Corner Vise


  • Corner Vise  

    Wolfcraft 3415000 Vise set Opening angle up to 65 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    Andat too fragile for some work, fast forward does not hold. Lack of strength. Not enough gain for blocking clamping handle.
  • Very good cornea reduction, but .....  

    Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, elec. Callus (Personal Care)
    The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi we dared to enter the electric callus removal. Purchase reason for me was that I hoped for a relief in the care of my feet. Through my two discs OPs me stooping difficult at my feet and through the use of a file
  • Not working under heavy cornea  

    PedEgg, Ped Egg pedicure (Personal Care)
    The article gives the impression that one could so well "plane", with heavy cornea goes but never, no time at zero. Sorry! Keep Looking ...
  • Corner pliers  

    Nagelzange pointed - Fußnagelzange for deep ingrown nails - stainless steel (Personal Care)
    The corner pliers was delivered very quickly. Unpacked and tried immediately wunderbar.die. Corner pliers is very sharp and cuts even the thickest toenails .Therefore full. Score. Thank. Thanks says. Detlef. Nottebaum
  • Corner connector  

    iFoxtek 4 * RGB Strip Corner connector L-shape connector Click LED SMD quick connector adapter
    The parts do what they should, but they are cumbersome to open and the corner joints are terribly sensitive, easy to bend and then immediately broken.
  • Alone or four, a visit to the zoo Tiptoi makes perfect fun  

    Ravensburger 00513 - tiptoi®: adventure wildlife (without pin) (Toy)
    Information and Games It is also true in this game is that it can only be played using the Tiptoi-pin, on the required software must be loaded first. After the start is as easy as ever. In addition to the Find mode, four games to choose from. The fir
  • Corner Cushions missing  

    Snuggling iPad Air 2 Case (Black) - Smart Case with lifetime warranty + Sleep / Wake function (Personal Computers)
    Beautifully finished. But no effective protection corner. Have to fall neat quirks at the corners, because the case is not about the corners. Display is adequately protected, not corners. Too bad, but will no longer use case. We have kids who are jus
  • This corner protection also "considers not" what it promises  

    reer 4989 - Corner protection transparent (Baby Product)
    Unfortunately, even with these corner protectors is the bond strength is not sufficient! The pads themselves are perfectly fine, only the adhesive pads hold max. 2 days by, then they dissolve when you turn comes from. And since you inevitably seated
  • Small blemish on one corner, otherwise top  

    3 x mumbi screen protector Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition Protector (Electronics)
    The film can be applied quite easily without bubbles, which should be taken to a very precise alignment of eight. You can not reserve in size. However, for me the responsibility of the two films was not given at a corner, ie no adhesive effect. Have
  • Torn Unfortunately after a short time at the top corner  

    Krusell 89922 Color Cover for Nokia Lumia 625 (Electronics)
    Actually, I was really impressed by the way the cover. The Lumia 625 is slippery ansich by this cover only really nice. I once clipped the cover and it also has very well kept. However, after some time noticed that the top corner is torn. that was de
  • Very practical, easy-to-install corner protection  

    Hartig + Helling BS 98366 859 edge protection, 8 Pack (Baby Product)
    Very practical, easy-to-install corner protection. The round shape is missing for the little ones of the starting point to draw the corner protector again, which happened to us in an enlargeable corner protection. The fact was open at the bottom, so
  • Softbrush and Hardbrush are must-haves, the corner part is quite pretty.  

    Dyson House care set 912772-04 Accessories (household goods)
    The Softbrush replaces the Klass dusting on shelves, PC keyboard, etc. Excellent -. No idea how well it would go with a Swiffer, but aspirate so is fine. The Hardbrush is a great replacement for the mattress / cushion sucker, robust fabric covers etc
  • Vulnerability corner between headphone jack and microUSB input  

    Case-Mate CM030707 Tough Cases for Xperia Z1 Compact black (Accessories)
    In my part of the shell of the hard shell between headphone jack and micro USB input is canceled and the at normal use. According to dealers, a mechanical damage by the guarantee is not covered, you have to live with it so that the shell does not kee
  • Beautiful box with weak corner joints  

    Zeller 13332 Ordnungsbox 23 x 15 x 7 cm, Bamboo (household goods)
    The box is beautifully executed has a good value for money and served its purpose. Only the corner joints are about insufficient capacity. A galvanizing would be more stable.
  • Goes around every corner!  

    1aTTack CAT5e RJ45 connectors Flat network patch cable 20m white (accessory)
    "Always these disconnections!" ..... Yes you heard me so often grumble .... Power LAN and the power supply of an old building do not mix seemingly always! But for a real cable was eigtl no place. By chance I came across this ribbon cable! Wunder
  • Send versatile protective pouch with weakness in the corner and edge protection  

    DICOTA SmartSkin for 39.6 cm 15.6 inch notebooks (Accessories)
    Requirement Protective case for my 15 '' Macbook Pro where I can store both required accessories as well as possible even an A4 block, etc.. Currently I am using a neoprene sleeve but after approximately 1 year already pushed to the corner, frayed. I
  • Great Metal Gear with some corner  

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (uncut) (Video Game)
    Review written by my daughter. This is my first Metal Gear adventure. As a loyal follower of Raiden, I won the first time by Allstars Battle Royale dear, I could not handle this game easily. Shortly afterwards, I also looked at the 2nd part with him,
  • Upper right corner and Matt Scratched  

    StilGut® bulletproof glass screen protector for HTC One M8 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Shipping was really fast. As usual, Amazon. Application was very easy. Bubble free and top. Unfortunately, the film has already had massive scratches on the upper right corner and was in this neighborhood fully Matt. That was of course not at all. Is
  • Finally the right Merhl for corn tortillas!  

    Maseca Instant Corn Masa Flour - 2kg (Food & Beverage)
    Corn tortillas succeed just long found for the right flour and finally found it with Maseca :) Have. Unfortunately, very expensive, so I had to pull off a star
  • I have to unclip one corner of the hull and the phone is charging.  

    Nokia CC-3065 Nokia Lumia 925 Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I have to unclip one corner of the hull and the phone is charging. It seems that it happens from time to time. I'll order another since I loading car and office that go with the hull. Fortunately Amazon has a return service to the top. Bravo