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  • Unforgotten: Jim Morrison (1943-1971) and his legendary rock band "The Doors"  

    The End (MP3 Download)
    Reviews for "The End" of "The Doors" (here: Download a single song in MP3 format) Review: Jim Morrison (1943-1971) was the lead singer of the legendary rock band "The Doors", which today as a influential rock bands of th
  • Look beautiful. Beware diverse windows and doors. Very easy to handle and bring some color to the Fenste  

    Doorstop - Window Stop Flux orange (household goods)
    After I had been looking for a door and window stopper that have "old" models, as my mother had still not found, I ordered this futuristic stopper for me. The stoppers are color very appealing. The material feels good. A small manual explai
  • All chic, everything is new - first conclusion to Pokémon Y  

    Pokémon Y (video game)
    If you have been waiting for a video game, in particular one of the one promises a lot, it is under very difficult constructively to judge, due to the many new impressions. Nevertheless, I want to set up here a first, brief conclusion to make easier
  • Conclusion after 42 hours a day - Or - What else you should know!  

    Destiny - Standard Edition - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    I save here more details about the game, as many reviews have already taken the core problems and treated. After 42 h but good season there are still some important issues which should be a buyer and also an owner clear ... >> The three characters a
  • Conclusion of a disappointing fans  

    Assassin's Creed Unity - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)
    This review is written by an AC-Fan of the first hour. What has always fascinated me at the Saga, were historically very lively and quite authentically designed Stories and game worlds. I am therefore impossible not to compare this game with his pred
  • A fine conclusion  

    Near you (Hardcover)
    Loved find Carmyn and Andrew and I have not been disappointed. I think it is a fine conclusion to 1 volume. The emotion is present, less intense than in the 1st but we find the unconditional love Cam and Andrew door. Just a pity that the book's summa
  • tricky door open  

    Cryptic Escape (App)
    A rather entertaining escape game. The puzzles to open the diverse doors are partially quite demanding and completely without the help of YouTube videos already very ambitious - but is too easy, too boring. Conclusion: For demanding puzzle fans certa
  • adequate homage to the legendary The Doors  

    Light My Fire - Tribute to The Doors (Audio CD)
    The album is a successful homage to the legendary The Doors. Illustrious names were involved here: LA Woman: Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Ted Turner (Wishbone Ash) and Patrick Moraz (Moody Blues) Love Me Two Times: Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Thijs van Leer (
  • Annoying Quäke, not lockable doors and chaos in the pack  

    Ultra Sport electronic dart machine with doors (Sports Apparel)
    The Ultra Sport dart machine replaced a simple wall plate from the grocery store with us. Unfortunately, proved in practice that the supermarket disc without doors compared but had its advantages. The exterior and the circumstances: The package consi
  • Designer is one of the door hinges to Siberia!  

    Bosch KGE39AL40 fridge freezer Smart Cool / A +++ / cooling: 247 L / freezing: 89 L / stainless steel finish / Super freezing / ChillerBox (Misc.)
    I signed up for the presented fridge Bosch decided since my ancient Siemens refrigerator the purest energy spin was. Expiration ordering and delivery =============================== Amazon as always lonely tip! As usual, you get a confirmation by ema
  • Convinced glass door refrigerator, constant cooling power  

    Klarstein Cool Locker Compact mini fridge 46 liter minibar drinks fridge (EEK: B, quiet 48 dB, panoramic glass door) red
    For our party room we were looking for a refrigerator. The big models come with us alone for reasons of space and the optics, not in question. What we were looking for was a stylish little device, which still stands out from the crowd and forth visua
  • One star less for poor packaging and dent in the door !!!  

    Exquisit KB 05-4 A + fridge / refrigerator 44 L (Misc.)
    Today said refrigerator came. Within 2 days .... really really fast. When unpacking but equally a disappointment! Packaging is too thin. Up and down a little Styrofoam ... Cardboard ausenrum but intervening with air only. Since only times someone mus
  • After almost 4 weeks with the Desire HD! Conclusion: Great phone with small drawbacks!  

    HTC Desire HD Smartphone (10.9 cm (4.3 inches) touch screen, 8MP camera, Android OS 2.2, HSPA) Maduro Brown (Electronics)
    I had the unique opportunity a Desire HD (from here DHD) to call my own long before the Amazon launch and have really been waiting for here at last be able to adjust a review to tell exactly what awaits the potential buyer the DHD , Much has been spe
  • simple door or stair-grid at a fixed mount ...  

    Reer Door and Stair gate Basic Wood (Baby Product)
    The guard comes in a fairly large flat box into the house. This includes the assembly parts are in addition to the two-door wooden part yet (act all well made and of high quality), a template and a small guide. To which one has on the box still pictu
  • great door grilles, wenns is assembled ...  

    Geuther 2733 WE - swing stair gates (Baby Product)
    We chose this door grid, as we have a relatively wide staircase, and did not want to make out with spacers. Where Durschgangsbreite still is so totally slim. The installation manual is the ultimate !! We have a couple ever sat on this one door, and w
  • Not for noise sensitive plus a door problem  

    Bosch KGE39AI40 refrigerator-freezer combination SmartCool / A +++ / cooling: 247 L / freezing: 89 L / Stainless Steel / Anti-Fingerprint (Misc.)
    the fridge looks good, is well made, especially has a cooler compartment for meat and fish, even an extra compartment for vegetables, in which you can set different depending on the vegetable quantity degree of humidity and much else that is practica
  • Door cuff dissolves after less than 6 months!  

    Bosch washing machine front loader WAY2854D / A +++ / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / White / Aqua Stop / Eco Silence Drive (Misc.)
    We were actually very happy with the machine, but now use to less than 6 months (close zippers when washing, do not overload, etc.) according to the manual dissolves at the top of the door collar on. Here are two bulges on the cuff are to ensure that
  • Do not buy, unsafe! Door is sometimes unlocked and can be opened from either.  

    Burg-Wächter electronic door lock, TSE HOME SET 4001 MCR (tools)
    Property since 2007, the castle 3004 in use. The first has been replaced, has never worked. The second was after 2 years SW error and was also replaced. When third castle I have already 2 times found that the door closed but was not completed. Even a
  • Doors !!!  

    Dead Space 3 - Limited Edition (Uncut) - [PlayStation 3] (Video Game)
    I am ardent fan of the series Dead Space and want to start by saying that EA departs with this trilogy a very high level, with regard to the implementation. These three games have been looking for their peers and each of the parts is mE worth playing
  • Good to use for moldings on the doors  

    HAZET 1965-20 mounting wedge (tool)
    HAZET 1965-20 mounting wedge ************************* I changed in the Chrome capping strips to me because doors on BMW, sit these strips laid bombs. With the Hazet assembly wedge solving was pretty easy. The Hazet-wedge front pretty thin so as to g