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  • Men's Watch by Constantin Durmont  

    Constantin Durmont Mens Watch Crockett CD CROCK-AT-LT-STST-WH (clock)
    First I want to say that this clock counter the negative reviews over the "Constantin Durmont" brand is nothing to complain about! The clock is of good quality, looks veeeery classy and I see no difference (actually none at all) to some other wa
  • Constantin Durmont Mens Watch  

    Constantin Durmont Mens Watch Pueblo CD Pueb AT LT STGD-BK (clock)
    The clock is beautiful and very well verarbeitet.Hoffe that I enjoy using it and that it is always ticking accurately.
  • Practical watch tools in basic quality  

    Watch tools Tool bag clock repair watch tool set 30 pcs. Convolute
    I was looking for a Uhrmacherwerkzeugset to the batteries of my quartz watches to change itself. Especially with my watches Sector has meant many a watchmaker, he could not open it with its special tool without the risk of scratches. In the meantime,
  • Watch tool pressing tool watches NO 11 printing plates  

    Watch tool pressing tool watches NO 11 printing plates plastic inserts
    The clockwork toy push-in tool watches NO 11 printing plates fulfills the purpose which it is intended for the home craftsman, but could be better by the quality of workmanship
  • Watches "tool"  

    No-Name Uhrenwerkzeugset in nylon bag, 30 pcs. (Tool)
    For watches you always think of precision, this "tool" is far from it. I do not know what I expected at this price, especially as I have previously read the reviews. I can only support the negative reviews. The fabric is soft and has too much pl
  • Inexpensive watches tool for the amateur  

    Stainless Steel Watch tool watchmaker jeweler Hammer Hammer Stiftaustreiber
    Adequate for my needs and good enough on the quality - not cheap, but good value in the true sense. Real professional tool is different again, it shows quite, but will cost accordingly.
  • Mannesmann set watch tools  

    Mannesmann Set watch tools Aluminium case (Germany Import) (Tools & Accessories)
    this product is ideal for performing simple operations on watches like changing the battery or the axis of the bracelet
  • Uhrenöffner Case opener Gehäusebodenöffner wristwatch watch tools ...  

    Uhrenöffner Case opener Gehäusebodenöffner Wrist Watch watchmakers Tool Opener Repair watches
    A bit fiddly the thing is already ,, but praktisch.Man must try something .Preislich is no longer erwarten.Zum occasional open a watch cap reaches it.
  • Watch tool kit in nylon bag 30tlg  

    No-Name Uhrenwerkzeugset in nylon bag, 30 pcs. (Tool)
    The Amazon there can also repair watches without expert. Now I can fix even the most difficult watch without problems
  • Watch tools, 30 parts for 10 euros ?!  

    Watch tools Tool bag clock repair watch tool set 30 pcs. Convolute
    When you first use the first parts already were shattered. For the money that may be nothing, yes! Reduction of the band (in new Casio stainless steel clock) nevertheless successfully conducted without a clock or tape damage. And for a couple of batt
  • Constantin Durmont  

    Constantin Durmont Mens Watch Crockett CD CROCK-AT-LT-STST-BK (clock)
    Goods promises what was offered. Like it a lot! super, super, super, super, am very pleased with this clock
  • Everything you need for the casual watches screwdriver  

    No-Name Uhrenwerkzeugset in nylon bag, 30 pcs. (Tool)
    If you want to from time to time on his clocks change the batteries or a watchband exchanges or who opens his automatic to change the running speed - with the watch tool kit he will pretty much find everything you need for it. Only a magnifying glass
  • technically good, daily advertisements small size adjustment of the bracelet difficult  

    Constantin Durmont Mens Watch Pasadena CD PASA-AT-ST STST-BL (clock)
    Constantin Durmont Mens Watch Pasadena CD PASA-AT-ST STST-BL is nice but due to less day display with a relatively large dial is not for everyday use. - Pity
  • Clock as Hulahup tires  

    Constantin Durmont Mens Watch Hudson CD HUD-AT-STM STST-WH (clock)
    To haben.Versand always wanted a clock of Constantin Durmont own, so I was glad found a very nice and affordable in my price range copy and packaging, Spitzenklasse.Uhrengehäuse for my taste. But when I wanted to create this showpiece, (bracelet WAAA
  • With small improvements a good product  

    Berger & Schröter 60182 aluminum workpiece holder (clock)
    I bought the workpiece holder (watch case holder) and watch tools in basic quality, because I wanted to change the batteries in my quartz watches themselves. For this purpose it the workpiece holder well. Positives: * The design of the workpiece hold
  • Am not a watchmaker, but the little things can I do  

    FINEO® Uhrenwerkzeugset 30 pieces in nylon bag watch tool watch tools housing opener for anyone Repair Set convolute (Misc.)
    Faster delivered as advertised - I let love inspire. Was partly a bit intimidated by the previous reviews on this watch tool kit, but then ordered yet. The set makes a neat and solid impression and has also passed the practical test already successfu
  • Not again 3 1  

    Uhrenwerkzeugset 30 pieces in nylon bag watch tool watch tools for everyone (Misc.)
    Have bought the 30-piece watch tools. Different parts are not hardened and therefore not to use. Furthermore, the tool parts are not burred. Risk of injury. If this tool is no longer for sale. One should rather spend a few more euros.
  • Good price, poor quality  

    Mannesmann watchmakers tool set, M11760 (tool)
    On the one hand I think it's great that I can finally change the batteries of our watches themselves. My wife has wrist like other women shoes and because the battery change go into the jeweler money. I changed just nine batteries. Therefore saw the
  • The spade who never gives up ...  

    Fiskars Ergonomic Gartner godfather, black, pointed (garden products)
    I always come to tears when I watch the garden soaps on television and the local protagonists stand with the cheap spade into the butter soft ground. Everything is hidden from us under the turf, rather comes a quarry equal. Many of these low-spade ha
  • Spring cutlery (professional ??)  

    Spring bridge cutlery professional quality for all watches bracelets (clock)
    This watch tool I can not highly recommend. For the rare late work on the clock (change the volume), it is sufficient, but for frequent mounting and dismounting I recommend genuine professional tool. Anyway, you can not expect much for this price (wh