conclusion of door alarm


  • As a window alarm okay, but as a door alarm?  

    Small window lock door security Armored door Alarm / Window Alarm Wireless Alarm Alarm Alarm system for door windows + solar panel + siren (Electronics)
    Hide one should attach the at the door? The magnet may not be too far from the control panel. We also hear the very soft click when both separates. The door leaf is produced, the door frame has only half the width of the control panel ... So you have
  • door alarm  

    Elro SC07 / 3 set of 3 Mini Alarm (Tools & Accessories)
    the product arrived on time and well packaged! most is that the batteries are supplied, the negative points is that two alarms not walk because they sound continuously !! the product conforms to the description, the sound is loud.
  • Super Alarm Clock !!! 1  

    TFA 60.2503 radio-alarm clock with temperature (household goods)
    Style: The cubical shape is in my opinion, over very good and also the chrome-like plastic frame at the front wearing his help. Of course you can see fingerprints on the chrome frame if you touch it directly, but in normal operation which is anyway n
  • Alarm 1  

    Eden MA60 Mini Alarm Door / Window (Tools & Accessories)
    Decidedly unlucky with my door alarm must be put shims to the 2 arrows really fall in front and it works only 1 shot 3
  • Cube Alarm Clock with Color Changing  

    LED 24 - Cube Alarm Clock with Color Changing Top goods (electronics)
    == Hello! == Mighty needed a new alarm clock and his brother wanted to have one, with my two sons consultation we decided for the LED cube. Two times the cube, which currently costs 4,90 Euro and that's ok. In Amazon, there are different rates, once
  • Great alarm clock - until he falls down ...  

    TFA 98.1040 radio clock with alarm (household goods)
    We bought the version with luminous hands and luminous dial. Thus we never needed electric lighting. The time was even after hours of absolute darkness still readable, just unbeatable !!! The alarm clock works with absolute reliability, making no noi
  • Great alarm clock for a small price  

    TFA 60.1014 Electronic alarm clock nostalgia, brown (Misc.)
    Unfortunately I suffer more often from sleep problems, these relate not only to the falling-asleep, which like delaying a long time, but also to wake up. Where the whole thing probably conditioned mutually. In my old alarm clocks that could be off to
  • "Door" sensor limited use  

    Gigaset element door (door sensor incl. Fastening solution, batteries, Quick Start Guide) White (Electronics)
    A detailed review of the overall system of mine can be found here: Unfortunately, now everything returns because the whole system is too unreliable. For Door Sensor: From my perspective, the sensors "Window" and "Motion" really meaning
  • Have finally found my alarm clock ...  

    Regent 44/740/7 Primus Wireless Reisewecker Black
    The Regent 44/740/7 radio Reisewecker I was very pleasantly surprised (thanks to the pre-reviewers, however, referring to the slightly larger normal-clock model - because of the similarity of travel and normal alarm clock that still is very helpful)
  • Window Alarm  

    Elro SC07 / 3 Mini Door and Window Alarm 3 Pack (tool)
    This window u. Door alarm is the easiest and quickest way around the house or the apartment against thieves (if you are staying at home to protect. Easy to assemble and to handle.
  • Almost like a real alarm  

    Door Alarm with key switch Pentatech DG 6 / TA 603
    So my wife can sleep in peace, when I'm not at home, I have given her this door alarm. The device is working properly and has a very loud alarm. Especially the function of being able to leave the house even after having aktivert the alarm and the del
  • The nice big incompetents  

    KIENZLE Quartzclock ACTIV II Quartz Dial Silver V71097139310 (household goods)
    Since my alarm clock fell off while cleaning, I need until the next time change a new one because the Einstellstöpsel is canceled. When looking for an alarm clock that has an analogue time display and hands that glow all night, I came across this mod
  • The family refrigerator  

    Bosch KSV36AI41 refrigerator / A +++ / cooling: 348 L / stainless steel / Super Cool / Flex Shelf (Misc.)
    () Description and scope of services: In the same design with the Siemens KS36VAI41 Bosch KSV36AI41 is a 186cm high, 60.0 cm wide and 65.0 cm deep Full room refrigerator without additional refrigeration unit. The device has according to the manufactu
  • Deterrent for little money  

    Door Alarm with key switch Pentatech DG 6 / TA 603
    Secure Looking for a cheap variant to a door I came across this door alarm. When unpacking you realize though that lies not much technology behind it and the processing somewhere in Asia has its origin, but it should be assumed at this price. Concern
  • Not perfect but already getting close  

    Siemens KG39EAW40 fridge freezer / A +++ / 347 L / white / safety glass / LED light / Crisper Box / Super Freezing (Misc.)
    We bought the refrigerator for 660 Euro incl. Delivery via Amazon, as our old baby suddenly no longer wanted. It went on to subcontractors "Wagner" and it went pretty fast and uncomplicated. After only three days the fridge was at the door.
  • Chic part with useful functions ...  

    Karcher UR 1040 G watches Radio (PLL radio, temperature display, dual alarm) black / green (Electronics)
    The Karcher clock radio is still smaller than I thought, because it comes across quite large by the recordings on the photos. However, he found almost anywhere. PRO: - The cable is beautiful with 1.50 meters long, so it is not in close proximity to t
  • Very happy, would buy it again  

    Bosch KSV36AI41 refrigerator / A +++ / cooling: 348 L / stainless steel / Super Cool / Flex Shelf (Misc.)
    We had to finally put everything in search of a large refrigerator. After extensive research on the net, the choice fell on the Bosch KSV36AI41. Full-sized refrigerator, low power consumption. The delivery took place within 1 week after ordering very
  • Brand batteries required for smoke detector?  

    Duracell Plus Power 9V battery (MN1604 / 6LF22) 2er (Accessories)
    I am writing in this way to all those who want to replace their used batteries in smoke detectors. I myself have in my household 8 smoke detectors for 12 years operation. Battery replacement is recommended by the manufacturers usually after 12 months
  • I hesitated to put 2 or 3 stars ... all in all I opted for 3 ... I will explain my choice below  

    The Inforad community Hazard Sign GPS France / Belgium Black (Accessory)
    So as my title suggests ... Initially, I opted for 2 stars, which means that I do not like this not because it sucks ... whatever? !! .. . but because I do not see its usefulness, especially for me, who do not drive too fast and trying to respect the
  • Works very well for the price 1  

    Real-time GPS Tracking Spy GSM GPRS Car Alarm Theft Auto TK103A Vehicle / Car GPS Tracker with GPRS and Protection System (in case of vehicle theft) / Note: We have an electronic file of instructions in French, if you will need, please contact us. Vg03 (Electronics)
    This device works great for the price. All tested features work except web gprs plotter recommended that indicates an error message "IMEI has expired." But suffice it to register on a free tracer (gps looking orange trail ...) and it works. Obvi