dermacol primer for oily skin


  • Well Not for oily skin  

    REVLON Photo Ready Makeup - Vanilla (Personal Care)
    I have the Foundation now used already few days and am come to the conclusion that this is not mine. Is most likely because I have an oily skin. If mans applying at the beginning it feels great and looks even of super, only the course of the day it s
  • Good for oily skin  

    L'Oréal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Xtreme cleansing with coal, 150 ml (Personal Care)
    I like the gel very well. I have oily skin and after cleaning it squeaks when you about it almost runs her wet fingers. However, one should not get too close to the eyes take good care, because the gel these irritating quickly. Especially surprised m
  • Ultra drying - for oily skins only TRES  

    Garnier - Pure Active - Facial Scrub - fruity Energy Energizing Exfoliating Gel - 2 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    The gel texture is quite nice, the product feels very good grapefruit. No complaints about that side. But the use, for my combination skin to oily, it is extremely drying same used on the T-zone After each use, my skin feels tight and I have to apply
  • Impeccable product for oily skin  

    Purifying Gel Cleanser Lutsine Bactopur 200 ml (Miscellaneous)
    Impeccable product, soap, for all who suffer from skin problem as was my case in the face, because of excess sebum. It offers clean and really relaxed skin even if you have a oily skin .. It had been recommended to me by a dermatologist and I thank h
  • Not for oily skin !!!  

    DERMACOL Dermacol makeup, medium (Personal Care)
    So first of all, the price here ABSOLIT usury. Exactly the same product you get e ... for 10 to 12 euros. It takes a little longer than with Amazon but it also comes directly from Poland. I find this product not good at all. There is absolutely nothi
  • Expansive and not visible for oily skin.  

    Garnier Hautklar active 24 Intensive anti acne moisturizer, 3-pack (3 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The product is expansive then what I found in the market, secondly why to sell 3 packs, not all the cosmetics suits you because of your dry skin or oily skin, etc. If you want to try this product so buy one pack and try it if it works then buy more.
  • Very good for oily skin!  

    Revlon Color Stay primer (combination / oily skin) 30ml - Tan (Rev9 (Personal Care)
    My current favorite! I have a very oily skin, "disappear" in the normal Foundations always during the day. If I fix this Foundation with the translucent loose powder by essence, everything holds up to 12 hours. A little "shine" is prod
  • At the top for us men (for oily skin)!  

    Garnier - Pure Active - Gel Cleanser - Wasabi Power Gel Ultra Purifying freshness - 2 Pack (Health and Beauty)
    It was time that I was expecting a really effective gel cleanser for my very oily and sensitive skin, problem, which requires a dermatological monitoring. I spent gels and lotions of all kinds of different and varied brands, purchased in pharmacies,
  • Okay for combination skin, nothing for oily skin  

    Garnier Hautklar BB Cream Anti-blemishes care 5 In 1, light, 1er Pack (1 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Hello, I have bought this BB Cream, because I was curious and liked to BB Creams use as a lightweight alternative to normal Foundations. The opacity here is pretty good, the color suits my fair skin. I have very oily and blemished skin to. A remarkab
  • Great for oily skin and for the removal of make-up  

    Nivea Refreshing wipes, 25 pieces (Personal Care)
    I have so far always abgeschminkt me with normal cotton pads in combination with Abschminklotion. The face then additionally with a cleansing gel and toning. The course will take time - sometimes it has to be fast and you want to treat his skin still
  • Great cream for oily skin  

    Noreva Zeniac LP ​​Creme, 30 ml (Personal Care)
    This cream was in my sample package and I'm really pleased. Taking into my problem skin fast, apply a so fast and not too much of it-they already use something dries out the skin. I use it alternately with the Zeniac forte and my complexion has said
  • Highly recommended for oily, blemished skin  

    Zeniac LP ​​Forte Cream, 30 ml (Personal Care)
    I am really very happy with the creams. She is a real remedy, if you have oily and blemished skin. However, one has to go through between one to two days off because they still extremely dry out over time and then screams and oily skin to moisture. T
  • Prima powder for lighter skin types  

    Max Factor Loose Powder 1 Transparent Natural, 1er Pack (1 x 15 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    5 points for this powder, it makes very suitable for lighter skin types like me. I wear makeup on and then distribute the powder with a large brush. It is the powder while a tassel here, but that's not my case. The compact is a small grid that you pu
  • Not for reactive or oily skin, not really for either babies ...  

    Mixa Baby Very Gentle Cleansing Milk Lot of 2 x 250 ml (Personal Care)
    There is written in large letters' hypoallergenic ', but that does not mean more than' decreases the risk of allergy. " A good hypoallergenic product contains no fragrance and milk does contain is why we love the smell of the milk. Worse: it contains
  • Ideal for people with oily skin  

    Nivea Men Skin Energy Q10 Cleansing Gel, 2-pack (2 x 100 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Had years problems with very oily skin and pimples and blackheads resulting. Since I use the Cleansing Gel in conjunction with aftershave I no longer have these problems, 3 days after the first application (2x daily) are already real differences to n
  • Prima sunscreen for sensitive skin!  

    Nivea Sun Pure & Sensitive Sun Lotion SPF 30, 1-pack (1 x 200 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    For extremely sensitive skin and for completely untanned skin a very high sun protection factor is already mandatory. Even in children it should be selected as high as possible. The Nivea Sun Pure & Sensitive Sun Lotion has been specially developed f
  • Not for all skin types ...  

    Florena Anti Wrinkle Day Cream with Q10, 1er Pack (1 x 50 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The better half told the following words: First of all I must say that I am an absolute fan of Florena toiletries, as they are very well tolerated for a very pleasant smell and always discreet. With appropriate curiosity I like to test this product.
  • Not for my skin  

    Maybelline Jade EverFresh Concealer, Light Beige (Personal Care)
    The color fits very well and it covers very well redness from but fits it not to my skin, after about 2 hours I totally polished, as if I had a really oily skin, but I have combination skin and shiny mostly just a little, with this product unfortunat
  • Good for dry skin 1  

    VIT VIT Gel concentrate the 100% natural snail slime (Health and Beauty)
    Slightly sticky texture with effect of shine and smell not very pleasant. Does not match an oily skin problem like mine. I gave it to my mother who has dry skin. The smell does not bother her, gloss and sticky side is less pronounced for her. However
  • Effective against oily skin, prevents pimples temporarily before  

    Garnier Hautklar Lasting Anti-regreasing Moisturizer, 75ml (Health and Beauty)
    One of the few products that keep really what they promise! * "Long-lasting anti-refattening" I had mixed skin and anyone who also suffers from combination skin or even oily skin, know that it is very unpleasant when one shines in the face. Amon