More please!  

    7 Life (Audio CD)
    Genghis Khan - a comeback? My first thought was: How does that work? Without the unwilling Leslie and without the now deceased Louis and Steve? Never! And now we have the comeback album "7 lives" present. Now what you say as a fan of the first h
  • Granted, it was a Augenzwinker Gift  

    A bit of peace (MP3 Download)
    Conclusion: I can not and will my review actually presses _not_ in A'-star, but it must indeed. Since there for me ultimately a, albeit well-made, hit is, I give three to three and a half star. "Oh, no, I need nothing. How about world peace"? ..
  • Swansong of a dying swan  

    Radio Mania (Audio CD)
    It is surely significant that Sampler appear with the past only lately by Nicole. Reasons for recaps there apparently many, among which the only plausible but is a 30th stage anniversary. "Radio Mania" was sure releast under an entirely differen
  • Absolutely superclass !!!  

    Absolute Love (Audio CD)
    Absolute love - absolutely the best of Rex Gildo. An "adult" Rex shows here that he can also sing songs that have lyrics. Songs for listening and dreams. Beautifully the "Tango d'amour" for his velvety Schmusstimme as made. For those w
  • A CD with however his time ungenuzten hit potential  

    Heart jumps (Audio CD)
    In the published by Virgin Records 1996 Album of only 1.52 m big singer and composer in fact is much more hit potential, as it can be both at the time it decoupled singles "Look mi net so to" anticipate and "Goodbye Jane" at first glan